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How do I pay for my booking?

All prices are shown and payments made in Euros. We accept several payment types:

  • Bank transfer: to the bank account shown in your confirmation email
  • Credit card: a secure payment page will open where you can enter your credit or debit card details
  • PayPal: be aware a 30 Euro fee will be added to all PayPal payments

We accept VISA, MASTERCARD, JCB, UNIONPAY and DINERS. We do not accept pre-paid credit cards or AMEX.

How much do I need to pay for a booking?

In order to confirm a booking, we will require a deposit of 30% of the total amount quoted (this amount is non-refundable). The rest of the booking fee will be due 4 weeks before arrival to the property. For rentals made within 4 weeks of arrival, full payment is required during booking.

Do you take a security deposit?

Yes, we request a pre-authorisation of your credit card for an amount to cover small breakages, locksmith charges, extra cleaning or unpaid services. The amount is between 150 and 500 Euros, however this could increase for larger properties. We will always contact our guests if there are any reasons that could be covered by the security deposit before any charges are made.

How secure are your payment gateways?

All our credit card payments are securely handled via Redsys or SysPay who are PCI-DSS and PSD2 compliant. They perform a verification of your debit or credit card to ensure your card has sufficient funds, that it is valid by the issuing bank and that the card will not expire before check-in. They also check if the country where the card was issued is different from the country in which the booking was made.

Our Company

The Spain Sun Rentals Team is at hand to help you during the booking process for your ideal villa or apartment and also during your stay at the property.
Our staff, located in the UK and Spain, have many years of experience arranging bookings for fully equipped, self-catering villas and apartments in Spain. Our office is located in Nerja (Costa del Sol).

Our team knows all too well what it's like travelling overseas with family and/or friends and we want to ensure that your selected accommodation is as expected. Spain Sun Rentals is conscious that our guests' holidays are very precious: time is limited, travel costs are high and you want a stress-free holiday to relax.

The three main characteristics of our services are TRUST, QUALITY and COMMUNICATION.

  • Trust

    Our goal is to provide advice to our guests about suitable accommodation and information about the local area (photos, maps, videos and references) in order to make an informed decision.

  • Quality

    We aim to find the right accommodation at the right price for our clients; looking after you from the moment you contact us until you leave the property. Quality is built into our service. Our relationship with the property owners ensures that our accommodations are of the standard expected by our guests.

  • Communication

    Our main channel is WhatsApp, however, you can always contact us by email and telephone. It is very important for us to know that you can always talk to a person that knows the accommodation and all about your booking.

We provide contact information for the owner of your booked accommodation as well as a local agent that will be on hand when you arrive in Spain and during your stay at the property.

What's the minimum stay?

The minimum stay varies between different properties from 2 to 7 nights depending on the season and the individual accommodation. In some cases, the minimum stay might change according to the availability of the property in between bookings. Some properties might require an arrival and departure on a specific day of the week.

Long-term stays at specially reduced rates are for a minimum of 30 days and a maximum of 11 months. Prices may vary from month to month for long-term stays and booking conditions too, such as the exclusion of electricity (water) costs from the monthly rental price. Please ask us for details.

How do I make a reservation?

Once you find a property that you like, please check that your travel dates are available in the calendar and proceed to the booking page. There you will be able to select any additional services, such as a taxi transfer and the method of payment.

What's the latest I can book a property?

We normally need at least 2 days' notice for a booking, however if you have any last minute urgent requirements to arrive the following day or even the same day, please contact us so we can check the property's availability with the owner.

How do I know my booking has been confirmed?

Even though you might have sent us your payment during the reservation process, your booking is not officially confirmed until we send you an email stating that we received your payment.

What kind of accommodations do you offer?

We provide villas and apartments for self-catering holidays in the Costa del Sol, near the beach or in mountain settings. We have properties ranging from one bedroom apartments sleeping 2 people up to 6 bedroom properties sleeping up to 15 people.

We can also recommend properties that are close to each other for people from the same group that want privacy but not to stay far from their group. This is ideal for weddings or work-events.

All our properties are individually owned and furnished to the owner's taste. The properties featured operate according to Spanish safety standards and regulations which may not be of the same level as in your own country.

Although every effort is made to ensure the information contained within the various accommodation details is correct, this information has been provided by the owners and, therefore we cannot take responsibility for its accuracy. Unfortunately, some facilities may not be available at certain times of year, or at times when maintenance work is required, or events are being held.

We strive to provide accurate information and photographs on our website and within our brochures. However, changes to the accommodation may occur or the accommodation managers may alter or withdraw some of the advertised facilities or services without prior notice to us. Changes to garden flora, displays and decoration will occur, and it is not always possible to display the most up-to-date photographs. Prices may vary, and errors can occur, however we will always make every effort to advise you of any changes at the earliest opportunity. Distances to amenities are approximate and floor plans (if provided) are not to scale. Weather temperatures are provided as a guide only and we advise guests to check the latest weather conditions from reputable sources before travelling.

Can I bring my pet (dog/cat) to the property?

Some of our properties are pet-friendly and, if so, this information will be clearly shown in the accommodation description. Please confirm with us during your booking if you will bring an animal to the property. All requests related to bringing pets to the holiday accommodation will have to be confirmed with the accommodation manager during the booking process. We reserve the right to not accept pets if we have not been informed of their presence during the booking process, even if the accommodation is pet-friendly.

If no information about pets is shown in the property description, it should be considered that pets are not allowed in that accommodation. With regards to guide/assistance dogs, consideration can be given in these circumstances and this should be checked for acceptance, at the time of booking.

Can you organise an airport transfer, taxi or local car hire?

Yes, we can organise taxi transfers to/from the airport for you and your family. The price varies according to the number of people and distance to the holiday property, please ask us during the booking process. We can also put you in contact with a reputable local car hire company that will drop the rental car at the airport so you will not have to wait in long queues. Payment for transfers, taxis and car hires are made directly to the drivers/car hire company.

Is the cleaning fee included in your price? What about special requests such as cots/high chairs?

Yes, the final cleaning of the property on your departure is included in the price.

Please ensure you leave the property in a tidy condition including the removal of all rubbish and cleaning of plates/glasses.

If you have any special requests such as a cot, high chair or extra cleaning, please let us know during the booking process. Most properties provide at least one cot and baby high chair, but if you inform us, we will confirm their availability with the owner. If not available, we can arrange the rental of cots and high chairs for you. Linen for the cot is provided.

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