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10 San Diego Bloggers to Follow


Plenty of sunshine, cool vibes, and surfer fashion make raising kids in San Diego a lot of fun. So, it’s no question that the city has some of the coolest moms around. Readers will discover first-hand experiences with diaper rash, sleep concerns, all the ‘first times’ of raising a child, and special family memories. Everyone has their own opinion on things, the majority of which seem contradicting to each other. And it can get pretty overpowering. However, mom blogs have turned into the newest trend. So we have put together a list of the best San Diego moms blogs you should be following to get some different spins on local life with little ones in tow. From parenting tips and San Diego-specific activities to stylish home decorating, fashion, and healthy dishes, continue reading for ten mom blogs.

San Diego Community Guide


San Diego is one of America’s most populous cities, and people are moving there to enjoy the beautiful weather, thriving economy, and high quality of life. It has broad appeal to locals and tourists alike due to its mild climate and warm, sunny weather all year, proximity to famous destinations and activities such as the San Diego Zoo, Balboa Park, pristine beaches, and the San Diego Comic-Con. If you’re thinking about relocating to San Diego, here’s everything you need to know in this Mom’s San Diego Guide.

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San Diego is a vibrant, diverse, and remarkable city to live in. Keep a close eye out for activities and events year round, pack your bathing suit, and prepare to relocate to gorgeous San Diego.

Someday I’ll Learn


This blog aims to share wise ideas for adventurous families. Their goal is to make day-to-day life more productive and motivate people to catch fun opportunities. Nate, Chelsea’s husband, offers up hands-on fatherhood and a forthright method to life’s challenges. Chelsea adds color with creative how-tos and comments about living in a modern age.

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The blog culminates in a he-said-she-said funny journal that documents their everyday exploits. They believe that your life doesn’t have to be lived on anyone’s conditions but your own, and perhaps even the tiniest moments can hold big life lessons.

Highlights Along the Way


Highlights Along the Way is a travel and family-friendly entertainment-focused blog that aims to keep you updated on brand new films, TV shows, and fun things to do in Southern California. The author of this blog is working mainly as a freelance illustrator.

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She’s encouraging you to check out Kate Ham Art and keep her in mind for your children’s book!

Chrissy Powers


The author of this blog, Chrissy Powers, encourages readers to live their fullest life by means of unfreezing behaviors of fear, trauma, and shame. She’s also a wife, mom, therapist, writer, podcast host, and eternal optimist. She lives and works in San Diego, California.

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She and her husband have been in an 8-year process of working, saving, designing, and making their dream house when the pandemic hit and threw some stress and difficulties on their dreams, but they have so much faith and hope for the future. They’re doing their very best to raise good empathic children who keep them very busy. She also loves helping others come into their genuine self through her course work, therapy, coaching, or just reading a blog post or Instagram post.

Sunny Side Up


Erin, the author of Sunny Side Up lives in sunny San Diego with her husband and three kids. Nine years ago, she started her blog as a way to stay connected and write about their experiences, share photos of what they were up to with family and friends. She has always loved to write and photography and blogging felt like breathing to her. They first started as a family journal, soon turned into a lifestyle blog about all of her interests which includes family, home design/decor, organization, and fashion.

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If you love home designing and decorating, you’ve come to the right place because she also loves design. And finally, she’s able to utilize all of her design ideas when they made their current house from the ground up. They invested six months designing their home and a year and a half building almost everything. They lived in their new home for almost four years now and they have been enjoyably putting their stamp on the place and sharing the journey on their blog ever since. The author also loves sharing design and decorating tips and ideas with her readers and was recently selected Best Overall Design Blog at the 2017 Design Bloggers Conference.

San Diego Songbird


San Diego Songbird blog talks about the author’s creative projects, designing, women who inspire her, new product launches for her businesses, her home and family, and her love for San Diego and Southern California living.

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To read more about her and the freelance marketing and styling job she does, check out her portfolio and her collaborative work with Taryn Kent as The Wayfarer Collective.

City Girl Gone Mom


CityGirlGoneMom seeks to amuse, educate and motivate those who could use a very good laugh, a couple of parenting ideas, and some positive momentum. With 4 wonderful children ranging from toddlers to tweens, the blog author – Danielle Lucia Schaffer is an energetic, blonde Italian mom hailing from New York City.

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She is a proud wife to her hubby – a Navy vet and dentist from the South, this city girl turned San Diego mom captures the journey of her mommyhood life through the lens of her Canon5D camer. She also has a passion for broadcasting and home design, she recently turned her home office into a podcast facility to dish out all the parenting dirt during new episodes of The Mom Confidential.

La Jolla Mom

La Jolla Mom is a blog focused on lifestyle and motherhood topics. It developed into a travel business after she started to incorporate tips from her lives as ex-pats in London and Hong Kong. The blog site evolved into a top San Diego family travel blog that also concentrates on theme parks. They still travel a lot and stay in fine hotels. They love hotels and know what a stay should be like.

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So that’s why you will mainly find four main topics throughout the site: San Diego vacations, luxury hotel reviews, theme parks, and recaps of their personal travels around the world with a handful of lifestyle tips of course!

Natalie Borton


Natalie designs minimalist, California-inspired jewelry for day-to-day wear and coach on making the most out of your closet, living more with confidence, and chasing your dreams truthfully and whole-heartedly. Her goal with this blog is to make your life easier, particularly when it comes to personal style.

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She also wants to help you find quality items you truly love and inspire you to truly wear your clothes more, so you can buy less. She believes that style doesn’t have a dimension, and she is always determined to be part of a larger discussion helping women live healthily and confidently. She regularly uses affiliate links in her blog posts. Therefore, while the product is the same cost to you, she may make a commission rate if you buy anything through her links.

Don’t Mess with Mama


DontMesswithMama.com is an online platform for moms and families who want to take their wellness into their very own hands and take a step on the way to natural wellness. You’ll find real food recipes, gluten-free recipes, natural treatments, DIY tutorials for beauty, cleaning, and a lot more, and tips to help live a more natural lifestyle.

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Tracey Black, the person behind Don’t Mess with Mama® has a background in healthcare, nutrition and wellness, publishing, and research. She took her experience in health and nutrition to find solutions to help her family who had experienced several health concerns. She found out that a gluten-free diet along with a natural lifestyle was important to her family’s health. DontMesswithMama.com was created to help other people take their health into their very own hands and take a step toward a far better natural lifestyle with gluten-free meals, natural treatments, DIY lessons, and tips for a more natural lifestyle.



As a stay-at-home mom of two toddler boys, they have to get out of the house almost every day, because if they don’t, they all go crazy, and then someone eventually ends up with an ice pack, says the author of FamDiego. She started putting together a list of their favorite locations, what’s open, and when. This list started getting pretty long so she thought it would be great to share it with everybody.

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Her other passion is real estate investment and she works part-time to take care of their rental properties. She’s always looking for the next fixer to fix up. And she’s a dreamer and dreams of having her own HGTV show one day!

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