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Natalie C.

they were not able to install the lighing I needed

Description of Work
install lighting

Category remodeling



adam C.

Description of Work
The floor material was defective

Category garage doors, appliance sales, home remodeling



Wanda C.

I have had nothing but good things to say about home depot thus far. My original review was in the wrong place, to see it see Lowes.

Description of Work
Put review in wrong section. Home Depot is excellent.

Category flooring contractor, appliance sales, home improvement stores


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Description of Work

Category home remodeling



Michael S.

The person in the lighting department was very helpful and found what I was looking for

Description of Work
Need specific light bulbs

Category appliance sales



Carol S.

We went to purcahse the garage doors from Home Depot, and they assigned us a project manager, Bill Mattina. I want to specifically thank Bill for coming to the house, taking measurements, and taking the time to sit down with us to plan everything out, and helping us by negotiating the price down, because we are active Home Depot customers. I also liked the process they have. They send update emails as to what the next step is, so you know what is happening along the way.

Description of Work
I purchased garage doors from them.

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Category garage doors



William P.

It took place in February. The approximate cost was about twenty five hundred dollars. They were great. They came in and asked us to clarify where everything was supposed to go. They did a really good job.

Description of Work
Home Depot came out and installed some carpets in my home.

Category carpet installation


I chose carpet at the Home Depot store. The salesman was very knowledgable, wrote up my order and scheduled someone to come a week later to measure for the carpet. I was told they would call between 8 and 9 AM to give me a two hour window for their arrival. At 9:30 I called Home Depot at the number provided to inquire about the time they would arrive. I wasn't on their list for the day's work. I then called the Home Depot store and spoke with a manager who then contacted the measurement dept. and arranged for someone to come to measure that day. Two days later I was called with a price and an email was forwarded to me with the same information. The next day I took the printout of the estimate and went to Home Depot to pay for the carpet and arrange installation. Guess what? They couldn't find me in their computer system, even with the print out of their estimate. The woman working at the service counter called three times to get someone from carpet to see if they could help. No one came. After almost thirty minutes waiting I left the printout with my telephone number and asked that someone call me when they found a way for me to pay for my carpeting. That evening I received a call from Home Depot assuring me that I could come in at any time to pay for my carpet. The problem seemed to be that the measurement dept. typed in my phone number incorrectly and, since they searched by telephone number, they couldn't find my order. The next day I went to the service counter to again try to pay for my carpet. The saleswoman found my order but since I was trying to pay with gift cards she had to find help to process the payment. After finally paying for my order, I was informed it would take 7 - 10 days for the carpet to arrive then the installers would call to schedule installation. A week later I received a call to schedule installation. The earliest they could come was two weeks away - two weeks! The only happy experience here was that the installers were WONDERFUL! They came on time. They were neat and professional. They were also subcontractors. Home Depot should take lessons. I ordered my carpet on March 8th. It was installed on April 7th and came with more aggrevation than I ever wish to experience again. If you have all the time in the world and administrative incompetence doesn't drive you crazy, call Home Depot for carpet.

Description of Work
Provide and install carpeting

Category carpet installation



Kevin J. L.

The company Home Depot subcontracted to sent an installer to install a bathroom floor in an apartment. He could not turn off the water flowing to the toilet using the shut off valve - apparently defective. That did not stop him from pulling up the toilet and letting water flow everywhere. Had to hire a plumber to come on an emergency basis - thank goodness for Angie's list - to repair the damage. $1,500.00 later the damage was repaired and the floor installed. I made a claim to Home Depot. "It was the installer's problem." The installer, located in another state said it wasn't his fault and wouldn't admit that pulling the toilet without having the water turned off wasn't good procedure. Resolution? I paid.

Description of Work
Installed a linoleum floor in bathroom of rental unit.

Category flooring contractor


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I liked everything about them, their service, their reliability, efficiency, well done.

Description of Work
We used Home Depot. We used them; I think it was in March or something. They've put a generator.

Category appliance sales



Roger W.

The manager said they do not offer extended warranties. I said you are just like Lowe's. He said it is the company policy. He said his representatives would tell the consumer that there are not extended warranties. Then I said I was going to come back and pretend I was going to buy a tractor. Then he changed his mind and told the truth. This policy is taking advantage of consumers.

Description of Work
I went down one day and spoke to the manager about their warranties on tractors.

Category appliance sales



Zilla S.

I go there often and they are very service oriented, will assist you and give you some guidance on some of the things you want to accomplish and the workers appear to be knowledgeable. I was very happy with the blinds that I got from them. Their price is fair and I never had any problems with the things I bought. They were punctual, they were on time and profession. I was very pleased with them.

Description of Work
I bought an ice melt from Home Depot Inc. I also got customized blinds from them.

Category mulch, home improvement stores



Chris W.

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I purchased a washer and dryer from Home Depot. The price was very good. The delivery guys were great. They delivered and installed the washer and dryer. The sales member was great at working with us through the process.

Description of Work
I purchased large appliances from Home Depot.

Category appliance sales



Pamela D.

We were well pleased with the assistance we received from store personnel with respect to selecting the materials for the project. Ordering and delivery of the material was done through our contractor, Gilroy Northeast, Inc. (see separate review/s). The one negative was the poor service provided by Eastern Surfaces (see separate review) when it came to setting a date for them to come and make the template for the countertop. Eastern Surfaces is Home Depot's manufacturer/provider of the Silestone countertop we chose for the kitchen. They put us off for weeks with respect to the appointment to make the template, thus extending the overall time necessary for the remodeling. The sink couldn't be installed, nor the wall tiles be set, since these were dependent upon the countertop installation. To add insult to injury, the person who came to make the countertop template was incredibly curt and rude. I only wish that I'd listened to the alarm bells that were set off because of this. Here comes the important part of this review: Some 2+ years later, we discovered that there was a leak under the sink, which caused terrible damage to our existing kitchen floor. Because the leak was due, in part, to a hairline crack in the sink, which was almost invisible to the naked eye, our contractor, Gilroy Northeast, galvanized everyone who had been involved in the kitchen remodeling, including Home Depot. Home Depot, in the person of Butch Burke (the local Contract Services Supervisor) responded in a professional and caring manner. I am pleased to report that Home Depot did the right thing, providing us with assistance in what is going to be necessary to repair the damage done. In an era when customer service is almost a thing of the past, Home Depot is to be commended for their response and their actions in helping to resolve a difficult and upsetting issue.

Description of Work
Supplier of all materials for kitchen remodeling (special order sink + hardware, special order tile, special order countertop, sheetrock, window, lighting).

Category flooring contractor, home improvement stores



Lydia G.

It went well and I have no complaints. I would recommend them.

Description of Work
Home Depot put down carpeting in our basement.

Category carpet installation



Ronald E.

Apparentley what I wanted wasn't communicated. I was to have a new construction window put in. they put in a replacement window. The window was about an inch away from the face of the wall. looked terrible. They came back out and built it out so it was even with the wall. The capping is uneven, the cuts are uneven. you can see all nails. overall terrible job, would not recommend Home Depot. Used Appleby systems for other windows along back of the house. Major difference in quality, price as well. You get what you pay for in most cases. Will use Applebys again.

Description of Work
Salesman sold me what I wanted. Did not get what I was sold or wanted.


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