Golf Cart Salvage Yards Near Me [Locator Map + Guide + FAQ] (2023)

Golf cart salvage yards are the place to go for cheap golf cart salvage parts. These specialized salvos buy junked golf carts and sell the functioning parts back into service. Many of these junkyards let you come and pick used golf cart parts right off the vehicles. Other places pull the parts for you and sell them as used online. In this article I will discuss my experience with the golf cart salvage yards near me and share tips on buying salvage golf cart parts.

Map of Golf Cart Salvage Yards Near Me

For “Golf Cart Salvage Yards Near Me” or “Golf Cart Salvage Parts Near Me”, see the map below…

Since few junkyards deal specifically in golf carts, you may see limited results. You can also check online for golf cart salvage parts. Many of the golf cart junkyards near me also sell their parts on their websites as well as Ebay and Craigslist.

How The Golf Cart Salvage Yards Near Me Operate

A golf cart junkyard is a locally run business that buys junked golf carts and then sells them for replacement parts. You can find all the popular brands such as Polaris, E-Z-Go, Club Car, Yamaha, and Garia. These places offer the parts at discounts and may even be interested in purchasing your junked cart. It works just like your local auto junker.

How do Golf Carts End Up in the Junkyard

Golf carts end up at the junkyard in one of four ways: private owners, rental companies, golf courses, and/or auctions. The salvage will work through various channels to build their inventory. An example is when a rental company or golf course has a cart that is beyond repair they may sell it to a salvage. Sometimes they will enter the lot via auction, where the salvo bid on a group of carts they are looking to sell for used parts.

What types of Golf Carts Will I Find at a Junkyard

You will see various brands and models from an array of different years. You will certainly see the most popular models like Polaris, E-Z-Go, Club Car, Yamaha, and Garia. Some of the earlier brands like Marketeer, Cushman, and Lektro are unicorns. Since golf carts date back to the 1930’s you can find some really old models. Likely you won’t find anything that old, but my point is they have been around awhile. At the golf cart salvage yards near me, I once saw a 1960’s Harley Davidson.

How the Golf Cart Salvage Yards Near Me Are Arranged

Most golf cart junkyards are arranged in rows. The ones near me don’t have much organization. Ideally it would be nice to have an EZ-Go section, but’s not common to find. Instead you sort of have a loose semblance of carts in the lot sort of arranged by older and newer models.

Finding the golf cart salvage parts you need can be challenging if the yard isn’t organized. If the yard near you isn’t well managed, you should just ask for help. the staff who work at these places, generally know whats in stock, where it is on the lot, and what condition it is in. The better managed the yard, the easier it will be for you get the replacement parts you need.

Some junkyards keep an online database of their used golf cart parts inventory. The place I get salvage golf cart parts near me has an online database of all the carts on the lot. I can check first or call before I head down there and pull a part. Also I can ask them to pull it for me and then have it shipped. The downside here of course though is that I have to pay for shipping in addition to the parts I need.

If the golf cart salvage doesn’t have parts online, just call. You can ask questions like “do you have a parking brake for an 1995 E-Z-Go”?

Golf Cart Salvage Yards Near Me [Locator Map + Guide + FAQ] (1)

How Does The Golf Cart Salvage Near Me Manage Inventory

When a golf cart arrives at the golf cart salvage near me it needs to be processed by a mechanic. It will have some basic prep work done, which may vary depending on the type of cart it is. If it is gas powered then fluids needs to be drained and recycled according to environmental standards. If it is electric, they battery will get pulled and either recharged for resale or properly disposed off. Some old batteries still have lead in them that needs to handled appropriately.

Some yards will remove the engine to be rebuilt and resold. They may even pull certain valuable parts that will degrade when the kart sits outside. This allows them to ensure they get the most profit from the junked cart. Once everything is prepped, it heads to the lot to be scavenged for parts.

This is when people come and pull salvage parts or order them online. Once all the valuable parts are out of it, what remains will get sold off for scrap metal. That’s how the golf cart salvage near me works and most yards are pretty similar.

Watch What Happens When Golf Carts Get Scrapped…

In the video below, this guy gets called to pick up a bunch of junk golf carts from a business. With the major components removed, he starts crushing them. Heart breaking so many other pieces could have been saved.

Golf Cart Salvage Parts Pros and Cons

The Benefits Used Golf Cart Parts

Getting parts used is the best way to save money. Even a salvage golf cart may still have value in it and parts that are in working condition. I have actually pulled brand new parts from places that sell salvage golf cart parts near me. There are times owner will throw new manufacturer or after market parts at a cart to try and fix it. When they can’t fix the problem, they give up and junk it, with the brand new pieces still attached.

Some places will offer a purchasable 30 day warranty on any parts you buy. This will usually cost you about $8 – $12 per piece. They won’t give you cash back, but you can get credit or an exchange. I recommend considering a warranty for parts that you feel are expensive or are more complicated like a motor.

Also you can get manufacturer assembled pieces. This is much better then buying after market parts.

The Drawbacks of Cheap Golf Cart Parts

Quality of the parts is always the kicker. Golf carts are made to do work, carry weight, and drive on terrain, these golf carts likely have lived a pretty full life. You have no idea what kind of stress this battery or motor has been under. Even a good inspection and test of golf cart salvage parts may not tell you how long it will last.

Golf Cart Salvage Yards Near Me Conclusion

There aren’t many places that have salvage golf cart parts near me, but the few I have are a life saver in a pinch. This is especially true if you have an older golf cart or you are trying to a restoration of a vintage one. As an alternative you can check ATV and UTV yards as I have seen them there, but it’s not the ideal place to find the exact part and model you need. This is what I have learned from the golf cart salvage yards near me.

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