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Vacation homes in Italy's stunning Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre is a remarkable world heritage site, famous for its azure waters and pastel colored houses. It is composed of five bustling fishing villages, built into, and around, some truly dramatic coastline. You will be able to experience it at its best and live like a local with the many vacation homes located around Cinque Terre. Whether you like your accommodation to have expansive, unspoiled ocean views or in a central location, you'll find plenty to love.

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Best Vacation Home Deals in Cinque Terre

Find a rental meeting your preferences among the 2,446 fantastic properties from more than 9 partner websites in Cinque Terre. By comparing these accommodations, HomeToGo brings you the best deals and the highest rated vacation homes in Cinque Terre.

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Apartments With Balconies or Patios

Looking for a home with a balcony? Check out these vacation homes in Cinque Terre with their own private patios and balconies.

Vacation rentals with Wi-Fi

Stay connected while traveling and book a Cinque Terre accommodation with high-speed internet.

Vacation rentals and apartments with air conditioning

Keep cool during your trip to Cinque Terre and book a vacation rental with air conditioning.

Popular Rental Amenities in Cinque Terre

Choose a filter above to search and find an accommodation meeting your needs among all of the properties in Cinque Terre. In Cinque Terre, 2,093 properties offer "Internet". Consequently, if you can't imagine a vacation without internet, select the Internet filter to compare these rentals. You can also look for a vacation rental in Cinque Terre if you want a rental with a fireplace as 80 of the listed rentals there provide "Fireplace."

The Weather in Cinque Terre

- Rainy days

This is the climate diagram in Cinque Terre. August is the warmest month in Cinque Terre with average maximum temperatures of 79°. However, temperatures can go lower than 40° in Cinque Terre in January. The rainiest month is October while the driest month is July.

7-Day Weather Forecast in Cinque Terre

Fri, 25 Nov



Sat, 26 Nov



Sun, 27 Nov



Mon, 28 Nov



Tue, 29 Nov



Wed, 30 Nov



Thu, 1 Dec



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Accommodations for your vacation in Cinque Terre

In Cinque Terre, more than half of the vacation properties are apartment rental, which represent 56.29% of its available properties. Additionally, these vacation accommodations have an average size of 650 ft² and a median price of $312 per night. Furthermore, if you are going in a group of 6, apartment rental are the ideal property type in Cinque Terre, as they usually accommodate this exact group size. You can also search and find other accommodation options in Cinque Terre. House rental are, for example, another popular type of accommodation there with 266 offers to compare. These properties cost $202 a night on average and have an average size of 480 ft².

Where to find the best food in Cinque Terre?

Dining in Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre is just as famous for delicious food as it is for the scenery. There is a wide variety of restaurants located all over Cinque Terre, and as you might expect, the village's coastal location means sea food is plentiful and delicious.

At the popular and casual Gastronomia San Martino, located in Monterosso Al Mare, seafood specials often vary depending on the most recent fresh catch.

Where are the unique attractions in Cinque Terre?

Exploring Cinque Terre

It is possible to take boats and ferries to other coastal towns near Cinque Terre such as Levanto, or the Island of Palmaria, allowing you to see the area in all its glory from the water. Inland, Cinque Terre is a perfect for hikers, and if you're feeling ambitious there's a 38km hiking trail linking the village of Porto Venere to Levanto.

If you like your expeditions to be more urban than rural, then you can travel by train to the cities of Genoa or Florence, allowing you to experience the best of Italy's rural, historic, and urban beauty.

What are the best events and festivals in Cinque Terre?

Regular events in Cinque Terre

Every year Cinque Terre is home to a number of interesting cultural events. During Corpus Christi, the second Sunday after Pentecost, the streets and alleys of Monterosso fill with beautiful flowers before a religious procession moves through the town's historic center. There are even festivals celebrating everything from anchovies and lemons, allowing you to sample even more delicious local cuisine.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to rent a vacation rental in Cinque Terre?

The average nightly price for vacation rentals in Cinque Terre is $62.

How many vacation rentals are available to book in Cinque Terre?

April has the highest amount of available Apartment rental and House rental in Cinque Terre, so you can expect plenty of offers, even for last-minute bookings.

What amenities are most popular for vacation homes in Cinque Terre?

Most travelers search for Internet, TV, and Balcony/Patio when booking a vacation rental in Cinque Terre.

How many vacation rentals are in Cinque Terre?

Discover 2,446 vacation rentals available to book in Cinque Terre.

Are pets allowed in vacation rentals in Cinque Terre?

Finding a cabin rental in Cinque Terre that allows dogs is definitely possible, with 370 pet-friendly homes on offfer.

What's the best time of year to travel to Cinque Terre?

August and July are typically the warmest months in Cinque Terre with temperatures around 79 °F. January and February in Cinque Terre are the coldest, with 40 °F on average.

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