Travel Milan - Genoa: train, plane, car or packaged tour. Cruise port of genoa (2023)

How to get from Milan to Genoa? This question interests many travelers arriving at Milan Malpensa Airport. There are several ways, but you will have to make a choice in favor of either the cheaper one or the faster one. Learn more about the city.

How to get from Milan to Genoa by train

Airports Malpensa, Linate - Milan Central Station:

If you arrived at Milan Malpensa Airport and are going to travel by rail, then the first thing you need to do is get to the station (the distance between them is 48 kilometers), you can do this using the Malpensa Express Rail express train that makes daily flights (every 30 minutes) from terminal number 1, fare 11.00 €. Milano Centrale is a 50-minute drive with stops. tickets for trains in Italy and Europe can be bought. Another way is the express buses that travel every 20 minutes and cost 10.00 €. Taxi service 90.00 - 100.00 €, but this method may not justify itself due to unforeseen traffic jams. From Milan Linate Airport to Milano Centrale can be reached using the Air Bus service, which operates every day, from morning to evening, every 30 minutes, the ticket price in this case will be 5.00 €. Taxi service 5.00 – 20.00 € depending on the destination.

From Milano Centrale (Milano Centrale) you can get to Genoa on your own by regional, international and high-speed train.

The fastest way to get from Milan to Genoa there will be a high-speed train Frecciabianca, the time will be 1:20. Ticket price in second class 26.00 €, in first class 36.00 €, in economy class 19.90 €. Frecce usually differ from regional ones not only in speed but also in comfort, for example, more comfortable seats, the presence of WiFi. .

A ticket for an intercity train will cost: in economy 19.90 €, in first class 28.00 €. Travel time 1:35.

regional train cheapest way to get from Milan to Genoa, the ticket will cost 13.25 €, but the duration of the journey will increase significantly and take almost 2 hours.

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To book train tickets in Italy, you can use the Italian website which is on the page. Also, tickets can be purchased at the box office directly at the station, or in a special machine that is configured for several foreign languages, unfortunately there is no Russian, but there is English, for information on how to use the ticket machine, see the article “How to buy a train ticket in Italy, using the machine."

The railway stations are located in the center, the first is Piazza Principe (Genova Piazza Principe), the second is Brignole (Genova Brignole).

How to get from Milan to Genoa by car

You can get from Milan to Genoa by car using the A7 toll motorway, this is a shorter way. The distance will be about 150 kilometers. The whole trip will take 2 hours. The approximate cost of the trip is 25.00 €, of which about 15.00 € will have to be spent on fuel, and 10.00 € on road tax.

If you still decide to travel on your own by renting a car, you should familiarize yourself with some.

Transfer, taxi

How to get from Milan to Genoa by bus

Milan is well connected to Genoa by bus, namely, there are direct buses from Malrensa Airport, departure time is 12:30. The bus terminus is usually Piazza della Vitoria which is located just a few steps from Brignole station. The trip from Milan to Genoa will take 2 hours, unexpected traffic jams can increase the travel time.

Since I was in Italy just in the sales season, my friends and I decided to go to the Italian fashion capital Milan. It is located 142 km from Genoa, so you can get here in just 1.5-2 hours.

By car

It is possible to overcome the distance between Genoa and Milan in 1.5 hours. You need to go along the A-7 road. The track is very good, has a quality surface. Road markings are applied everywhere, there are road signs with international symbols.

It is possible to bypass the toll motorway, but I do not advise you to do this, since the road will be much longer and you will simply spend more money on gasoline.

What is the price?

The fare on the highway will cost 9.80 euros.

For a trip from Genoa to you will need about 14 liters of fuel, which will cost 21-22 euros in Italy.

If you are not traveling by private car, then the cost of renting it (from 30 euros per day) and the need to pay a deposit of about 500 euros will be added to the costs.

Also, don't forget that it's almost impossible to find free parking in Milan, so you will have to pay 10-15 euros for parking.

Thus, a trip by car will cost 30-60 euros, depending on the need to rent a car.

By plane

Getting from Genoa to is possible only with a transfer. Given the short distance between cities, spending at least three hours on a flight is simply pointless. In addition, you need to take into account the fact that the airports are quite far from the city, and you should arrive two to three hours before the end of registration.

By train

Trains run constantly between cities. The first train leaves at 05.42, arriving at Milan Central Station at 07.35. The last train leaves at 21.46, which is convenient for those who came to Genoa to see this city.

Travel Milan - Genoa: train, plane, car or packaged tour. Cruise port of genoa (2)

The journey will take approximately one and a half hours. All trains running between cities are high-speed, so there is no point in overpaying money to take a faster train - you will save no more than 10-15 minutes.

From Genoa, trains depart from the Genova Piazza Principe station, located in the heart of the city. Also, the train makes stops along the way, so you can get on it at other railway stations of Genoa.

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What is the price?

From Genoa to Milan can be reached for 13.25 euros, however, you will have to travel by regional train, and the journey will take about two hours. A trip on the Intercity train will cost about 20.50 euros, and Thello will cost a little more than 22 euros.

Where could I buy?

I always issue a ticket through the website of the Italian Railways All information on the portal is presented not only in Italian, but also in English, French and German.

By bus

Italy's policy is aimed at maximizing the development of rail transport, so there are not very many buses between cities. Personally, I found only one flight on the website of the transport company, which leaves from Genoa at 19.00. You will be in Milan at 21.00.

In Genoa, the bus station is located on Piazza della Vittoria in the heart of the city.

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What is the price?

A bus ticket will cost 17 euros.

Where could I buy?

You can view information about flights between Genoa and Milan on the portal, which combines information about all carriers in Italy.


The most convenient way to get there is by train. Bus schedules are not very convenient for most travelers, and driving can be difficult in the city center.

The route Milan - Genoa can be traveled by train from 9 € and by bus from 3.9 €. Train is the fastest option and bus is the cheapest option.

Train Milan - Genoa

The simplest and most common way is TrenItalia trains. Travel time is about 1.5 hours. Trains run every 20-60 minutes. If you buy tickets in advance, then you can buy a ticket for a high-speed train for 9 €, if later, at least twice as much. Tickets for regional trains always cost the same and you can always buy them at the box office before departure for 13.25€.

When buying a ticket from Milan to Genoa in the machine or via the Internet, you must select the following stations Milano Centrale and Genova Piazza Principe. After purchase, it is enough to print tickets and show to the controller during the check. If tickets were purchased at the box office, then be sure to punch them in a special device at the station before leaving, otherwise it will be invalid and you may be fined.

  • tickets, website for current timetables and prices.
Short FAQ on Trenitalia tickets:
  • The ticket is not valid without a puncher's mark. Validating a ticket is very simple, just swipe the side where it is written VALIDATE through the hole, the device will do everything itself.
  • Tickets for regional lines purchased at are not tied to a specific departure time, and a ticket purchased via the Internet is valid for 4 hours from the time indicated on it.
  • A ticket for regional lines after the punch mark is valid for 6 hours.
  • Tickets purchased online do not need to be punched.

Bus from Milan to Genoa

Recently, the budget bus carrier Flixbus has come to Italy, which sells tickets for this route from 3.9 €, but such tickets are quickly sold out. If you do not have time to buy a ticket for the promotion, then the bus is still cheaper than the train and usually costs 5-7 € if you buy a ticket at least 1 week in advance.

  • Buy tickets to Milan-Genoa bus can . Instructions for buying Flixbus tickets.

Departure stations Flixbus buses:

  • Milan bus station Milan Lampugnano(you can get to the bus station by metro)
  • In Genoa - bus station Fanti d'Italia/Principe bus station.

The cruise port of Genoa is a gigantic complex with 5 berths for cruise ships and 13 for ferries from Nice, Cannes, Barcelona, ​​Valletta, Bastia, Olbia and Porto Torres, Palermo, Tangier and Tunis. I'll tell you how to get there.

Cruise port of Genoa

Port of Genoa (Porto di Genova) is a huge complex that occupies almost 500 hectares of the Ligurian coast, stretching for 20 km of coastline. Vessels depart from the Genoa terminals to all parts of the world. The beautiful, recently refurbished cruise port is located in the middle of a busy industrial area, next to a highway.

It is convenient to start a cruise from Genoa, because. the main cruise port (Porto di Genova) is located in the city centre. It consists of 5 terminals: Ponte dei Mille, Ponte Andrea Doria, Ponte Colombo, Ponte Assereto, Ponte Caracciolo. The most modern and busiest is Ponte dei Mille, on the second floor of which is the terminal of MSC Cruises, one of the largest European cruise companies.

Not far from the cruise port is the ancient port of Porto Vecchio. The nearest metro station is Genova Stazione Principe. Light, without luggage, from here you can walk to the city center in 10 minutes. With luggage, it is better to take a taxi, the parking lot is located on Via Marinai D'Italia.

There are two main ways to get to Genoa:

  • fly to Genoa
  • fly to Milan, and travel from Milan to Genoa by train or bus.

The second option is more budget-friendly.

From Milan Malpensa Airport to Genoa

Malpensa Airport → Genoa → cruise port

On the route Milan-Malpensa Airport (Aeroporto di Milano-Malpensa) - Genoa, a bus runs daily: leaves at 12:30, and arrives at Principe station at 15:23. The bus ride will cost €25; if you buy a ticket from the driver - €28. See for the latest information.

It is more convenient to take a taxi from the railway station to the port. You can order a transfer on the website.

Malpensa Airport → Milan → Genoa → cruise port

From Milan Malpensa airport you can get to the central station (Milano Centrale) by bus (shuttles leave every 20 minutes, the journey takes 50 minutes). How to get from Malpensa Airport to Milan, I wrote in detail.

Then get on the train (the exact timetable is posted on the trenitalia portal). The journey to the Genoese station Genova Piazza Principe will take one and a half to two hours and will cost from €9 (it all depends on the train and class you are traveling with).

From Milan Linate Airport to Genoa

Shuttles depart from Milan-Linate Airport (Aeroporto di Milano-Linate) to Milan Central Station on schedule. How to get from Linate airport to Milan, outlined in detail.

Then take the train to Genoa (see above). The trip can be complicated by fog: in cold weather, it often falls between Genoa and Milan, making travel difficult.

From Nice airport to Genoa

From the first terminal of the airport "Nice Côte d'Azur" (Aéroport Nice Côte d'Azur) there is a daily bus to Genoa. The distance is 195 km; the road will cost from €9. Details on the website.

From Genoa Airport to Cruise Port

The road from Genoa Airport (Aeroporto Cristoforo Colombo) to the city center is only 6 km. The best thing is to take a taxi.

Volabus buses (bus number 100) run from the Genoese airport to the center. The journey to the final stop, Brignole station, takes 30 minutes. But to get to the seaport, you need to get off at the Principe Train Stations stop. The fare will cost €6 (this includes a ride on Volabus plus 60 minutes by public transport).

From the Principe central railway station, you can take a taxi to the port, or you can walk for 10-15 minutes.

Luggage storage is available at Brignole and Piazza Principe train stations from 8:00 to 20:00. Cost — €5 for the first 5 hours; from the 6th hour to the 12th plus €0.70 for each additional hour; further added at €0.30 per hour.

Cruises from Genoa

Cruises to different parts of the world start from Genoa. In them you can see not only the most beautiful cities of the Mediterranean, but also visit another continent. Most cruise offers include stops in Rome, Mallorca, Marseille, Piraeus.

Transatlantic cruise, lasting 34 days, starts in Genoa and ends in Miami. A selection of cruises from Genoa can be found on the company's website.

How can I save up to 20% on hotels?

Everything is very simple - look not only on I prefer the RoomGuru search engine. He searches for discounts simultaneously on Booking and 70 other booking sites.

The distance from the cruise terminal of Genoa to the city center is quite small, but it is located in an industrial area near the highway.

If you have a lot of luggage, a taxi is the best option. Traveling light, the walk to the city will take 5-10 minutes, and its duration will depend on where you moored.

The old and very elegant terminal has recently been restored.

How to get from Malpensa airport (Milan) to Genoa

View of Genoa from the deck of a cruise ship

Genoa, located in the north-west of the country, in 2004, along with Lille, was among the European capitals of culture. In the 13th century it was one of the five Italian maritime republics. Its center consists of beautiful late Renaissance palaces and churches and the winding streets of the old town around the port.

Historically, Genoa began at Lanterna. Later, it was surrounded by a gradually developing city, taking over the surrounding areas. Before Marine station (Stazionemaritima) is luxurious Palace of Prince Doria Pampili (PalazzoDoriaPamphilydelPrincipe), which once served as the seat of the great admiral Andrea Doria. Continuing on your way, you will reach the Principe railway station, from where the journey to the largest historical center of Europe begins.

AT Maritime Museum Galata (GalataMuseodiGenova) demonstrates the evolution of the port and the city, from the late Middle Ages to the present. In the Storm Room (Sala della Tempesta), a ship simulator allows visitors to experience the horror of traveling on a small boat through a storm. The museum is just five minutes walk from the dock.

From the old port, head east to History Center. It represents the best example of a completely preserved medieval city in Europe and the Mediterranean region. Much of it has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Go to Piazza San Lorenzo (piazzaSanLorenzo)- the only vast open space among the dense network of carrugi - Genoese streets. Here is located Gothic cathedral dedicated to San Lorenzo and dated to the 13th century. Curiously, the cathedral contains a model of a huge bomb that hit the church during the bombings of 1942, but never exploded.

Routes, excursions, transport in the port of Genoa

Single decker buses, serving for excursions with free entry and exit, stop directly at the cruise terminal.

Genoa has 3 different funicular systems from which you can enjoy a magnificent view of the hills surrounding the city.

Day pass for city ​​bus costs only 4.5 euros.

Shops in Genoa

Main trade zones Genoa is located on the streets diverging from Piazza de Ferrari (Piazza De Ferrari). Best boutiques and fashion stores can be found on the streets of 20 September (via XX September), Via Roma and in the elegant Galleria Mazzini. Those who are looking for stylish items with less shocking price tags usually head to Via San Luca, where boutiques with youth trendy Italian clothing and accessories are located.

Cuisine of Genoa

Genoa is famous for its pesto sauce(basil, pine nuts, garlic and parmesan) usually served with trenette or trophia pasta cooked with potatoes and green beans. Here, as in any port city, there are several good seafood dishes, for example, buridda- fish in pots. Chima in Genoese is a veal breast stuffed with offal, herbs, vegetables and pine nuts, served cold.

Night life

The nights in Genoa are lively and bright. Crowds of people literally occupy the streets of the old city, where in recent years establishments for every taste: American bars, pubs, blues clubs, piano bars, cabarets. Here you can find places offering music of various genres, from jazz to rap and from fusion to art song.

Along the promenade Corso Italia lined up cozy night clubs overlooking the sea. Summer private beaches serve as venues for shows or are converted into music clubs. Also here, of course, there are discos, often equipped with excellent outdoor terraces. For those who crave unusual parties, there are trendy clubs and off-style theatrical performances.

Where to stay before and after the cruise?

For a pre-cruise stop at the port, try Airbnb, where you can rent a full-fledged apartment for the price of a hotel room. By registering with our link you will receive coupon for 2100 rubles. for your first stay from 4500 rubles!

The best things to do in and around the port of Genoa

These hotels are selected by us based on our own experience, and the experience of other cruise travelers. Determining factors when choosing: proximity to the cruise terminal of Genoa, the ability to quickly and easily get to the ship, as well as the airport or railway station.

Travel Milan - Genoa: train, plane, car or packaged tour. Cruise port of genoa (5)

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