Top 1,999 Enterprise Rent-A-Car Reviews (2023)

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Top 1,999 Enterprise Rent-A-Car Reviews (1)

Shelley of Independence, MO Verified Reviewer

Original review: June 25, 2022

Needed to rent a car fast. Had to wait until last minute. Was worried I wouldn't find one. Called Tyler at Enterprise on Grand blvd in KCMO, and he immediately knew how to help. Let us come right in that day and rent a vehicle. Came in and Tyler remember our call and had us set up. Jessica waited on us and was so professional and sweet. Made the experience easy. Explained everything in great detail. When I brought the car back Jessica & Tyler remembered me. Jacob & Cody all greeted me and all helped me return the car quickly and easily. Jessica and the whole team was professional, friendly, knew what was going on and ran the store smoothly. GREAT EXPERIENCE, GREAT STORE, GREAT SERVICE. Thank you! Shelley

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Top 1,999 Enterprise Rent-A-Car Reviews (2)

Carol of Kentville, Other Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer

Original review: June 5, 2022

I had to travel quite some distance from Nova Scotia to attend a funeral for my relative. The booking at Enterprise in Cornwall Ontario was for 4:30 PM - but unfortunately the airplane I was traveling on experienced a delay due to thunderstorms, so that I would have missed my booking entirely [closing is at 5PM] - with no way to get to my rental accommodation. Thankfully, my airport shuttle called Enterprise in Cornwall, and they graciously stayed overtime [!] so that I could pick up my car at 5:20PM. I cannot laude this wonderful customer service. The car was in perfect condition, and my rental went smoothly throughout. I was able to drop the car off after hours no problem. Outstanding experience.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car response

Carol, thank you very much for the wonderful review about the service you received in Cornwall! Our team is happy to hear that we have gained your complete satisfaction. We love hearing this will be happy to share this with our team there. See you next time!

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Top 1,999 Enterprise Rent-A-Car Reviews (3)

Robyn of Bridgeport, WV Verified Reviewer

Original review: May 23, 2022

I just had to write about the staff member Aleah, I am sadly not sure of her spelling but I had to bring it to your attention about her wonderful customer service. While sitting and waiting for my rental car I sat and listen to her interact with the customers as they walked up to the front desk. She interacted even if they weren’t there to see her what a pleasant personality, I noticed these things because I’m a retired hotel general manager and it honestly just blessed my heart to see somebody cares so much about people and to go out of her way to interact so pleasantly and professionally with everyone. This gal definitely has management in her and should be looked at, just saying. On a sidenote, My customer rep Ben was very efficient and polite and was great about getting me into a car faster than expected and for that I was grateful. Thank you. Robyn

Enterprise Rent-A-Car response

Robyn, thank you for your kind words and review. We look forward to seeing you again soon.

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Top 1,999 Enterprise Rent-A-Car Reviews (4)

Top 1,999 Enterprise Rent-A-Car Reviews (5)

Jerry of Cocoa Beach, FL Verified Reviewer

Original review: April 5, 2022

I would give the 4713 W. Broad St. location 10 stars if possible. ** at the reception area went the extra 10 miles out of her way to help me. I lost my cell phone earlier and she helped contact my insurance company and the insurance company of the driver who damaged my vehicle. She would not stop until the matter was resolved and her professionalism really made me a lifelong customer of Enterprise in the future. A very clean reception area, exceptionally clean cars and detailed attention to everyone who walks in the door. I drove an electric Volvo for the first time and was really impressed with everything about it. No gas required when I return it. A super nice experience.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car response

Jerry, thank you for your wonderful review! Reviews like this give us motivation and help us ensure we provide high-quality care. We look forward to seeing you again soon.

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Top 1,999 Enterprise Rent-A-Car Reviews (6)

Jack of Houston, TX Verified Reviewer

Original review: Dec. 21, 2021

We reserved a small SUV in April for an October trip to New England. Pickup was easy in downtown Boston. I think the price we reserved at in April was below the current market but there was no change in price for our two week rental. We got a slightly nicer SUV than we anticipated - Audi Q3. We dropped off in Rhode Island. It would have been nice if the agent had shown us how to use the toll tracker but that is the only complaint.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car response

Jack, thanks for taking the time to share your great rental experience! We're so glad you enjoyed the ride. We look forward to seeing you again soon! – Carol H.

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Joyce of Macomb, MI Verified Reviewer

Original review: Nov. 16, 2022

I rented a vehicle from Enterprise at Zurich Airport for two days during my stay in Zurich Switzerland. Upon returning the car the agent checked the vehicle in with no reported damages. The next evening after I returned to the states, I received the customer satisfaction call, where I told them I was extremely satisfied because I had not experienced any issues. I asked a second time for them to verify the car was returned with no damages to ensure I got back my full deposit. I was told again the car had no additional damages and I would get back my full deposit. Two days after that, so a total of 4 days after returning the vehicle, I receive an invoice for over $300 and a message stating there is damage to the vehicle.

They told me I needed to provide proof I did not damage the vehicle, and the damage could have occurred while sitting in a parking lot. I responded that this is true, because the damage could have occurred over the course of the past 4 days while sitting in their care. I also asked for proof or photos to demonstrate the damage was not there, when I picked it up, which they have not provided. After looking at other reviews, this facility is known for charging customers with excessive damage fees well after the vehicle has been returned, and the customer is long gone and cannot dispute the charges in person. They are scamming customers and should be avoided at all costs!

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Top 1,999 Enterprise Rent-A-Car Reviews (8)

Cherie of Harrisburg, SD Verified Reviewer

Original review: Nov. 11, 2022

I was taken for $386. The insurance company of the person who hit me was to pay for the rental. Enterprise upped the classification of the car so I would have to pay something. Shame on you. I looked up the type of car on the internet and asked the repair shop, both said it was a mid-size car. Enterprise is a bunch of thieves.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car response

Hi Cherie, we would like to know more about your experience so we can help. Please email and include the rental location, rental agreement or reservation number and your contact information. Thank you. – Chad

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Top 1,999 Enterprise Rent-A-Car Reviews (9)

Malcolm of Toronto, ON Verified Reviewer

Original review: Nov. 6, 2022

I rented a car on vacation in France. Upon return of the car, there were two problems.

Problem #1: The return location received the car prior to the check out time, but then recorded the car as being returned after the check out time, resulting in an extra day's charge. Despite repeated attempts through Enterprise to solve the issue, including multiple escalations within the customer service department, all requests were ignored and the issue never resolved. We have proof of the car being returned on time, as a picture with a timestamp with the rental location's Ipad sitting on the dashboard during the return was captured. We are very lucky to have taken this picture. The reason we are additionally suspicious of the branch here is the invoice was never delivered to us until I called the customer service line to request it. I asked at the location if I could have a printed copy and they said it was all digital. I am glad I requested the invoice after the fact so as to notice the overcharged amount. Again I have called half a dozen times to Enterprise, including with the escalations team, but to no avail.

Problem #2: Upon return to the location, the agent told us there was a chip in the windshield. Enterprise took a 1,500 euro excess for damage, the difference to be returned post-repair. Unfortunately, no damage report has been provided, and therefore, a complete insurance claim cannot be made at this point. Enterprise has not been helpful in providing this information despite the multiple escalations.

I would avoid renting a car from Enterprise, and friends and family agree that their inability to resolve issues should be widely broadcast. There seems to be a kind of franchise model with the international locations where these locations can license the Enterprise name, but customers do not receive the same level of centralized support, creating the potential for scams at these locations to go unresolved.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car response

Malcolm, I am disappointed to hear about this experience. We would like to help address this matter. Please email with the location of rental, reservation or rental agreement number, your contact information and the details of your concern so we can look into this more closely. Thank you! –Chris R.

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Top 1,999 Enterprise Rent-A-Car Reviews (10)

ΣΠΥΡΟΣ of Γλυφαδα, Other Verified Reviewer

Original review: Nov. 5, 2022

My name is DIMOS ** and I rented a car from the company Alamo with license plate number ** model OPEL CORSA P and color BLACK from 2/6 to 7/6 this year. The agreement number is **. When I arrived at Dubrovnik Airport. I paid extra money for full protection at the company's office. On 4/6 before going from the area of Split to the island of Hvar the car tire burst. So when me and my friends called Alamo's offices at Dubrovnik Airport, they told us that they could not help us with anything and that we had to call a certain number so that the engineer could come. The engineer came after a two hour delay and as a result we lost the boat to the island of Hvar and all our tickets.

From what we were informed by the call center of, the company Alamo had already informed the mechanic who changed the tire of the car that we should be charged for this change and that the company itself is not going to cover any of these costs (the cost of changing the tire by the engineer was 260kn). Then after our tire was changed we went to a vulcanizer to repair the already damaged one. There the engineer charged us another 200kn. Then as I passed the island of Hvar with the old tire made, I noticed as I was the main driver of the car that the island had no street lights so since the headlights in the car were minimal I had to use the headlights of the car constantly. The headlights of the car as we all know using the lever next to the steering wheel can be kept firmly lit. Unlike in this car this did not happen. The levers were damaged and did not allow the lights to remain on for as long as the driver wished.

As a result, on an island without any lighting, I had to hold the lever continuously with both hands so that I can see the road in front of me, holding the steering wheel and changing gears throughout the journey. A fact that can be perceived is extremely dangerous for the physical integrity of the driver and all passengers. Our stay on the island of Hvar lasted two days, with the result that both nights I faced This big problem. Having arrived on 7/6 where the car delivery day is, returning to Alamo's office the employees told me that they cannot compensate for anything but to speak to the technical support by phone or via email.

Having already spoken to Mrs. **, she reassured me and asked me to calm down and that there would definitely be a compensation on their part. For this reason I demanded full compensation in the engineer's charge for the change of the tire (260kn), in the charge of the second engineer for the repair of the tire (200kn) as well as in the full insurance charged by the company Alamo (66 € or 497, 4kn) when I first took the car on 2/6 which was never used but also due to the damaged lever of the car put my life and that of my passengers in danger. I also listed all the important documents that the company may need because I took photos of them to make things more clear to the company and be true to my demands. For any further clarification I asked the company to contact me providing my phone number.

NOW AS A RESULT: Everything that Mrs. ** reassured me that I would surely be compensated were lies. I first called the technical support of the company and talked to this lady again and as an excuse she said she was at the hospital with COVID 19 and she would check my case when she would have returned to her office. Again lies! The weeks passed and no one replied to my emails and calls to the company. Closing I have to say this: Alamo is one of the worst renting companies that I have chosen to book a car. They make fun of their clients and do not take them serious. I'm really sorry for them and of course I would never choose them again. I'm writing all these to protect other customers from choosing this company and pass better vacations than me.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car response

Thanks for reaching out about this matter. I regret the inconvenience this has caused. If you could please email with the rental location, reservation or rental agreement number, contact information and all of the details, we would like to look into this further. We look forward to hearing from you. –Chris R.

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Top 1,999 Enterprise Rent-A-Car Reviews (11)

Tanya of Kenosha, WI Verified Reviewer

Original review: Nov. 3, 2022

Needed a car due to repairs on mine due to small accident. Shop was very unaccommodating and very oblivious to the ways they may have smoothed the situation. I ended up not having a vehicle during my car repair time. Even if shop times had been longer I could have been helped but they were strict 8-5 (my own work hours) which made it impossible to try to work with them even around the fact that they didn’t have a car the main day I needed one.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car response

Thanks for your feedback, Tanya. It is never our intent to disappoint a customer. We would like to look into this further to address your concerns. Please email with your rental location, reservation number, contact information and the details of your experience so we can assist. –Chris R.

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