Airbnb in Bacalar, Mexico: 12 Awesome Vacation Rentals and More (Guide) (2022)

Skip the hotel on your holiday and book an Airbnb in Bacalar to make the most of your time in this incredible place.

There are so many outstanding properties in this area you’ll have a fair pick of amazing places to stay. From lagoon-front bungalows to cabins perched high in the trees, the Airbnb stays in Bacalar are unique and special, making for an unforgettable vacation.

We’ve stayed in Airbnbs and other vacation rentals around the world and it’s definitely the way to go when it comes to finding accommodation. Not only do you get extra privacy and perks, but you’re able to connect with locals and really make the most of your experience.

Check out these 12 Bacalar Airbnbs, VRBOS, and vacation rentals to see what I’m talking about!

Editor’s Note: Please note that Airbnb recently made changes to their program so in this article, we are including links to other options like VRBO or which have much lower booking fees.

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    • 12 Best Airbnbs in Bacalar
    • RPB Gorgeous Cabin Near to Bacalar Lagoon
  • Lakefront Guest House
    • Things to Do in Bacalar
    • Packing for Your Airbnb

12 Best Airbnbs in Bacalar

If you’re looking for an incredible stay in Bacalar, you’re in the right place. These 12 Bacalar Airbnbs are a guaranteed good time in one of the most beautiful spots in Mexico.

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Airbnb in Bacalar, Mexico: 12 Awesome Vacation Rentals and More (Guide) (1)

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RPB Gorgeous Cabin Near to Bacalar Lagoon

Airbnb in Bacalar, Mexico: 12 Awesome Vacation Rentals and More (Guide) (2)

Type: Entire Home (1BR, 1B)

Location: 11 minutes to town by bike

Superhost: Yes

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Price: $

A charming little cabin just on the edge of town, this vacation rental in Bacalar has everything you need for a comfortable stay.

Located on a lovely nature-filled property with a small pool, bikes, and kayaks for you to use, this is a chill spot for a weekend getaway. The cabin is quite spacious and comes with its own private bathroom and quaint kitchen for light cooking.

The real draw to this stay is the private Lagoon Club that you’ll have free access to during your stay. It’s the perfect little spot to swim, snorkel, or just hang out for the day.

Why We Love It: Room with great value and private Lagoon Club.

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Private House with the Best Location

Airbnb in Bacalar, Mexico: 12 Awesome Vacation Rentals and More (Guide) (3)

Type: Entire Home (1BR, 1B)

Location: Lakefront in town

Superhost: Yes

Price: $

This sweet bungalow makes for a unique stay if you’re looking for a fun place to stay in Bacalar. It’s nestled in the trees on a gorgeous property, making it a calm option in Bacalar for a relaxing time.

Despite being a bungalow, the place is quite modern with tasteful decorations, wooden furnishings, and colorful accents that make the place feel like home. Besides the bedroom and bathroom, there’s a seating area with couches, a private terrace, and a modest kitchen.

Around the property, you’ll find a 60-meter long pier out in the lagoon, an open-air gym, plus kayaks and bicycles to enjoy during your stay.

Why We Love It: Private bungalow with pier, kayaks, and bikes.

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Looking for things to do in Bacalar? Check out our top recommendations!

Lagoon Front Hut: Daily Cleaning, Bikes & Kayaks!

Airbnb in Bacalar, Mexico: 12 Awesome Vacation Rentals and More (Guide) (4)

Type: Entire Home (1BR, 1B)

Location: Lakefront in town

Superhost: Yes

Price: $

Sitting directly on the Lagoon, this hut is everything you need if you’re hoping to be on the water during your stay in Bacalar.

This Bacalar Airbnb has a rustic feel to it with the palapa roof and wooden floors. And you simply will never be able to get enough of the views that look out directly at the lagoon! The hut is spacious with a private bathroom and deck, but keep in mind there’s no kitchen. That being said, you can walk to a handful of restaurants for a yummy meal.

The hut is an ideal romantic getaway for couples. The property offers extras like kayaks, paddleboards, and bikes to use. To really relax, book a couple’s massage right on the water.

Why We Love It: Rustic hut right on the lagoon.

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Exclusive Palafito @ Bacalar Lagoon Front

Airbnb in Bacalar, Mexico: 12 Awesome Vacation Rentals and More (Guide) (5)

Type: Entire Home (1BR, 1B)

Location: Lakefront in town

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Superhost: Yes

Price: $$

Another stellar waterfront stay, this palafito is a special Airbnb in Bacalar if you want to relax in nature and admire the lagoon from bed.

This palafito is stylish, with bright furnishings and a modern bathroom under the palapa roof. The doors open up right onto the water, where you’ll have your own private deck to enjoy the views from. If you feel like getting in the water, borrow one of the kayaks and start paddling!

The accommodation is simple and without a kitchen but it’s quite near the best restaurants in town. Plus, wait until you see the private jetties stretching out into the water… it’s a remarkable sight.

Why We Love It: Waterfront palafito with unique design and gorgeous views.

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Private Suite with The Best View in Bacalar

Airbnb in Bacalar, Mexico: 12 Awesome Vacation Rentals and More (Guide) (6)

Type: Entire Home (1BR, 1B)

Location: North of town

Superhost: Yes

Price: $$

If you’re looking for the best view of “The Lagoon of the Seven Colors”, this VRBO stay is simply enchanting.

It’s a decent-sized apartment built in traditional Mexican style with alluring archways, tiled floors, and intricately crafted high ceilings. The bedroom faces your private deck that looks out over the water, and you’ll find lots of cozy places to settle in to relax.

There’s a gigantic, stylish bathroom and a cozy little sitting area filled with books to enjoy. The kitchen isn’t much but there’s a fridge and sink if you should need it.

Why We Love It: Stylish apartment with amazing lagoon views.

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Stunning House in Bacalar

Airbnb in Bacalar, Mexico: 12 Awesome Vacation Rentals and More (Guide) (7)

Type: Entire Home (1BR)

Location: 5.8 miles from center

Price: $$$

This vacation rental in Bacalar boasts of a stunning swimming pool, looking directly across the lake. A room in this house features air-condition, and wifi. From the house you will have easy access to a dock which leads straight to the lake!

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Lucia’s Lagoon House: Free Kayaks and Bikes

Airbnb in Bacalar, Mexico: 12 Awesome Vacation Rentals and More (Guide) (8)

Type: Entire Home (1BR, 1B)

Location: Just south of town

Price: $$

A lovely lagoon-front house, this is a choice place to stay if you’re looking for an Airbnb in Bacalar. It’s a one-bedroom pad, making it a solid option for solo travelers, a couple or a pair of friends.

The house is bright and full of sun streaming in from the massive windows. It has all the comforts you would want in your own home, like a full kitchen, comfy couches, and an outdoor hangout area.

It’s simple but special, with tons of perks at the property like a garden just outside your door, a lakeside palapa, hammocks, dock, kayaks, and even a little place to pick fresh herbs.

(Video) Luxury & Budget Cabo Travel Guide Part 1| Most Beautiful Villa in Cabo!

Talk about a charming stay!

Why We Love It: Comfortable waterfront house with a garden.

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Airbnb in Bacalar, Mexico: 12 Awesome Vacation Rentals and More (Guide) (9)

Type: Entire Home (1BR, 1.5B)

Location: Lakeside

Superhost: No

Price: $$

For a stylish stay in Bacalar, this VRBO is right in the town center, just steps from the hustle and bustle of things.

It’s a one-bedroom house that can accommodate up to four guests. The bedroom is spacious with large beds and there’s air conditioning.

Filled with modern furniture and interesting decor, this gorgeous house a dock located right outside the lake giving you easy access to the water. The view from the balcony is unbelievable!

You can’t go wrong with this Bacalar Airbnb!

Why We Love It: Modern house with lots of room and an awesome host.

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BOA BOA Best Spot in Bacalar

Airbnb in Bacalar, Mexico: 12 Awesome Vacation Rentals and More (Guide) (10)

Type: Entire Home (1BR, 1B)

Location: 2.5km north of town

Superhost: Yes

Price: $$

Set a little further out of town, this is hotel in Bacalar if you’re looking for a nature-driven escape. Located on a lush property on the edge of the lagoon, this cabin is what jungle dreams are made of.

Designed like a treehouse, this Bacalar Airbnb sits up in the trees with an open-air layout and outstanding views. The bedroom is high in the sky, with a spacious outdoor terrace under a palapa. The bathroom is bright and full of intricate details, allowing you to enjoy the view while in the shower.

The property has a totally natural feel to it, with its own private dock and expansive gardens. For a stay in Bacalar that you’ll never forget, this is the place to be.

Why We Love It: Treehouse-style cabin overlooking Lagoon.

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Lakeside Mansion

Airbnb in Bacalar, Mexico: 12 Awesome Vacation Rentals and More (Guide) (11)

Type: Entire Home (5 BR, 5B)

Location: 3.6 mi to center

Price: $$$

You’ll find this beautiful house located right by the lake. Hidden and totally private, at this premium vacation rental has a mini plunge pool in the rooftop as well as a dock connected straight to the lake.

When you book this Bacalar Vacation Rental, you can sleep up to 14 people making it perfect for large groups of friends and family. The wood-heavy home is stylish and functional, with a comfortable living area.

(Video) How I self-manage ten Airbnb properties without living in the same city & how I automate my business

Why We Love It: Spacious house in a special location

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Maya Cala Hidden Cove, Lake Front

Airbnb in Bacalar, Mexico: 12 Awesome Vacation Rentals and More (Guide) (12)

Type: Entire Home (3BR, 3.5B)

Location: Ecological reserve outside of town

Superhost: No

Price: $$$

If you’re looking for a splurge on your holiday in Bacalar, this villa is a prime option. It’s not in town but set in an ecological reserve in the middle of the jungle, surrounded by local flora and fauna.

The villa is ultra-modern and sits right on the lagoon, with impeccable design and thoughtful attention to detail. The interior has a show-stopping design with incredible decorations and plenty of room.

The kitchen is large and well-equipped for lots of cooking, and the bathrooms are nothing short of luxurious with a spa tub or rain shower. Outside, you’ll find plenty of terraces, a little tiki bar, and your own private dock to enjoy the water from.

Why We Love It: Absolutely amazing villa in an ecological reserve outside of town.

What Past Guests Have Said: “Absolutely loved staying here in Bacalar. Beyond amazing hosts that I can now call friends, an incredible home and view and atmosphere. Will be back again and again in the future, love this place and the hosts! Definitely recommend.”

“Fantastic place in the middle of a beautiful nature preserve. Looks exactly as pictured. Enjoyed all of the water toys. Very responsive host. Amazing!”

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Casa Lole | Private Pier, Free Kayaks & Paddle Boards

Airbnb in Bacalar, Mexico: 12 Awesome Vacation Rentals and More (Guide) (13)

Type: Entire Home (5BR, 5B)

Location: Benito Juarez neighborhood

Superhost: Yes

Price: $$$$

For the ultimate five-star luxury experience in Bacalar, this vacation rental is a must. It has five bedrooms and can handle up to fourteen guests so go ahead and invite your entire crew to this stay.

The house is absolutely magnificent with its boho design and furnishings, contemporary decor, and heaps of outdoor space. There’s a fully-equipped kitchen and massive dining area, along with a spacious lounge and rooftop bar.

There’s a private pier to make use of during your stay here (with paddleboards and kayaks of course). And if you’re looking for the ultimate place to relax, head up to the rooftop jacuzzi for a nice long soak.

Why We Love It: Ultimate luxury stay in the middle of nature, with rooftop jacuzzi and pier.

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After seeing these 12 best Airbnbs, VRBOS, and vacation rentals in Bacalar, aren’t you just dying for a dip in the lagoon? These stays are simply heavenly and they’ll result in a magical vacation.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to lounge on your private dock and catch some rays in beautiful Bacalar, Mexico.

Editor’s Tip: For more on Mexico, check out our Mexico travel guide!

Things to Do in Bacalar

Looking for ideas on what to do in Bacalar during your time there? Check out some of these local Airbnb experiences in the area that we recommend.

  • Private Catamaran Sail through the beautiful 7-colored lagoons of Bacalar aboard this beautiful Catamaran.
  • Sunset Boat Cruise– Watch the sunset on this beautiful boat as you sail around the lake.
  • Sunrise SUP TourBook a relaxing stand up paddle tour around the lagoon with this guided tour.

Packing for Your Airbnb

Before you take off for your trip, check out our Beach Packing List Guide to make sure you don’t miss out on anything important!


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Is Bacalar Lagoon worth visiting? ›

While it doesn't have the same nightlife or party scene as other Mexican beach towns, Bacalar is definitely worth a visit if you're looking for a beautiful place to relax and enjoy the outdoors. Other than the main attraction Bacalar Lagoon, there are Mayan ruins, historical landmarks, and cenotes.

How many nights are there in Bacalar Mexico? ›

We suggest spending three nights in Bacalar to see the highlights and have some time to enjoy the peaceful natural beauty of Bacalar. We have visited Bacalar every year since 2018 and have stayed at many places around the lagoon. Below are our top picks with stunning views of the lake, good value, and great locations.

Where do you fly into for Bacalar? ›

The nearest airport to Bacalar is Chetumal (CTM) Airport which is 21.3 km away. Other nearby airports include San Pedro (SPR) (95.9 km), Caye Caulker (CUK) (111.6 km), Belize City Goldson Intl Apt (BZE) (127.3 km) and Belize City Municipal (TZA) (130.9 km).

How many days should you stay in Bacalar? ›

I'm going to make things easy for you: you should spend at least two full days in Bacalar. One should be spent on a boat trip on the lake and one should be spent at Los Rapidos.

Are there many mosquitoes in Bacalar? ›

The risk for mosquito activity is extremely high. Wear long-sleeved shirts and pants when spending time outdoors to prevent bites. The risk for mosquito activity is high. Consider an EPA-registered repellent to deter mosquito bites.


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