FREE Rent Receipt Templates - Download or Print (2023)

Which rent receipt template to choose, what information to include, and free examples in Word and PDF

As a landlord or property manager, you likely already know that providing a rent receipt is highly recommended and even required in some states. However, knowing which rent receipt template to choose and what information to include on it can prove to be challenging and perhaps even overwhelming. Using the information and free rent receipt templates below as your guide can help you find and even customize the right option for both you and your tenants.

Table of Content:

  1. Rental Receipts for Landlords
  2. Rental Receipts for Tenants
  3. Benefits of Keeping Your Rent Receipts
  4. Information to Include on Rental Receipts
  5. Rent Receipt Books vs. Rent Receipt Templates
  6. Free Rent Receipt Examples

Also referred to as rental invoices, rental receipts are forms used to record payments made for rent, and serve as an important recordkeeping tool. Once a rental agreement is signed, both parties are legally obligated to honor the terms listed. Included in these terms is the payment of rent by the tenant. Having a rent receipt documents when this obligation is met.

Rental Receipts for Landlords

While there are different rules and regulations among states and countries regarding rent receipts, it is always good practice for landlords to provide them to tenants. In the U.S., many states require landlords to provide tenants with rent receipts, free of charge, whenever they are requested. This rule may also apply to previous tenants who can request receipts within one year of having moved out.

You will need to review your state or country’s laws to verify if providing a receipt is mandatory or required only upon request by the tenant. Failure to provide rental receipts when it is required by law can result in the filing of complaints by the tenants to local authorities, and fines being assessed against you. Also note that, if you provided a rent receipt for a tenant’s check that was returned uncashed for any reason, you may still pursue collecting that rent.

Do’s for Providing Rental Receipts to Tenants

  • Provide rental receipts if/as required by law in your country or state
  • Keep each receipt for your records and in a safe place, if necessary
  • Use a rent receipt template to help ensure all required and necessary information is complete and accurate

Don’ts for Providing Rental Receipts to Tenants

  • Provide rental receipts prior to payment being made
  • Fail to sign and/or include company’s official stamp
  • Omit the remaining balance due when providing a receipt for periodic payments

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Free rent receipt template

Basic rent receipt with key information. The template should be used for rentals where partial payment is accepted. Two receipts per page (copy for landlord and copy for tenant), and place for company stamp.

(Video) Business Receipts App | 5 Minute Receipt Hack for Small Businesses
PDF version: Free-Rent-Receipt-Template.pdf183 B • 31227 PDF version • ID 89347

Rental Receipts for Tenants

Just like you receive receipts for everyday purchases, such as groceries and gas, it is just as important, if not more so, that you receive a receipt from your landlord or property management company for payment of your rent. For most individuals, your monthly rent is one your highest expenditures, so being able to document proof of payment is important for many financial reasons. In addition, requesting a rent receipt is not only a wise financial move, it may be one of your tenant rights, depending on the state you live in.

Do’s for Receiving Rental Receipts from Your Landlord

  • Immediately request a copy of your rental receipt once payment is made
  • Keep a copy of each receipt for your records and in a safe place
  • Ensure that all required and necessary information is complete and accurate

Don’ts for Receiving Rental Receipts from Your Landlord

  • Accept rental receipts from unauthorized parties
  • Forget to request additional items that are included in your rental payment be itemized to avoid disputes (e.g. utilities, cable, etc.)
  • Wait to have any errors or inaccuracies corrected

  • Size: 183 B
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Printable Rent receipt

(Video) Clean & Professional Invoice Template (for FREE)

Another basic version of a rent receipt / rental invoice. Both editable version (Word) and printable (PDF) are provided.

PDF version: printable-rent-receipt-pdf.pdf183 B • 17118 PDF version • ID 89347

Benefits of Keeping Your Rent Receipts

Keeping your rental receipts is important for:

  • Verifying payments, particularly those made in cash

    . No matter how you make your rental payments, receipts should be provided and kept. However, rental receipts are especially important for tenants who pay in cash, since aside from receiving a cash receipt there is no other paper trail.
  • Tax credit

    – Some states provide tax credits for renters. Having your rental receipts ensures you can verify that payments were made, making your tax credit easier to claim in the event additional documentation is needed.
  • Credit reporting

    – Reporting rental payments that have been made on time and in full can help raise your credit score and demonstrate to lenders that you are trustworthy in paying your debts.
  • Rental history

    – When reviewing tenant applications, few factors are more important to landlords than your rental history. Having your rental receipts can help show that you have a positive payment history or can help you to dispute discrepancies that may appear on your credit report.
  • Dispute settlement

    – In the event there is a discrepancy regarding your rental payments (e.g. late, partial or no payment disputes), having a copy of rental receipts can help sort out and avoid possible issues, including late fees, evictions, and negative reports on your credit.

Help! I Am Unable to Obtain a Rental ReceiptIn cases where your landlord or property management company state they are unable to provide you with copies of rent receipts, it’s important that you verify whether they are legally obligated to do so. In the event you are unable to obtain a rental receipt, it is important that you explore other means of documenting your payments, such as:

  • Making a copy of your canceled checks, or requesting copies from your bank
  • Keeping a copy of your bank statements, showing either a digital version of the physical check or the check number, amount, and date it cleared your account
  • Keeping the stub from money orders and cashier’s checks
  • Using an online payment portal/system or rent receipt template you provide, if your landlord agrees

Information to Include on Rental Receipts

While the details provided on rental receipts may vary, the following information should always be included:

  • Date of Payment
  • Amount of Payment
  • Name of Landlord (or name of the company)
  • Signature of Landlord or Manager
  • Tenant’s Name (and name of person who paid the rent, if different from the tenant)
  • Tenant’s Address
  • Rental Period

Other items that may be included on your rental invoice form may include:

  • Method of payment (cash, credit card, money order, cashier’s check)
  • Services or other fees included in the payment (e.g. utilities, security deposits, convenience fees)
  • “Received by” for situations where someone other than the landlord receives payment
  • “Paid by” for situations where invoices are paid for by someone other than the tenant

Rent Receipt Books vs. Rent Receipt Templates

Wondering whether you should you purchase a rent receipt book or use a rent receipt template? If so, here a few pros and cons to consider for both:

Rent Receipt Book


  • Can be purchased at retailers ranging from dollar stores to office supplies stores
  • Does not require technical knowledge or Internet access
  • Easy to access and use


  • If lost or damaged, you may lose all copies
  • Difficult, if not impossible, to organize individual receipts without detaching
  • Unable to customize

Rent Receipt Template


  • Copies can be saved online
  • Easy to customize, update and reproduce
  • Accessible by multiple users


  • May require some technical knowledge and Internet access by both landlord/manager and tenant
  • When transitioning or upgrading to another rent receipt software program conversion may be glitchy or impossible
  • Purchasing software may be required in order to use

Free Rent Receipt Template Examples

Choosing the right rent receipt format for you will depend on several factors, including whether you are:

  • A commercial or residential landlord
  • A commercial or residential tenant
  • A property management company manager
  • Documenting a high number of payments
  • Making or receiving rent payments on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual (or other) basis
  • More comfortable using a printed or a digital form
  • Looking for a standard or customizable form
  • Using a Mac or Windows operating system

FREE Rent Receipt Templates - Download or Print (3)

FREE Rent Receipt Templates - Download or Print (4)

FREE Rent Receipt Templates - Download or Print (5)

(Video) Hotel Receipt Template | Create a FREE hotel receipt for your vacation rental

FREE Rent Receipt Templates - Download or Print (6)

FREE Rent Receipt Templates - Download or Print (7)

The rent receipt templates offered below are free to use and ideal for documentation of:

  • Partial rent payments
  • Rental payments made in different currencies
  • Remaining or outstanding rental balances
  • Private or commercial lease payments
  • Rent payments eligible for tax deduction

These rent receipt templates can be used as-is or customized using Microsoft Word or Excel, Open Office, or Apple Pages or Numbers. Each rent receipt template, except those in Excel format, are also available to download in pdf format.

Rental receipt in Excel

FREE Rent Receipt Templates - Download or Print (8)

This rent receipt form in Excel will save you a lot of time because it does all the work for you. When you enter amount due and amount paid, the balance due is calculated automatically. Enter numeric amount received and it will be converted into words. There are two worksheets: the first one has one receipt. The second has three receipts where two copies are automatically populated from information you entered into the first worksheet.

  • Size: 32 KB
  • Downloads: 29759
  • Filename: Rental-receipt-in-Excel.xlsx


Rent Invoice in Excel

FREE Rent Receipt Templates - Download or Print (9)

Free receipt template with option for different currencies. There are two worksheets: one with one receipt per page and another with three receipts per page where two are populated automatically with data entered into the first receipt on the page.

  • Size: 36 KB
  • Downloads: 9334
  • Filename: Rent-Invoice-in-Excel.xlsx


Simple rent invoice

FREE Rent Receipt Templates - Download or Print (10)

Basic rent invoice with two copies per page. Neutral style to accomodate any type of rental business.

  • Size: 15 KB
  • Downloads: 15089
  • Filename: Simple-Rent-Invoice.docx


Receipt Book Template

FREE Rent Receipt Templates - Download or Print (11)

Create your own carbonless receipt book with this template. Each receipt features sections labelled Date, From, Receipt Number, Amount in figures and letters, Payment for, Rental period (to - from), Received by, Outstanding Balance due, and Signature.

  • Size: 183 B
  • Downloads: 8905
  • Filename: receipt-book-template.docx


(Video) Creating Professional Invoice in Excel | Receipt Making Tutorial | Free Template
PDF version: receipt-book-template-pdf.pdf183 B • 4411 PDF version • ID 89347

Minimal receipt design three per page

FREE Rent Receipt Templates - Download or Print (12)

Blank receipt form with minimal design - easy to use and appropriate for any type of private or commercial lease.

  • Size: 183 B
  • Downloads: 6498
  • Filename: minimal-receipt-design-three-per-page.docx


PDF version: minimal-receipt-design-three-per-page-pdf.pdf183 B • 3895 PDF version • ID 89347

Sample Rent Receipt

FREE Rent Receipt Templates - Download or Print (13)

Universal template that can be used for various rental businesses - just change a few fields if provided fields are too many / too few for your business.

  • Size: 22 KB
  • Downloads: 5647
  • Filename: Sample-Rent-Receipt.docx


PDF version: Sample-Rent-Receipt.pdf51 KB • 3879 PDF version • ID 89347

Property rent receipt

FREE Rent Receipt Templates - Download or Print (14)

A single page cash receipt template with two receipts and a tear-off line.

  • Size: 14 KB
  • Downloads: 7206
  • Filename: Property-rent-receipt.docx


PDF version: Property-rent-receipt.pdf26 KB • 4155 PDF version • ID 89347

Check green design receipt

FREE Rent Receipt Templates - Download or Print (15)

Check-like design with two receipts in a professionally-looking elegant table.

  • Size: 183 B
  • Downloads: 6812
  • Filename: check-green-design-receipt.docx


(Video) How to Write a Monthly Rental Receipt Form | PDF Template

Rent Invoice for tax

FREE Rent Receipt Templates - Download or Print (16)

This sample invoice is a document to justify payments made by a tenant during a certain period that can be used by tenant for tax purposes.

  • Size: 183 B
  • Downloads: 6457
  • Filename: rent-invoice-for-tax.docx



Does Microsoft Word have a receipt template? ›

This sales receipt offers formatted fields for taxes, discounts, unit prices, subtotals, and more. A school sports team, band, orchestra, chess club, or theatrical production can use the receipt template in Word after a fundraising event to thank donors and acknowledge their support.

How can I make a homemade receipt? ›

How can I make my own receipt?
  1. The number, date, and time of the purchase.
  2. Invoice number or receipt number.
  3. The number of items purchased and price totals.
  4. The name and location of the business the items have been bought from.
  5. Any tax charged.
  6. The method of payment.
  7. A return policy.
16 Feb 2022

How do I write a receipt for a PDF? ›

What to include in a receipt PDF.
  1. Your name and contact information, so customers can reach you if they need to.
  2. The date of the transaction.
  3. Credit card information or check number.
  4. The quantity of items sold.
  5. A description of the items sold.
  6. Any sales terms and conditions, such as a refund policy or warranty.

Can printers print receipts? ›

Dot-matrix printer

These printers are capable of printing on many pieces of receipt paper at the same time. Dot-matrix receipt printers are commonly used by businesses that require identical copies of receipts.

How do I make a receipt for rent? ›

How to Write a Rent Receipt
  1. The date of the payment.
  2. The rental period the payment is for.
  3. Which rental property the payment is for, if you own multiple.
  4. The tenant's full name.
  5. Who received the payment.
  6. The property address.
  7. The payment amount.
  8. The method of payment.
10 Aug 2021

Is there an app to create a receipt? ›

MakeReceipt generates receipts quickly for anything. MakeReceipt receipt templates are professionally designed to match today's common receipts from around the world. MakeReceipt offers many FREE receipts. We are the #1 free receipt maker app in the world.

How do I print like a receipt? ›

On your Windows computer, set up your printer for a roll of receipt paper:
  1. Open the Start menu.
  2. Select Devices and Printers.
  3. Right-click your printer icon and select Printing Preferences.
  4. Select the Document Settings tab.
  5. Set the Paper Source to Document[Feed,NoCut]
13 Nov 2019

Does Google Docs have a receipt template? ›

FAQs about invoice templates for Google Docs

Google itself does not have an invoice template for Google Docs, but they do have one for Google Sheets. You can access the Google Sheets invoice template in the Google Sheets template gallery.

Can I Print my own official receipt? ›

You need to choose an accredited printer who will print your Official Receipt booklet. You can find a list of BIR Accredited Printer, click here. But, to make the application easier, you may get the official receipt from printer recommended by your BIR RDO in the BIR New Business Registration Counter.

Is a handwritten receipt legal? ›

Most receipts include at least the amount, vendor name, and date, but not all receipts clearly show the nature of the expense. A handwritten note on the receipt is an acceptable method of documenting the purpose of the expense (see example below).

How much does it cost to Print receipts? ›

It costs between five and ten cents on average to print a paper receipt. While that may seem like a negligible expense, it adds up.

What legally needs to be on a receipt? ›

This is the information that should be included on a receipt: Your company's details including name, address, telephone number, and/or e-mail address. The date the transaction took place. List of products/services with a brief description of each along with the quantity delivered.

What kind of printers print receipts? ›

The main options for choosing receipt printers include thermal printers (most common), dot matrix printers, and ink jet printers. matrix printers have tiny pins that are mounted on the print head, which work with an ink ribbon to produce a series of dots that form the letters on the paper.

What type of printers print receipts? ›

Thermal printers (the most common): Receipts are printed by direct contact between the thermal head and thermal paper with the use of heat. Therefore, no ink is required. This type of printer prints quickly and quietly, as well as maintains a high quality of the receipts.

What kind of printer is used to print receipts? ›

Direct thermal printers use chemically-treated paper that darkens when heated by a thermal print head. Direct thermal printers do not use separate ink, toner, or ribbon supplies. Direct thermal printers are most commonly used to print items such as receipts and shipping labels.

Does pages have a receipt template? ›

Get to create professional-looking receipts for your business with the use of our premium receipt templates. These files are ready-made and can be downloaded instantly anytime, anywhere. The template is easy to edit and 100% customizable in all versions of Apple Pages.

Can I make a receipt on Excel? ›

SUMMARY: Using a template: Startup your Microsoft Excel and click on New. Type in “receipt” on the search bar to view the available templates. Click on the receipt template you want to use and select Create.

Does Word have a free invoice template? ›

Microsoft Word also offers a few free templates. You can find them from File > New and then searching/selecting from the available invoice templates.

Can we generate rent receipt online? ›

Rent Receipt Generator is an easy to use online tool that allows you to create receipts for the rent you have paid during the financial year. The receipts generated by this tool are as per the format specified by Income Tax Authorities.

What is a valid rent receipt? ›

A rent receipt is a proof of transaction of rent paid by a tenant to his/her landlord. Rent receipt(document) is provided by the landlord upon receiving the rent from rentee and his signatures are placed on the it. If you have received the rent receipt, you should keep them with the documents you care about.

Do I need to produce rent receipt for every month? ›

Rent receipt for every month is not compulsorily required, the employer may ask for rent receipt of 3 to 4 months.

What is the best free receipt app? ›

The 9 best receipt apps for freelancers and small businesses
  • QuickBooks. ...
  • Expensify. ...
  • FreshBooks. ...
  • Abukai. ...
  • Fyle. ...
  • Dext. ...
  • Wave: Receipt Scanning, Invoicing, and Accounting for Free. Best for: Freelancers and lean businesses with light bookkeeping needs. ...
  • Evernote Receipts. Best for: Visual thinkers who want to generate tax reports.

What is the best app for keeping receipts? ›

What are the best receipt-scanning apps?
  • QuickBooks: For the accounting-savvy business. ...
  • Expensify: For the business traveller. ...
  • Receipt Bank: if you've got lots of receipts. ...
  • The Kodak Alaris: for the high-volume scanner. ...
  • Bench: For hands-off expense tracking and bookkeeping.
20 Apr 2022

Is there a free app to save receipts? ›

Scan receipts, track business and personal expenses, and book travel all in one app. Download Expensify today and join millions of people worldwide managing their spend stress-free. Unlimited receipt scanning: Snap a photo of any receipt and Expensify's SmartScan technology captures the details.

Can you put receipt paper in a regular printer? ›

Using thermal paper in a regular printer is not advisable. Thermal paper is designed to work in thermal printers, which use heat instead of ink. It is also thinner and more slippery. Thus, a regular printer would probably not produce good results.

Can I print a receipt from my phone? ›

Swipe down, then select an individual purchase. Tap View Receipt at the bottom of the purchase details screen. Tap the Printer icon at the top right. Select your connected printer to print the receipt.

How can I get a free printer receipt? ›

To get your hands on a free UPS-approved Zebra thermal printer (don't worry, it'll work with Inventory Lab, AZLabels, ShipStation, EasyShip, Shippo, etc.), you'll need to give UPS a call at 1-800-742-5877 (or 1-800-833-0056 for TTY/TTD support). This process goes faster if you already have a UPS ID (sign up).

Are Google Docs templates free? ›

Thousands of free and premium templates to jump start your project. Download useful templates such as calendars, business cards, letters, cards, brochures, newsletters, resumes, and more. You can use any template you download as-is, or you can customise it to meet your needs.

Where do I find Google Docs Templates? ›

On your computer, go to Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, or Forms. At the top right , click Template Gallery. Click the template you want to use. A copy of the template opens.

How do I Print a Google receipt? ›

Locate the transaction and click its payment link in the Description column. A window opens showing a printable receipt. Print the receipt with your browser's Print command.

Where can I get an official receipt? ›

Head to your BIR branch, which is officially called a Revenue District Office (RDO). You are actually assigned an RDO — it is where you got your Tax Identification Number (TIN), or where you're registered from your last employer.

What type of paper is used for official receipt? ›

Also sometimes called receipt printing paper, thermal paper is a kind of specialty paper that changes color when it's exposed to heat, which means it does not require traditional ink. Thermal paper is manufactured through the application of specially designed heat-sensitive chemical materials to a paper base.

How can you tell a fake official receipt? ›

Some stores use watermarked paper, and a fake receipt will be easy to spot because it doesn't have the watermark, or the pattern looks wrong. It is usually necessary to have a valid receipt for comparison. If receipts are too crisp, this can be another sign of a fake receipt.

How do I save a digital receipt as a PDF? ›

Click the "Print" icon associated with your invoice. When your browser's Print dialog window opens, select your PDF printer from the list of available printers, and click OK/Print. You'll be prompted for a file name and location to save this newly created PDF file under.

What makes a receipt official? ›

Every receipt of payment should have the name of the business that issued it, the date the transaction occurred, the items purchased and the amount that was charged.

What makes a receipt invalid? ›

Understanding Receipt Voiding

A processed or even a posted receipt may become invalid. A cashier could make a mistake when creating a receipt, a student's check could bounce, or an organization could stop payment on a check. In these cases, the Cashiering feature enables you to void a receipt.

Is a picture of a receipt valid? ›

Picture copies are fine (as long as they meet the requirements above), but they don't actually do anything for your business beyond functioning as a record. New business owners still need to copy receipt data into a spreadsheet and add everything up to manage their finances – draining your time almost as much.

Is it cheaper to copy or print? ›

If many copies are to be published, then copiers are usually a cheaper option. However, if only a few pages need to be printed, then printing becomes much cheaper. Another major difference between the printer and the copier is quality.

What is the cheapest way of printing? ›

Here are the best ways to cut the cost of printing:
  • Go to printer ink refill shops. ...
  • Sell old printer cartridges online. ...
  • Buy cheap printer paper in bulk. ...
  • Buy a printer with your housemates to share the costs. ...
  • Make your document smaller. ...
  • Print in draft mode.
28 Mar 2022

Is it cheaper to print at home or at a print shop? ›

Generally, though, when it comes to smaller numbers of standard-sized printing, an office or home printer is usually the cheaper option.

What is acceptable proof of payment? ›

Often needed in tandem with an invoice. The following are acceptable proofs of payment: Credit card sales slip. Monthly credit card statement (when you don't have a receipt and the purchase was made with a personal credit card) Check - photocopy of a cancelled check (front and back)

Is taking someone else's receipt illegal? ›

1952—Act July 1, 1952, made any thefts or receipt of stolen mail a felony regardless of the monetary value of the thing stolen.

Does a receipt need to be signed? ›

Yes, all legal documents must have a signature to be official. It's the only way to prove that both parties understood the invoice and agreed to abide by its terms.

How do I get a Microsoft receipt? ›

In the Microsoft 365 admin center, select Billing in the left navigation pane, and then select the Invoices tab. Select an invoice to view it. If you don't see an invoice, select Filter by: Last 6 months from the drop-down list. To view the invoice details, select Download PDF in the top-right corner of the invoice.

How do I create a receipt for Microsoft Office? ›

Creating Receipt Templates in Excel

Open a new workbook in Excel. Enter your business information including company letterhead on the receipt on the right. On the left side, type Receipt and the receipt number. Input column headers below the business information like Items, Units, Price, Discount, and Total.

How do you get a read receipt on Word? ›

On the File menu, select Options > Mail. Under Tracking, select the Delivery receipt confirming the message was delivered to the recipient's e-mail server or Read receipt confirming the recipient viewed the message check box.

Where can I download Word templates for free? ›

Check out!

What is the best free invoice template? ›

7 Best Free Invoice Generators in 2022
  • Zoho Invoice: Best overall free invoice generator.
  • ZipBooks: Best free invoice generator for occasional invoices.
  • Sunrise: Best free bookkeeping software that includes invoicing.
  • Invoice Generator: Best free invoice generator for sending invoices without setting up an account.
6 Oct 2021

How do I create a free template in Word? ›

Open the Word document that you want to save as a template. On the File menu, click Save as Template. In the Save As box, type the name that you want to use for the new template. (Optional) In the Where box, choose a location where the template will be saved.

How do I print a receipt in Word? ›

Open the Word app installed in your desktop PC, laptop, or android tablet device. Click the New option located in the left sidebar and look for the search bar for online templates. Type Receipt and then tap the Enter button or toggle the search icon.

How do I save a receipt on my computer? ›

You could create a business expense folder, an office supplies folder or an expense receipts folder. Everything can get organized by date, where it was purchased or even the type of item you purchased. Keep the folder names short and sweet to easily navigate around and find what you're looking for when the time comes.

Can I print my own official receipt? ›

You need to choose an accredited printer who will print your Official Receipt booklet. You can find a list of BIR Accredited Printer, click here. But, to make the application easier, you may get the official receipt from printer recommended by your BIR RDO in the BIR New Business Registration Counter.

Can word read me my paper? ›

Listen with Read Aloud

Read Aloud is only available for Office 2019, Office 2021, and Microsoft 365. On the Review tab, select Read Aloud. To play Read Aloud, select Play in in the controls. To pause Read Aloud, select Pause.

Can someone see when I read an email? ›

Often using code in the body of an email, email trackers can determine what time an email was opened, how many times it was opened, what device it was opened on, and sometimes, where you were when you opened it. In other words, email trackers can reveal a lot of information — and they're becoming more common.

Can I get a read receipt for a text? ›

On an Android

Depending on your phone model, operating system, and cellular provider, you will notice one of the following: Read Receipts, Send Read Receipts, or Request Receipt. Turn on the applicable option. On a Samsung phone, go to Messages > Menu > Settings > Chat settings. Here, you can enable read receipts.


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