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If you are here reading this now, you are most likely in just the beginning stages of planning your vacation. This is always a tough spot, as there are countless places that one could choose in California. There is the land of celebrities, the forests, the coast, etc. However, out of all the places that one could choose, there are few that hold as much natural beauty, as diverse wildlife and with such variety in activities as the desert. So, why not read on and see just what our Twentynine Palms vacation rentals can offer you!

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What to Do in Our Lovely Community

Just outside of Joshua Tree National Park lies this wonderous town that not only is the gateway to the national park, but also hosts the world’s largest Marine Corps training base! However, there is much more then military to see here at Twentynine Palms. The artists amongst us are sure to squeal with excitement when they learn that the area is home to several different artists and there are dozens of galleries littered around the area. Why not take a trip to the Oasis of Murals and view 26 outdoor murals that have been painted on local buildings? You can join one of the “art cruises” and explore these varies galleries and see what local creative minds have manifested for you to gaze upon. Even the kids are sure to get into the artistic sprit at 20 Palms Art Gallery, which hosts several events and educational classes for children.

If you’re traveling with little ones, why not take a trip to Bowladium Family Fun Center, which hosts 16 bowling lanes for you and your guests to compete on. As well, this family fun center hosts a restaurant, cocktail lounge, pool tables, and an arcade, as well as weekly karaoke nights! Take a trip to the new Mojave Trails National Monument, where you can explore several WWII era training camps, and even the longest remaining undeveloped strip of the famous Route 66. Perhaps you are feeling lucky; in that case, head on over to Tortoise Rock Casino and win the millions you know you deserve.

After all this, make sure to explore the several dining options available ranging from casual fine dining like The Kitchen in the Desert to fun family dining such as Bamboo Garden Chinese Restaurant and Cactus Trails Café!

What to Do in Joshua Tree National Park

Just bordering Twentynine Palms is the Joshua Tree National Forest, which is perfect for any nature lover or adventurer! This national park hosts a wide variety of hiking trails and even nature walks for you to peruse and explore. One could even truly test the endurance of their body by tackling the several rock climbing and bouldering walls that dot the park. If the inner explorer is truly itching to be let loose, then why not take some time to enjoy the several backpacking trails that litter the area as well. Even once the sun goes down, the fun doesn’t end, as Joshua Tree is famous for its stargazing and astronomy. As well, many music lovers are unknowingly familiar with the national park, as it was featured on the Eagles debut album!

Embrace the Style and Luxury You Crave from a Getaway

At Hi-Desert Dwellings, helping travelers make the most of their Twentynine Palms getaway is what we do best. We’re endlessly passionate about the places and people we serve. We know that the difference between a good trip and an unforgettable adventure comes down to the accommodation details that matter most! In our Twentynine Palms vacation rentals, guests can easily embrace the best of a personalized experience that’s sure to inspire. That said, our team also ensures that our commitment to quality and comfort is unwaveringly consistent and evident throughout all of our property options available to guests.

Booking a stay in a Twentynine Palms vacation rental is a chance for our guests to enjoy time living in a spacious open floorplan that can be called their home away from home while they’re here. These layouts are often paired up with large windows and tall ceilings that further enhance the sense of space available while putting a firm frame on a great view too. Between the natural sunlight flowing across the property and the ease guests will find when moving between living, dining entertainment, and sleeping areas—it’s easy to slip into a vacation state of mind from the moment guests arrive.

In all of our Twentynine Palms vacation rentals, guests will find a collection of tasteful and stylish furnishings waiting to be enjoyed as well. These collections capture the beauty of California living and pair it up with those home-inspired comforts guests also crave during their stay. Collections can include everything from one-of-a-kind wall art and custom coffee tables to plush sofas, eye-catching accent chairs, loveseats, recliners, innovative lighting, and beyond!

When it’s time to customize your down time, be sure to book a Twentynine Palms vacation rental that enjoys easy access to Wi-Fi and high-speed internet too. These convenient points of connection give guests options to share vacation photos and videos in real-time with family and friends back home or update social media with their latest California-based adventures. These connections also give guests an opportunity to check in on the latest global headlines or spend an evening in streaming movies and shows they love on large smart and flat-screen televisions too.

Get a great night’s rest when you book a stay in a Twentynine Palms vacation rental as well. Bedrooms in these properties often double as an oasis of restoration and relaxation for guests. Many feature large bedroom sets topped off with plush mattresses, quality comforters, and premium linens as well. When you’re looking for more from your stay, be sure to ask about property selections in this area with bedrooms that enjoy extras like walk-in closets, private outdoor access points for savoring the view, or en suite baths too.


Why Stay with Us at Our Twentynine Palms Rentals

Don’t forget to take the time to relax in your rental! We understand that your vacation is supposed to be about you and your guests. For that reason, each of our Twentynine Palms rentals is fully furnished and equipped with the basic essentials you’ll need, meaning that your vacation doesn’t have to wait for a last-minute shopping run. Make sure to stock up on all the ingredients for your favorite meal, as your rental also comes with a full kitchen complete with cookware and appliances. This ensures that no matter the diet, nor the desire, you are sure to have everything you need to make your vacation special!

We here at Hi-Desert Dwellings want to make sure that your vacation is just as relaxing and easy as you had dreamed and envisioned. So, our dedicated team is here to answer any questions or concerns that you might have during your stay. Not only this, but we ensure that each rental is deep cleaned using FDA/EPA approved sporicidal grade disinfectant giving you peace of mind while you stay with us. Our Twentynine Palms vacation rentals are not only cleaned by local professionals but is also maintained by such, ensuring that your new home has all the love and pride of the community embedded within it. So, if you have settled on visiting lovely California, then make sure you contact Hi-Desert Dwellings today at 760-364-6084 or browse our property listings online for yourself! Explore our best hiking spots and contact us now to book your vacation rental.


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