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Whether you have a pet or not, we will not know unless you tell us. Even if you do not have a pet or animal, every tenant must fill out a pet/animal application. There is an option on the application to select that you don’t have any pets or animals. Still, we must have this application filled out by EVERYONE to have your statement on the record regarding whether you do or do not have pets or animals.

Please follow this link to the animal application:

Pet Fees

If you have a pet, you will be required to pay a $30.00 Pet Administrative Fee per pet upon move-in. This is a one-time fee. In addition to this fee, you will also have a monthly pet rent per pet. The amount of the pet rent is determined based on the “Paw Score” that assigns to your pet. This score is determined using a proprietary formula that considers pet age, weight, vaccination records, etc. The following table is used to establish pet rent:

Paw Number

Amount Per Month











The more information provide the higher the “Paw Score” will be

Please note that in the State of Nevada, landlord insurance companies can restrict coverage for animals with an aggressive past or bite history. In this is the case with your pet, assume your application to rent will be denied without explicit approval in advance from the property owner or their insurance company. In some situations, we may have the option to allow you to provide pet liability insurance covering the specific dog and naming both our brokerage and the property owner as additional insured on the policy with at least $250,000 in additional liability coverage.

Resident Benefits Package

The Pure Property Management of Nevada Resident Benefits Package (RBP) delivers savings and convenient, professional services that make taking care of your home second nature. By applying, Applicant agrees to be enrolled and to pay the applicable cost of $39.00/month, payable with rent ($24.00 per month if you find, purchase, and maintain another renters insurance policy that satisfies the Landlord’s requirements).

Your RBP may include, subject to property mechanicals or other limitations:

• Renters Insurance from an A-rated carrier, including $100,000 in liability coverage, $10,000 in your personal contents, and other coverages.
(You may choose to use another carrier that meets the minimum requirements listed in the insurance section within the Resident Selection Criteria link below)
• Resident Rewards program accessed through an app as a Thank You for being one of our Pure Property residents
• $1 million in identity protection
• Online Resident Portals for making payments, reporting repairs, etc.
• The ability to pay rent at over 250 locations across Southern Nevada and tens of thousands of locations across the world
• HVAC filter delivery every 90 days
• 24/7/365 maintenance & repair hotline
• Vetted Vendors: licensed and insured professionals to service your home
• Free recurring ACH e-payments
• Credit building: includes positive credit reporting for on-time rental payments

Convenience Fees

Pure Property Management of Nevada (PPMNV)encourages all tenants to pay their monthly rent using automatic bank account debits through the online Resident Portal. This payment method is free of charge. Other forms of payment carry convenience fees of varying amounts between $3.99 and $31+. These fees are to reimburse PPMNV for costs that payment processors charge, as well as our internal costs for additional work involved with payments that are not automatic.


City of Las Vegas or Unincorporated Clark County
Tenant pays directTenant pays directTenant pays direct$25 per month$16 per month
City of North Las Vegas
Tenant pays directTenant pays directTenant pays directTenant pays directTenant pays direct
City of Henderson Las Vegas
Tenant pays directTenant pays directTenant pays directTenant pays directTenant pays PPMNV

• Condominiums: Sewer: $10/month; Trash: $10/month; Water: $10/month.
• Houses with Septic Tanks: If the house you’re renting has a septic tank instead of public sewer, there will be a $15/month charge for Septic Rent.

Move-In Funds

Prior to moving in, you will be required to pay all amounts due using certified funds. This can be done by paying with cash using our PaySlip system that allows you to pay cash at participating CVS Pharmacy or 7-Eleven locations or by wiring funds to our bank account. If moving falls on a day other than the first of a month, you will have pro-rated rent to pay, in addition to your other fees. Please note that when moving in on or after the 20th or later of the month, you will need to pay not only the current month’s rent and fees but also the following month’s rent and fees since it is so close to the new month. Also, please note that while the rent is pro-rated for partial months, the monthly fees are not. A $100 Account Setup fee and a $50 Lease signing fee are to be collected with Move-In funds.

Fair Housing

As a company, we are committed to federal fair housing laws, and we welcome people of all races, colors, sexes, genders, religions, handicaps, familial statuses, national origins, and sexual orientations. In short, we do not discriminate, and we are proud of our company’s commitment to this principle.

Frequently Asked Questions:


  • Current Government issued ID,
  • 2 most recent pay stubs (or 2 years of tax returns if self-employed) showing all applicants’ combined net/received monthly income totals at least 2.5x/monthly rent,
  • Landlord contact info for last 3 years.
  • All adults aged 18+ must apply & pay a $65 app fee.
  • You will need to provide references for your last three landlords (note: per FACTA Identity Theft regulations, we report false landlord references to credit bureaus and local law authorities)
  • If you have pets, a digital photo of you with your pet(s) must be submitted. You may send photos to or upload them during your application


  • Eviction in the last 5 years.
  • Unpaid balances to other landlords/property managers
  • Credit scores below 650
  • Unsatisfactory reference
  • Non-discharged bankruptcy
  • Unqualified occupant/co-applicant
  • Pets and vehicles types
  • Felony conviction for illegal manufacturing, or distribution of controlled substance in last 7 years
  • Felony conviction resulting in bodily harm or intentional damage or destruction such as arson within last 7 years
  • Felony conviction for sexual related offenses for any time period.


Applicants with good credit/income/references will be approved at the security deposit amount published in the listing. Those with less than perfect credit can be approved at a higher deposit of up to three times the rent.

Those with less than excellent credit will also have to pay a Credit Contingency Admin Fee. Based on many years of experience, we have determined that those tenants with less than excellent credit are far more likely to pay their rent late or otherwise default on their lease obligations. This increases our workload, as we must spend time trying to collect the money from the tenant, and also increases our risk, as it costs us money when rent isn’t being paid or when tenants have to be evicted. The Credit Contingency Admin Fee helps to offset our costs in this regard. The following scoring model based upon credit score that determines your Credit Contingency Fee:

Credit Score Contingency Fee
685+ : $0.00
640-684: $20.00/Mo
600-639: $30.00/Mo
580-600: $40.00/Mo
579 & below declined

If there is more than one person on your lease, then the average credit score, rounded to the nearest whole number, will be used for the above scoring model. If an applicant’s credit check returns with no credit score, then a default score of 600 will be used for the purposes of determining the Credit Contingency Fee.


We will process all applications received and approve or decline them. Should we receive more than one application before the first application is approved or declined, we will compare them to each other and select the best qualified or lowest risk for the property owner. That applicant will have 24 hours to bring in a $1000 holding deposit, or we will move on to the next applicant.


NO -In order to evaluate the various applications, we must expend time and purchase credit reports and criminal reports and have another administrative cost. Therefore our application fee is NON-refundable. If your application is approvable, but you’re not selected for the property for which you are applied, or if another approved application pays the security deposit first, then you can use your application to apply for another property that we have available without paying another application fee for up to 90 days. Under no circumstances will the application fee be refunded.

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