Pokémon Go Servers Down & Login Issues: What's Happening (2023)

Pokémon Go Servers Down & Login Issues: What's Happening (1)

November 28, 2019: Intermittent freezes make for a sad Thanksgiving for some

So many holiday revelers are taking their day off to catch 'em all that it looks like the servers are currently taking a pounding. So, if things are slow, if text or objects aren't rendering, or if anything else is not working the way it should, just keep on keeping on and hopefully Niantic will have it all fixed up asap.

Pokémon GO servers are down.#PokemonGOPokémon GO servers are down.#PokemonGO— Kelven (@Kelven91) November 28, 2019November 28, 2019

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Ugh, Pokémon Go is down again —What should you do?

Don't delete the Pokémon Go app and re-download thinking it will get you back playing faster. All it will do is force you to enter your account name and password over and over again until the servers are back online, making it harder for you to check and see if it's working. Just be patient, wait, and try again every so often.

Why are the Pokémon Go servers down again and why can't I log in?

There are many things that can cause issues with the Pokémon Go servers. Here are a few:

  • Pokemon Trainer Club (PTC) authentication failure: If you use a PTC account to sign into Pokémon Go, you're at the mercy of Nintendo's PTC system which seems to go down far more often than the Google account sign in or new Facebook account sign in.
  • Too many people trying to log in: Scale is hard. Especially Pokémon Go scale. When a new feature is launched or new event kicks off, a ton of people jump back in to play, it spikes demand on the servers, and sometimes they can't meet it. When that happens, it crashes or blocks connections and then we start to suffer.

Can't Niantic fix Pokémon Go server and login issues?

Sounds like they keep trying but new and unusual problems keep coming up. Hopefully, they'll get a handle on it sooner rather than later.

Any Pokémon Go server failure or login problem questions?

Drop them in the comments below!

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Pokémon Go Servers Down & Login Issues: What's Happening (2)

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Pokémon Go Servers Down & Login Issues: What's Happening (3)

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  • Don't panic people. You'll live. It's not the end of the world, is it?

  • Maybe it's specifically an iPhone issue cause all my friends have iPhones and none of us are able to get on Pokemon Go right now... don't got any android devices to test though.Sent from the iMore App

  • I have a android phone it's not working either. I think it's random.

  • You're right about the random part, that's what server issues mean. Keyword here being servers, not devices. I would probably expect it to be down for a good portion of the day to those who are still getting **** blocked with the login thing.I was able to login on my phone, then I tried my tablet, wasn't able to do it on the asus tablet. So I tried the phone again, couldn't re-log in.

  • Oh ok

  • Nope on Android as well....

  • True about the androI'd thing. My cousins iphone works well but in my sister iphone it stopped(both same model). Must be totally random. I hope it starts up soon. It was so not fun when I was trying to hatch my eggs

  • No I have a zte lever which is android based it is not working either

  • It's working on Moto G but it's so slow. I walked about 200m and I stopped walking. it took the screen about a minute to update my exact location. Also it took almost a minute to update after I caught a Pokemon. Basically, it wasn't fun playing the game.

  • Same no go on s7

  • No worries. You can anytime give me your 6s to me :D .. & take my Honor 7 with you.

  • Fuuuu...I didn't even consider that...it's even worse than I thought...

  • It's end of timeSent from the iMore App

  • Day #2 and I'm logged in with an iphone. Wasn't easy, must have tried a dozen times.

  • Unable to log in.... Looks like I'm going to have to dust off the ole game boy and play some classic red!Sent from the iMore App

  • If you have a 3dS or Wii U blue, red and yellow are on discount these two weeks

  • I cant make it work as well. im using a Samsung S5

  • does it also tell you "failed to log in"

  • It is finally letting me on!
    still a bit glitchy but it has let me on. :D

  • Mine wont still ill try one more time on my laggy phone and then try my mums ipad as your account is linked to Google account which is good for swapping devices.

  • It's back up now!Sent from the iMore App

  • It's still not working for me, when I try to log in it says "Unable to authenticate. Please try again later"

  • Still not working for me. Anybody got an ETA?

  • Hopefully they also take the time to fix the Footprint glitch... Everyone I met yesterday hasn't been able to get the footprints to change accurately when the Pokemon is closer... it's been very hard to track them because of it.Sent from the iMore App

  • What were they thinking launching into 26 more countries today when they were barely able to keep up with the ones they were already in?

  • Same. I guess it's still broken.

  • It's still not working right? IDK If my phone is broken.

  • Your phone is not broken their server is down. I just now tried to login again and it says I need to authenticate my account. When I clicked okay it said that my account cannot be authenticated and to try later. I'm bummed I do most my game during the evening when it's cooler to walk around.

  • I just bought a Samsung Galaxy core prime today just so I could start this game..... Not an expensive phone but, this sucks lol. Not working at all, I get the gps not found red banner and it won't even log in... Bummed out! USA Florida. Anyone else have the same phone and used it for this game?

  • I have a galaxy amp prime and it worked wonderful all week until this weekend. We are all having issues. No worries, should be ok soon hopefully :)

  • If you logon to 'Pokemon go' with a Google account you Can plat the game but with Pokemon account there servers are buggin

  • How do you sign in with Google?

  • I hate Pokémon GOSent from the iMore App

  • Why?

  • android,go into location in settings turn it off then go to location history turn it off make sure you are connected to wifi then open the app youll be in the middle of the ocean then turn the things you turned off happy hunting

  • This didn't work.

  • I just got Pokemon go to play on the road but since I can't even register I can't play it :( I hope it goes back on before I leave!

  • Is it back already?

  • It's back as of July 19th for some reason today July 20th it suddenly won't take my username and password so I think it's down again!

  • When we get the game in India ?Sent from the iMore App

  • Hopefully not until the servers are stabilized in the places it has already released.

  • Adding millions of new users is unlikely to improve the problem of the game not working because the servers are overloaded.You're really not missing much, because the game is not working as long as the servers are down, and even when they're up sporadically lots of people can't log in and play.

  • My iPad isn't working either. It's a server issue. I've been trying it with my sister for the past hour and it hasn't worked yet. Idk I hope it works soon!!!

  • If you're able to get to the sign in page, trying making a new account. If that works, then catch your first pokemon, then log out. Now sign in to your usual account. This worked for me (I'm using an iPhone, so it may work differently depending on the phone) , however I haven't tested it on my friends devices. Not 100% sure it will work, but worth a try I guess.

  • Servers are back up for me now. Is it just me?

  • No, it was up for me too so I get a new account for my first time but now it's not accepting my username and password even though they are the right ones

  • Might like to try playing it, but the game stopped accepting my password several days ago, and the password reset function claims that it sent you an email message but it never does so. Of course the domain and sender are whitelisted and I've checked the junk mail box. The activation email message got through without incident, as did a bug report acknowledgment.There are lots of people with this same problem: it won't accept their password, and the password reset ("forgot my password") function does not work as it is supposed to.The game's launch seems to have been botched incredibly overall, and they continue to roll it out worldwide even though major problems still haven't been fixed. I can't imagine that adding millions of new users is going to improve the server reliability or responsiveness either.

  • You're best using your Google account, that way you're verifying your password against Google who are reliable

  • Besides the game being unplayable due to login and server issues, they seem to have taken a page out of Smurfs Village's cynical playbook by adding a $99 IAP into a game that was obviously going to be very popular with children. I know, it's obvious that parents should always disable IAP on their phones, remove all credit cards from their iTunes payment profile, and never use a password that their kids know or could easily guess - nothing could possibly go wrong, right?

  • Please servers come back up!- St Paul MN

  • Pokemon please hurry i see its a very popular game and i want to play, please expand your team or something... im waiting to catch my pokemon!

  • It's was back up the day you posted at about 9:00 Arkansas time, though it's not accepting my password today!

  • Getting a little tired of Servers being down, especially when you've just put a lure down, and activated an Essence and a lucky egg.
    Found this site which tells you if the servers are working or not, which might help some
    I hit that if I think it's playing up.

  • anyways it is just something new right now. next week nobody really cares anymore and there is something else. its just the time of the year. all technology companies are quiet and nothing to write. so pokemon all in right now. next week we see new phones and thats something else

  • Hah! Yeah right, Pokémon Go has been popular for weeks, it's not gonna calm down anytime soon. People are having fun, and I'm glad there's loads of articles. There's still articles about phones too!

  • According to the link below its been in the decline for the last ten days.https://www.surveymonkey.com/business/intelligence/peak-pokemon-go/

  • "SurveyMonkey Intelligence", are you serious? Give me some credible sources, that's a load of **** to me

  • Just as valid as your opinion.

  • Oh so now you act childish when I prove you wrong. Well done

  • You haven't proven anything actually. Please clarify.I gave you a sample of people's opinions on record. You gave me your opinion. All opinions are equal but they are only opinions.

  • The proof is all around you, if you go outside to anywhere where there's a load of people, there are people playing Pokémon Go. Plus it's being released in more countries soon, so it's going to increase even just because of that

  • West Michigan, USA - sporadic ability to log in.

  • iMore is now PokémonMore? :DSent from the iMore App

  • I like it, I'm really having fun with Pokémon Go and these articles are really helpful

  • I've heard it's better to login with a Google account. Which, I don't have.Sent from the iMore App

  • I keep getting the message "currently unable to download please try again later" ever since I downloaded the app. I deleted it and the message stopped. Downloaded it again and it's back. It pops up on my screen randomly at amy time no matter what I'm doing. I have Samsung galaxy 5 and I like in ireland. Has anyone else had a similar problem?

  • I see all these issue being a week ago. Today is July 26th and my account froze all the sudden. Now I'm trying to log back in & it's saying my name or password is not found. And it's asking me to setup a new account??? What's going on?

  • Can't go in to pokemon

  • Man I haven't been able to sign in in two days now :( I still keep checking to sign in with my google acc every now and then but still nothing idk what to do

  • Same. I wish they could make servers for people to join. Like there can be 10 servers. And each one holds the same amount of people before the problem started. Everything should be the same for everyone's devices.

  • I'm just worrying if my acc is being hacked by someone, because I couldn't log in my acc and even ask me to activate it, i did activate it but I still can't log in!! Seriously this is going to be my bad day if I lost all the Pokemon that I been collected!!

  • This is the most badly maintained game yet, no wonder people are dropping like flies from it

  • Can you please use the term legendary hamsters instead of dogs. Years ago there was a big war I throughout the poke universe on whether they were dogs or cats, and hamsters were chosen as the correct term.

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