Lake Lewisville Family Getaway - Hickory Creek (2023)

Conveniently located within 1 hour from almost anywhere in DFW, this clean and inviting 3500 sq ft custom lakeside home is the perfect location for a fun and relaxing getaway! Be one with nature on this heavily wooded, 1-acre lot, nestled away in a quiet neighborhood. Float, kayak, paddle board or fish to your heart's content. Play games, watch your favorite sports team, or work out in the bonus room. Gather everyone for a movie night in the theater room. Lots of fun awaits the whole family!No parties, no noise please. Please submit first name, last name, age, and e-mail address for each guest upon booking. Every guest will be required to sign an electronic waiver prior to check-in or entrance to property will not be permitted due to insurance requirements. $500 refundable damage deposit required prior to check-in.

Don’t forget to bring: sunblock, bug spray, water shoes, and swimsuits

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From about May 1 to October 1, the lake temperatures invite you in to float, fish, kayak, or paddle board (lake toys available for guest use). Just take the less than 1 minute stroll from the backyard to private lake access. Hot tub is also available for your relaxation.

Discover the ping-pong, air hockey, or foosball champion in your group; or, cheer for your favorite sports team in the bonus room. Gather everyone together for a fun board game or pop some popcorn and watch your favorite movie in the theater room. Living room, bonus room, and media room all have 4K TVs. Got young kids? let them entertain themselves for hours in their own movie/play room.

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Outdoor shower is available for rinsing off before hot tub use and after lake use.

All mattresses and pillows are kept clean with mattress and pillow protectors, respectively. Washer and dryer are available in the laundry room.

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Got young children? No need to worry. We have several items available to make your stay easier. Available items include but are not limited to: pack-n-play, baby gate, booster seats, sippy cups, kids’ cups/bowls/plates/utensils, and much more. Please check with the host to confirm the items you will be needing.

House rules:
-House rules subject to change. Guests are required to abide by rules in the guidebook as well
-Must be at least 25 years old to book the property at 234 S. Hook St., Hickory Creek, TX, 75065
-First name, last name, and age of all guests must be submitted upon booking or within 6 hours of booking or reservation will be cancelled and refund may not be offered.
-Rental agreement and waiver must be signed by each guest within 48 hours of booking or reservation will be cancelled and refund may not be offered.
-Only guests with signed waivers are allowed on the Property.
-Guests are required to pay a $500 refundable deposit prior to check-in or the booking will be cancelled without refund. The funds will be requested through booking platform or can be submitted through Venmo, Zelle, or PayPal. If the house rules are not broken and there is no damage to the Property or its contents, the money will be refunded after check-out.
-Bookings longer than 10 nights will require additional cleaning fees and security deposit.
-Stays of 14 days or longer will require mandatory regular cleanings every two weeks at a charge to the guest of $150 per clean. If cleaning is declined, guest will still be charged $150 every 14 days and the deposit may not be returned.
-If additional repair, replacement of property, cleaning or services are required after your departure, the cost of materials and services as well as lost income due to cancelled reservations will be charged to you.
-There is an additional charge of $25 per person per night for guest count greater than 10. This will automatically be reflected in the booking when the number of guests is entered.
-Any breaking of house rules may result in partial or complete forfeiture of the deposit and additional charges.
-Abide by all local, state, and federal laws.
-No pets unless given written permission by Austin Hannah Rentals
-No events or parties
-Quiet hours are from 9 pm to 8 am
-No yelling, loud music, or noises that can be heard at the property line at any time of day or your deposit will be forfeited and additional fines may be charged.
-Music level no louder than an iPhone speaker is allowed during non-quiet hour times.
-No parking on public streets. There should be plenty of driveway space parking.
-Do not open hot tub control panel.
-No glass or breakables outside.
-Do not enter or remove any items from staging areas.
-Do not move furniture
-No shoes inside the house.
-Please keep house doors closed as much as possible to prevent insects from entering.
-If wet or dirty, enter the home through the laundry room entrance
-Please use black towels only for removing makeup. You may use the provided makeup remover wipes as well.
-No fires except for in the backyard fire pit (no taller or wider than 3 ft).
-No guns, knives, or weapons of any kind allowed on the Property except for the kitchen knives already on the Property.
-No food or drinks other than water in bedrooms.
-No food or drink other than popcorn and water in media rooms.
-Do not flush anything but human waste and toilet paper. The septic system is sensitive and we don't want you to have to deal with a clogged septic system!
-No smoking inside the home or fines will be charged. Properly dispose of all cigarette butts.
-Do not drag or push kayaks, paddle boards, lily pads, boats, or any other lake toys on the ground.
-Please take a shower and rinse off any dirt, lotion, makeup, etc. before entering hot tub. This helps keep the water clean during your stay and for future guests.
-Clean up ashes in fire pit area (but do not put hot ashes in the trash!)
-Clean grill after use
-Rinse off lake toys and put them back in shed as pictured in the listing photos prior to departure.
-Keep board game pieces organized in the correct boxes.
-Put all kids toys back as they appear in the listing photos
-Run dishwasher and clean all dishes at the end of your stay
-Place all trash and recyclables in the respective bins outside.
-Please move the trash and recycle bins to the edge of the street near the mailbox on Wednesday night and bring the trash cans back to the rocky area on the north side of the property by the front driveway on Thursday night.
-Notify hosts of broken, damaged, or stained items immediately.
-Any damaged and/or missing items, furniture, electronics, etc. will be deducted from your deposit and an additional penalty may be charged.
-Remove all USED sheets, pillowcases, duvet covers, and towels (but not pillow protectors or mattress protectors) and place in laundry room at the end of your stay.
-Please leave the linens on any beds that are unused and clean.
-Start a load of WHITE towels on quick wash cycle with hot water at the end of your stay. Pour a half cup of detergent and a half cup of bleach in the designated locations.
-Leave the home in the same good condition it was in when you arrived.

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Additional fines:
Hot tub drain/clean: $200
Neighbor noise complaint: $200
Police show up: $500
Smoking in house/odor clean: $1200
Third party booking (illegal): $1000
Unregistered guest fee: $100 per guest per day + cancellation of booking without refund
Unplugging electronic devices: $500 + cancellation of booking without refund

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