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How Do Taxes Affect Interstate Migration?

Ige Signs Abortion Secrecy Executive Order

Why I Left Hawaii

The Miske Files: Accused Murderer, Crime Boss And … Used Car Dealer?

CB: … Former Honolulu business owner and alleged racketeering kingpin, Michael J. Miske Jr., owned a company that bought hundreds of cars at a wholesale dealers-only auction over a period of several years, allegedly using threats and intimidation to discourage rival bidders and buy cars at rock-bottom prices.

The company, Hawaii Partners LLC, was licensed as a used car dealer and registered to do business at the same Queen Street address in Kakaako that served as headquarters for Kamaaina Termite and Pest Control Inc., perhaps the largest and best known of Hawaii termite treatment firms, and the most widely recognized of Miske’s many businesses….

Hawaii Partners and its motor vehicle dealer’s license, operating from the same location, was also part of the enterprise, prosecutors allege. The cars purchased at auction were allegedly used in several different ways, providing a source of income, a means of laundering drug money, and a way to reward criminal associates….

Miske registered Hawaii Partners in 2011, with partners Jason Yokoyama and Richard Aqui, state business registration records show….

A month later, Yokoyama registered Leverage Inc., which opened the M Nightclub in downtown Honolulu’s Waterfront Plaza in 2012. Yokoyama held 70% of the authorized 100 shares of Leverage Inc. stock, while Miske held 20%, and Aqui held 10%, according to Honolulu Liquor Commission records.

Miske had reason to conceal his control of M Nightclub. State law prohibits the granting of a liquor license to any corporation in which a convicted felon owns more than 25% of the shares. Miske had been convicted of six felonies in the mid-1990s when he was 21 years old, and his control of the company should have disqualified it from obtaining a license.

Later, after learning he was the target of a federal investigation, Miske increased attempts to hide his ownership and control of other businesses by removing his name from their list of officers or members required to be filed annually with the state’s business registration division, prosecutors allege….

Once Hawaii Partners received its motor vehicle dealer license, Miske became a regular at Mannheim Hawaii’s dealer-only auctions in Mapunapuna, according to another dealer who frequented the auctions. He asked not to be identified because he had previously been directly threatened by Miske.

Miske did all the buying, according to this source, but was often accompanied by Kimoto, Yokoyama or Miske’s half-brother, John Stancil.

(Video) Start Here Podcast - October 12, 2022 | ABC News

“He bought a lot of junk cars, cheap,” this dealer said….

Many of the cars were allegedly given to members or associates of the Miske organization, and then sold for cash in private transactions, with Miske getting a cut of the proceeds.,,,

“If they’re selling as a private party, after you buy the car, they’re gone. You cannot go back and say you sold me a lemon, like if you bought from a dealer,” this source said. And if a buyer did complain, a couple of threats were usually enough to silence them….

ILind: Another look at Miske’s used car dealership

read … The Miske Files: Accused Murderer, Crime Boss And … Used Car Dealer?

Money News: CNHA Tourism Bid Just Extends the Status Quo

SA Editorial: … It was hardly the breakthrough it pretended to be, though last week’s statement updating a controversial Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA) contract tried mightily to spin things forward.

The disappointing bottom line: Instead of a highly touted change of direction for Hawaii into “regenerative tourism,” HTA has essentially extended the status quo….

With HVCB’s current contract extension running through March, the next governor and his DBEDT director must ensure that the next request for proposals for this contract, or contracts, is clear and above reproach….

come March, with the 2023 Legislature in full swing, the spotlight will be even hotter on what this disputed HVCB-CNHA contract bought, what it yielded for Hawaii and if it gives lawmakers confidence for HTA’s overall funding….

REALITY: Dirty OHA Contract is Model for CNHA Takeover of Tourism Marketing

read … Money News

Hawaii health officials report 1,047 new COVID-19 infections, 5 coronavirus-related deaths

SA: … The Hawaii Department of Health today reported 1,047 new COVID-19 infections over the past week, bringing the total number of cases since the start of the pandemic to 358,279.

Health officials also reported five more deaths, all aged 60 and older, bringing the state’s coronavirus-related death toll since the start of the pandemic to 1,699.

(Video) News 6 evening weather forecast for October 12, 2022

The state’s seven-day average of new cases declined to 145 compared with 166 reported on Oct. 5….

Actual numbers are estimated to be higher since these figures do not include unreported home test kit results….

L360: Hawaii Theater Survives Bid To Dismiss Virus Coverage Suit

read … Hawaii health officials report 1,047 new COVID-19 infections, 5 coronavirus-related deaths

Maui Beaches to be restricted to ‘locals-only’ -- What could possibly go wrong?

HNN: … Starting as early as spring, visitors will have to pay to park at Ulua Beach and the Kamaole Beach Parks in South Maui.

Residents with a valid Hawaii State Driver’s License who register with the Maui Resident Program will have free parking there at all times. In addition, only residents will be allowed to park there from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.

“One of the survey questions that we had during the community meetings was whether or not state zip codes should be eligible, or whether or not only County of Maui zip codes should be eligible,” said Park Maui consultant Julie Dixon.

Dixon said that is one of the details that still needs to be decided in the new PARK MAUI program….

(‘Locals-only’ beaches: What could possibly go wrong? LOL!)

read … Maui residents excited about ‘locals-only hours’ to begin at certain beach parks

EIS for aquarium fish collecting approved

HTH: … The agency charged with protecting the state’s natural resources has approved an environmental impact statement allowing the harvesting of tropical fish for the aquarium industry despite ongoing litigation over the issue.

At the request of Suzanne Case, chairwoman of the Board of Land and Natural Resources, the state published the final EIS in the Oct. 8 issue of The Environmental Notice, stating that the EIS is deemed statutorily approved because the Land Board, as the approving agency, did not make a determination within the 30 days allotted by law….

read … EIS for aquarium fish collecting approved

(Video) Board of Equalization Hearing October 12, 2022

Election News:



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