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You’re lucky! One of the most popular family reunion vacation rental sites has invited you to join their team. They’ve seen how you were a huge success in your market and want you to help them build a brand new site catering to the same demographic. You couldn’t have asked for better news. Now what?

Family is the most important thing in life. Show them how much you care with a beautiful beach vacation rental. With my help, you can be sure that your family reunion is both memorable and hassle-free. Choose from dozens of beautiful beach houses, condos, cabins and villas in popular vacation destinations. It’s easy to book online so get started today!

As a family business owner and resident on Hilton Head Island for more than 20 years, I understand that a lot goes into planning for your annual family reunion or event. This can include finding a family vacation home with multiple bedrooms and baths to accommodate your group, as well as kitchen facilities for meal preparation. It’s time for a family reunion. Oh boy, the whole family is coming for a long weekend, starting Saturday morning and going through Sunday. You all just won’t stop talking about it. Your cousins are all grown up, with kids of their own… your aunt looks just as good as she did when you were in grad school…. And you’re trying to plan activities for everyone in your nuclear family.

Family Reunion Beach Vacation Rentals

Family Reunion Beach Vacation Rentals - Touriago (1)

Family reunions are one of the most treasured events on the planet, in every country around the world, family gatherings are celebrated occasions that should be cherished. However, in today’s contemporary world it is becoming harder to get together in the true reunion sense of the word due to constant connectivity, logistical issues, geographical ones, etc. However, when all the stars align and the entire clan can get together, aDestin, Florida rentalfrom Five Star Properties is the best option, especially because someproperties can host up to 60 guests!

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Five Star Properties offers a large selection of luxuryDestin, Florida rentalsperfect for family reunions. Each large vacation rental has its own unique setting that will make your family reunion that much more memorable and is more isolated than hotel rentals. Some homes stand out because of theirlocation on the beachwhile others’ most noteworthy features are the interiors themselves.

When you bookDestin family reunion vacation rentals, you will also receive discounts from our preferred vendors. This is ideal if you are vacationing in Destin Florida and you’re planning to cater your event or provide additional entertainment. Contact our concierge for a list of preferred vendors, or submit an order form online. We’re here and happy to help make your family reunion one that leaves you smiling for years to come!

Spacious Settings in Our Destin Family Rentals

When you pick one of our hugeDestin family rentalsfor your reunion, you’ll be sure to have enough room for everyone. We have rentals in Destin that can sleep up to 30 people, so even big families will be plenty comfortable. Depending on the size of your family, our selection of Gulf rentals provides enough room for families with children, single cousins, aunts, uncles, in-laws, and even grandma and grandpa will have their own space. Your trip will be that much more convenient when you all share the space, as you won’t have to go back and forth from one house to another. And you can maximize your time spent together, whether it’s over morning coffee, while prepping meals in your gourmet kitchen, or in late-night chat sessions on the deck.

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OurDestin family vacation rentalshave everything you need to feel at home, so you can relax and enjoy your trip. Our comfortable beds, flat-screen TVs, cozy couches, and fully-equipped kitchens will please the whole family, so you can concentrate on having fun and planning great activities. Many of our Destin Florida rentals offer private balconies, spa bathtubs, complimentary Wi-Fi throughout the property, and extra amenities such as lofts, rooftop decks and massive swimming pools. So whether you are traveling with a small crew or you have guests visiting from all parts beyond, we have a plethora of Destin Florida rentals for you to choose from your family. Leave all the hard work to us!

Other On-Site Amenities at Our Destin Florida Rentals

The Destin Florida vacation rentals that are kid-friendly we provide not only include grandiose architectural elements such as built-in elevators and movie theaters, but many of our Destin, Florida rentals contain extra perks which include complimentary bicycles, game rooms, lounge chairs, and some of our homes even have putting greens and golf carts. It doesn’t matter whether you have golf aficionados in the family or not, everyone will enjoy swinging the putter and strolling around like a retiree. The in-home amenities do not stop there however, inside guests will find luxurious bathrooms, private balconies, wet bars, wine coolers, modern appliances and with complimentary Wi-Fi throughout the property, nobody has to worry about becoming disconnected.

Customize Your Destin Reunion Experience Every Step of the Way

At Five Star Properties, we’re proud to provide our guests with access to incredible rentals that are designed for the ultimate family reunion experience no matter what time of year the event is planned. While all of our property options offer up a unique take on a family reunion in Destin, guests will find that our team’s commitment to quality and luxury is always evident throughout our selection. Guests are often thrilled to find that their family reunion suitable vacation rental in Destin is designed around open concept living standards. This often starts with a spacious and open floorplan that allows everyone in the traveling crew to move with complete ease between living, dining, entertainment, and sleeping areas during the stay! Sometimes, the difference comes down to knowing guests can move seamlessly between social spaces and private retreats and at Five Star Properties, we’re happy to be able to accommodate! Oftentimes, open floorplan rentals will also enjoy the inclusion of large windows and tall ceilings throughout. This strategic and welcome combination of elements further enhances the overall sense of living space available to family reunion guests every day of their stay. Properties with floor-to-ceiling windows included frame a fantastic Destin view while allowing ample natural light flow to flood the floorplan too!

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Tasteful and stylish furnishings are always found in our Destin family rental for reunions. Collections can include everything from plush loveseats and extended sectional sofas to eye-catching wall art, area rugs, coffee tables, accent chairs, innovative lighting, and more! It’s common for guests to find the decorative aesthetic in our reunion rentals in Destin balances comfort and style impeccably. Many feature stylish elements that pair home-inspired comforts with those one-of-a-kind coastal designs that are sure to inspire.

While getting out and exploring during a reunion promises to be a delightful part of the experience, at Five Star Properties, we work hard to make sure time inside our reunion rentals in Destin is just as appealing! Our properties that are equipped with high-speed internet and smart televisions give our guests options to customize their downtime at the touch of a button. Guests in our property options can easily share vacation and reunion photos with friends back home or update social media with their latest Destin-based reunion adventures with ease! Those looking to check in on the latest global headlines during their stay can do that too while a night in could include streaming movies and shows your family loves as well. Either way, the moments traveling families enjoying reunions crave and deserve are always within reach when they book through Five Star Properties.

Lots to Do in Destin, Miramar Beach, and 30A

Though it may be difficult to leave your luxurious Gulf-front rental, oftentimes when traveling in large groups, there is a wide variety of opinions. Fortunately, this part of Florida’s Panhandle is filled with both constructed and natural attractions. No matter what type of travelers you have in your family, you’ll find plenty of activities to please you around theseDestin, Florida rentals. Charter a fishing boat for a fun family excursion, then BBQ your catch back at home. Active families can rent kayaks, bikes, or even stand-up paddleboards for full days of adventure in and around the beach. Everyone can find something fun at the Destin Harbor Boardwalk, whether you prefer browsing the shops, enjoying live music, or just watching the pelicans hang out. Additionally, the region of South Walton County and the greater Destin area present an abundant array of natural attractions such as rare inlet lakes along the coast, forests that have more than ten different ecosystems and of course, the miles of white sandy shoreline.

If you’re looking for some non-beach entertainment, check out the huge outlet mall in Miramar Beach, where you’ll find great deals on over 100 designer and name-brand outlet stores. Golf enthusiasts will find great courses at Sandestin and Seascape. History buffs will enjoy a stop at the Destin History & Fishing Museum.


Visit one of the many theme parks, go-kart tracks or mini-golf centers when in search for entertainment that is family-friendly.

Finally, make sure the adventurous members of your family do something wild to cement a lifetime of fun memories! Try parasailing, flyboarding, or at least a Crab Island sandbar adventure tour; it’ll give you something different to talk about with Grandma and Grandpa in the evening!

Needless to say, there is no shortage of entertainment options for the entire family in this part of Florida, and when a reservation is made with one of our luxury rentals likeCosta Del MarorIt’s About Time, the Florida dream vacation becomes a reality. Get ready to make some fun new memories on the Emerald Coast in one of our regularly cleanedDestin family rentals! Browse the largest selection of long-term, monthly, and weekly rentals in Destin today


What are the things you usually do during family reunion? ›

What To Do At A Family Reunion
  • Play some games. Games help involve the whole family and set a cheerful and playful mood. ...
  • Plan a large potluck. ...
  • Make a family reunion photo book. ...
  • Go for a hike. ...
  • Host a BBQ party. ...
  • Take a family photo. ...
  • Go on a family trip. ...
  • Do some arts and crafts.
Mar 13, 2019

What is the best website to rent a vacation home? ›

The Best Vacation Rental Sites
  • Airbnb.
  • Expedia.
  • HometoGo.
  • Tripadvisor.
  • Tripping.
  • Vrbo.
Sep 12, 2022

How long should a family reunion last? ›

The length of a reunion can vary greatly. It can take place over one afternoon or throughout several days. The rule of thumb is the further people have to travel to attend the family reunion, the longer it should last. If everyone lives close to one another, then one day should be enough time to reconnect.

How can I maximize my vacation rental? ›

10 Ways to Increase Your Vacation Rental Earnings
  1. Update your description and photos. ...
  2. Exponentially increase your marketing reach. ...
  3. Focus on amenities that guests are willing to pay for. ...
  4. Change your rates and adjust for seasonality. ...
  5. Take an honest look at your processes and optimize them. ...
  6. Automate everything you can.
Feb 14, 2021

How do you make a family reunion memorable? ›

Here's a collection of family reunion ideas so you can start planning the event.
  1. Plan a Date and Time. ...
  2. Get Others Involved. ...
  3. Think About Everyone's Needs and Interests. ...
  4. Send Out Invitations. ...
  5. Stay Safe. ...
  6. Encourage People to Document the Day. ...
  7. Remember Those Who Aren't With You. ...
  8. Trivia Night.
Jan 11, 2021

How do you make a reunion memorable? ›

9 Ways to Make Your Next Party Memorable
  1. Create a map. ...
  2. Mix up a signature drink. ...
  3. Put together a time capsule. ...
  4. Give out party favors or create commemorative items. ...
  5. Make a cookbook. ...
  6. Rent a photo booth. ...
  7. Do some storytelling. ...
  8. Give awards.
Jun 28, 2022

What should you not do at a family reunion? ›

  • Don't overschedule and don't insist that everybody participate in every activity. ...
  • Don't forget to unplug. ...
  • Don't bring up topics that are fraught with tension: i.e., Aunt Linda's fifth marriage, the recent antics of the black sheep of the family, or political discussions.
Jun 19, 2018

What is a good theme for family reunions? ›

Picking family reunion themes can be tricky.
Family Reunion Theme Ideas
  • Family circus. ...
  • Card game tournament. ...
  • Family cook-off. ...
  • Family field day. ...
  • Celebrate your heritage. ...
  • “When mom and dad Were my age”
May 30, 2022

Who should be invited to a family reunion? ›

If you have decided to stick with the immediate family including Great Grandparents and working down to the youngest generation remember to invite their spouses and make enough invitations for everyone. Inviting only the immediate family is usually preferred by first time family reunion planners.

How do I make my beach rental stand out? ›

Make sure to offer the following amenities to make your vacation rental stand out:
  1. 24-Hour Check-in. ...
  2. Fast and convenient WiFi. ...
  3. Cable TV or streaming services. ...
  4. Surround sound system. ...
  5. DVDs and books. ...
  6. Game console. ...
  7. Family-friendly games. ...
  8. Local maps, guidebooks, and recommendations.
Oct 4, 2021

What is a good ROI on a vacation rental property? ›

Typically, a good return on your investment is 15%+. Using the cap rate calculation, a good return rate is around 10%. Using the cash on cash rate calculation, a good return rate is 8-12%. Some investors won't even consider a property unless the calculation predicts at least a 20% return rate.

How can I get my vacation rental to pay for itself? ›

6 Tips To Make Your Vacation Home Pay For Itself
  1. Rent your property short term. ...
  2. Handle your rentals yourself. ...
  3. Tax deductions. ...
  4. Buy your vacation home with your IRA or retirement account. ...
  5. Rent seasonally or long term instead of short term. ...
  6. Trade for services.

Is Vrbo safe than Airbnb? ›

Slight difference: VRBO has a very specific Book with Confidence Guarantee and Trust & Safety page, while Airbnb simply has a Trust & Safety page. In addition, VRBO charges a refundable security deposit to your credit card at the time of booking.

What's it called when you rent a house for vacation? ›

The term vacation rental is mainly used in the US. Other terms used are self-catering rentals, holiday homes, holiday lets (in the United Kingdom), cottage holidays (for rentals of smaller accommodation in rural locations) and gites (in rural locations in France).

Can I trust Vrbo? ›

Yes, Vrbo is a legitimate online vacation rental site. As with any similar site, pay attention to amenities, reviews and cancellation policies. Many or all of the products featured here are from our partners who compensate us.

How do I get out of a family reunion? ›

You can say:
  1. I'm not comfortable heading to the family gathering next week.
  2. I unfortunately won't be able to attend the event coming up.
  3. I am not attending family events going forward.
  4. I no longer feel safe attending family events and won't be at any in the future.

Why is family reunion important? ›

Family reunions can connect the next generation to their past. From kids hearing stories about the family history and trying recipes that have been passed down over the years, family reunions help kids form identities about who they are.

How do you show pictures at a family reunion? ›

Put the photos in no particular order and with no identifying marks on them, other than a number, around your reunion location. You can just tape them to the wall or put them on poster board or cork board. To play the game, family members write down the number and the name of who they think is in the photo.

How do you keep kids entertained at a family reunion? ›

Have games and crafts on hand for kids to do and create a kid zone at the family gathering. Think also about activities that both kids and adults can do together. While you don't need to make the event all about the kids, make sure that they are given opportunities to play and help out at the event.

How can I make my family get together fun? ›

These 11 fun ideas will make your next family get-together one to remember:
  1. 1) Go Horseback Riding. ...
  2. 2) Sing Around a Campfire. ...
  3. 3) Take a Family Hike. ...
  4. 4) Have a Family Game Night. ...
  5. 5) Go Whitewater Rafting. ...
  6. 6) Go ATV Riding. ...
  7. 7) Have Breakfast Together. ...
  8. 8) Have a Meteor Shower Party.
Dec 13, 2016

What do you wear to a family reunion in the summer? ›

For a summer reunion, you'd want to wear a pretty casual dress. Choose a breathable material, such as cotton, because you'll need proper aeration around your skin to keep off the heat. Regarding the length, make it as short or as long, or as loose or tight as you feel like, provided your family members are comfortable.

How do you honor elders at a family reunion? ›

Present a personalized gift to the eldest living family member. For example, if the eldest living family member collects pillows, order a pillow for the eldest living family member with a family photo. (Note: Retail stores that have photo departments sell personalized pillows.)

How often should family reunions be held? ›

How often do families hold reunions? Over 50% of the families that hold reunions have them every year or every other year. Most family reunions have at least three or four generations attending. Although an interesting fact is that 15.80% of all reunions include five (yes, five) generations.

What is a theme for family? ›

Family themes describe families. It's a simple family goal that impacts your family positively and provides guidance for every decision your family makes. And from our experience, the best way to choose yours is by knowing what you want your family to exemplify or be portrayed as.

How do you plan a family reunion on a budget? ›

How to Save Money on the Event
  1. Start early. ...
  2. Set your budget; don't let it set you. ...
  3. Take advantage of the off-season. ...
  4. Keep it short. ...
  5. Avoid popular travel holidays. ...
  6. Pool your planning talents. ...
  7. Save on the little things. ...
  8. Generate some startup funds.

Is there a family reunion app? ›

There are even reunion-specific apps. Family Reunion Helper, Pro Party Planner and Party & Event Planner Lite allow organizers to create guest lists and send invites, calculate costs, create to-do lists and send push notifications to attendees.

How do I make my short term rental stand out? ›

  1. 1 – Pick the right property.
  2. 2 – Invest in high-quality furnishings that are easy to care for.
  3. 3 – Provide amenities that guests will love.
  4. 4 – Provide high-quality bedding, towels, and toiletries.
  5. 5 – Stock your kitchen with all necessary appliances and cookware.
  6. 6 – Take fantastic photos of your property.

What makes a good cabin rental? ›

A good cabin rental should have personality and offer a warm home-away-from-home with neutral interiors, durable finishes, minimal clutter, an inviting sleeping environment and space for guests to gather, play board games, share meals and enjoy a hassle-free vacation.

What should I keep in the owner's closet? ›

Some common items that you may keep in an owner's closet include:
  • Clothing.
  • Toys.
  • Bikes and sporting equipment.
  • Non-perishable snacks.
  • Bedding.
  • Toiletries.
  • Cleaning products.
  • Any other personal items that you'd like to keep at your vacation home.
Mar 23, 2017

What is the 2% rule in real estate? ›

The 2% rule states that the monthly rent for an investment property should be equal to or no less than 2% of the purchase price. Here's an example of the 2% rule for a home with the purchase price of $150,000: $150,000 x 0.02 = $3,000.

What is the 1 rule in real estate? ›

What Is the One Percent Rule? The one percent rule, sometimes stylized as the "1% rule," is used to determine if the monthly rent earned from a piece of investment property will exceed that property's monthly mortgage payment.

Is owning a vrbo worth it? ›

More lucrative than traditional real estate investing

Compared to long-term rental properties and traditional real estate investing, vacation rentals can generate bigger revenue. Not only are guests willing to pay more for a well-furnished vacation rental, but hosts can also adjust their pricing throughout the year.

Do beach houses pay for themselves? ›

As you can see, finding a vacation rental property that can generate positive cash flow is very feasible. Whether you're intending to use it strictly as an income property or as an occasional second home, a vacation rental property can definitely pay for itself if you abide by the guidelines in this blog.

Is owning a beach condo a good investment? ›

A beachfront condo has the potential to be an excellent long-term investment. Over the course of many years, you could easily earn several times what you paid for your investment. Not only that, but most owners of beachside real estate enjoy the added bonus of having a vacation home for their personal use.

Can you make money with a beach rental? ›

Once again, the amount of rental income you can earn will depend on the beach house's size, location, and amenities. Generally, though, successful beach house vacation rentals could typically earn anywhere from $20,000 up to $50,000 in yearly rental income, although some could make less, and others, way more.

What are the things that make you happy when you celebrate your family reunion? ›

One of the best parts of a family reunion is being able to create new memories along with celebrating old ones. Families can leave the reunion with funny stories, breathtaking adventures with cousins, and fond memories with older relatives. This allows you to look forward to the next event when everyone comes together.

What do you do at a reunion party? ›

Class Reunion Games And Activities
  • Host A Cocktail Hour. On Friday, most classmates will have had a long day of travel so keep things informal. ...
  • Class Reunion Ice Breakers. ...
  • Jog That Memory. ...
  • Team Jeopardy. ...
  • Melody Match. ...
  • Name Tag Hunt. ...
  • DJ Led Dance Party With Songs From Your Graduation Year. ...
  • Speeches.

How do you honor elders at a family reunion? ›

Present a personalized gift to the eldest living family member. For example, if the eldest living family member collects pillows, order a pillow for the eldest living family member with a family photo. (Note: Retail stores that have photo departments sell personalized pillows.)

Which game should be played in a family gathering? ›

10 Fun Family Reunion Games
  • Make a Family Album. Set up an area where people can gather between activities and meals to do crafts. ...
  • The Banana game. Ask all willing family members to line up. ...
  • Play Ball. ...
  • Water Balloon Toss. ...
  • Egg Race. ...
  • Family Talent Show. ...
  • Story Time. ...
  • Scavenger Hunt.

What do you say at a reunion? ›

Class Reunion Slogans
  • Together Once Again.
  • Growing Old At The Same Time.
  • Let's Look Back At Our Fun Memories.
  • We Are Not Getting Any Younger.
  • Getting Together With The People You've Spent Your Childhood With.
  • Fun Reunion We Can't Forget.
  • Reuniting With The Old People We Knew.
  • Reuniting The Kids We Once Were.
Jun 29, 2021

What to talk about at a reunion? ›

Conversation Starters for High School/College Reunion Attendees
  • “What's going on these days?” — Politely vague.
  • “So how's things?” — Pretty open-ended. ...
  • “I saw on facebook/instagram/whatever that you're [insert major life event i.e. job change, marriage, child, etc.].
May 25, 2017

What should I wear to my 2022 class reunion? ›

Wear a business casual outfit.

If you want to look put together in a chic, modern way, try wearing a business casual outfit to your high school reunion. Consider a tailored blazer with skinny pants or a skirt. A sport coat and slacks is a simple, yet refined choice.

How do you caption a reunion? ›

25 Reunion Captions To Use When You're Celebrating Memories While Building New Ones
  1. "Though our branches grow in different directions, our roots remain as one."
  2. "I don't remember much, but I will always remember you.”
  3. "Happiness is meeting an old friend after a long time, and feeling that nothing has changed."
Apr 1, 2019

How do you respect your elders 10 points? ›

Here are 10 ways to respect our Native elders.
  1. Listen More. The old adage “We have two ears and one mouth for a reason” applies here. ...
  2. Be Polite. Acting in a polite way to an elder is a demonstration of respect. ...
  3. Ask for Advice. ...
  4. Visit With Them. ...
  5. Let Them Eat First. ...
  6. Ask About Traditions. ...
  7. Ask About Their Lives. ...
  8. Give Them a Call.
Jun 3, 2015

How do you respond to elders blessings? ›

Thank you for your kind wishes. I appreciate the sentiment. Thank you for your good wishes. Thanks for your sentiment!

How do you show respect to elders in your family answer? ›

6 Ways to Honor Our Elders
  1. Ask for advice. Elders are some of the wisest people in society. ...
  2. Call them. ...
  3. Discuss family heritage, history and traditions. ...
  4. Eat together. ...
  5. Spend time with them (and listen intently). ...
  6. Tell them how much you appreciate and respect them.
Oct 3, 2017

How do you keep kids entertained at a family reunion? ›

Have games and crafts on hand for kids to do and create a kid zone at the family gathering. Think also about activities that both kids and adults can do together. While you don't need to make the event all about the kids, make sure that they are given opportunities to play and help out at the event.

What is a fun family game? ›

You can also try some of these games during a family road trip or a sudden blackout.
  • Paper telephone. ...
  • Balloon tennis. ...
  • Indoor hopscotch. ...
  • Indoor bowling. ...
  • Movie-themed forts. ...
  • Paper plane contest. ...
  • Charades. ...
  • Taboo.
Jun 25, 2020


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