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Top Real Estate Lawyers serving White Salmon, Washington on UpCounsel (1)

Joshua Garber

285 reviews

Representing notable clients like Tesla and the City of Los Angeles, Josh Garber excels at helping clients with employment and labor laws. Many of his past clients have had great success using Josh for employment agreements and Division of Labor Standards Enforcement (DLSE) hearings. With his practical advice, he has even helped clients avoid going to court.

6 repeat hires | 13 yrs experience | Licensed in CA | verified

"Josh has helped me with reviewing several employment agreements, and always comes back with a thoughtful and understandable breakdown &am..."

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Top Real Estate Lawyers serving White Salmon, Washington on UpCounsel (2)

Sue Dunbar

267 reviews

Go with Sue Dunbar if you want a big law firm experience with a small law firm cost. Sue's experience working at Robins Kaplan LLP and serving as special counsel to Senator Joseph Dunn has landed her big-name clients like BestBuy, Time Warner Cable, and Yahoo!. Currently, Ms. Dunbar specializes in knowledge about confidentiality and privacy laws regarding sensitive trade secrets.

9 repeat hires | 28 yrs experience | Licensed in CA | verified

"Sue is the best. Always prompt"

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Top Real Estate Lawyers serving White Salmon, Washington on UpCounsel (3)

Richard Gora

200 reviews

Looking for an attorney with experience? Richard Gora is the exact attorney you want. Having defended over 100 cases both in state and federal courts and working with clients from around the globe, Richard has an array of different experiences. His services are wide-ranging and include business litigation, securities litigations, employment litigation, and business counsel. Prior to founding Gora LLC, he worked for Finn, Dixon & Herling LLP for eight years.

16 yrs experience | Licensed in CT, NJ | verified

"Richard and his team drafted a comprehensive operating agreement with member restriction agreement and vesting provisions for an internat..."

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Top Real Estate Lawyers serving White Salmon, Washington on UpCounsel (4)

Jay Rodne

4 reviews

Jay Rodne is a business lawyer with over two decades of experience. He is licensed to practice law in Washington and has been serving as an elected state representative in the state since 2004. Jay received his Juris Doctor degree in law from the Gonzaga University School of Law. He is exceptionally skilled in dealing with commercial contracts, as well as mergers and acquisitions. Between 2007 and 2017, Jay has been serving as a general counselor at King County Public Hospital District No 4.

23 yrs experience | Licensed in WA | verified

"Jay was very helpful in putting together the agreement we needed. He is a great communicator and has a lot of experience in his field. We..."

Top Real Estate Lawyers serving White Salmon, Washington on UpCounsel (5)

Brent Finley

24 reviews

Currently, Brent Finley is the Managing Attorney of Finley Legal PLLC, providing legal services to entrepreneurs, small businesses and startups. Brent worked as an Attorney for Acadia Law, PLLC for over 12 years. After that, Brent served in-house as the Policy Adviser for Environment International Ltd. Some of the services he performs include incorporation and formation, contracts and agreements. Brent obtained his Masters of Law from The University of Washington School of Law.

17 yrs experience | Licensed in WA |

"Brent is one of those rare "awesome" attorney's. You know, the kind where you feel lucky to have geo-located him. He's wise beyond his ye..."

Top Real Estate Lawyers serving White Salmon, Washington on UpCounsel (6)

Robert Teel

2 reviews

Robert Teel is a business lawyer with more than three decades of experience. He has represented clients in more than 800 state court cases. Robert is licensed to practice law in California and Kansas. He holds a J.D. in law, which he obtained after he graduated from the University of Kansas School of Law. Robert is exceptionally skilled in dealing with commercial contracts. He founded his own law offices in July 2017.

31 yrs experience | Licensed in CA, KS |

"Mr. Teel consulted with me on some private legal matters and with his expert and excellent advice my case was easily dealt with. I would ..."

Top Real Estate Lawyers serving White Salmon, Washington on UpCounsel (7)

Dana Romans

2 reviews

Dana has a bachelor's degree in political science from the University of Washington, a JD from the Seattle University School of Law, as well as a tax LLM from the more

3 yrs experience | Licensed in WA |

"Our business was contemplating delivering products using planes we either owned or rented. Dana helped us in determining what our tax lia..."

Top Real Estate Lawyers serving White Salmon, Washington on UpCounsel (8)

Joey Myers

2 reviews

Joey graduated from Gonzaga Law in 2015. In law school, he focused on subject matters related to corporations, business planning, and taxation, while still managing to more

4 yrs experience | Licensed in WA |

"I was hosting a fundraising event and wanted to serve alcohol. I was nervous about all the regulations surrounding alcohol, so contacted ..."

Top Real Estate Lawyers serving White Salmon, Washington on UpCounsel (9)

Ryan Mcneice

Ryan McNeice specializes in complex litigation, estate planning, wills and trusts, family law, and wrongful death. In addition to founding McNeice Wheeler, PLLC, he is the owner and co-founder of Intermountain Leasing, a commercial equipment financing company. Before receiving his JD from Gonzaga University, he studied finance with an international emphasis at Washington State University.

13 yrs experience | Licensed in ID, WA |

Top Real Estate Lawyers serving White Salmon, Washington on UpCounsel (10)

Vincent Esposito

For over 35 years I ran a small law firm (Esposito & Associates), which I started and successfully operated in Kansas City, Missouri. I provided quality representation more

37 yrs experience | Licensed in MO, WA |

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