Used Golf Cart Tires Near Me [Locator Map + Buying Guide + FAQ] (2023)

A good way to save some money on your golfing habits is putting used tires on your golf cart, You can find secondhand golf cart tires with 70% of their life and half the original cost. These deals can be found locally and online if you know where to look, Below I will discuss who sells them, how to choose a tire, cost and lifespan, and how the places that sell used golf cart tires near me work.

Map of Used Golf Cart Tires Near Me

For “Used Golf Cart Tires Near Me”, see below for locations…

Who Sells Used Golf Cart Tires Near Me

You can find used golf cart tires locally at various kinds of places. This includes golf cart suppliers, tractor and lawn mower suppliers, used tire shops, and salvage yards. There are also options to get them used from an online seller. Here are some businesses that you can find them:

Local Golf Cart Supplier

Local golf cart suppliers will often have used tires and rims. This is particularly true if they are a shop that works on golf carts. A shop that only deals in new carts, likely won’t so look for a dealer who has used models. Dealing with a golf cart supply shop is ideal because they will understand tire size, ply, and application. Additionally they know common problems associated and can inspect tires more closely before they sell them. Quality at these places is usually solid because they won’t buy tires that aren’t resellable.

Local Tractor Supplier

Tractor supply stores often have small engine tractor tires and lawn mower tires. Many models that will work on lawn mowers can also be used on a golf cart. In my experience these folks won’t know much about golf carts, so you can’t go in saying I have EXG0 48 Volt RXX Redflame what tires do I need?…but they likely have a tire and rim that fits. Quality at these places is usually solid because they won’t buy tires that aren’t resellable.

Used Tire Shop

Local used tire suppliers carry more then just car and truck tires. You can find sizes like 18×8.5-8′ that will fit most carts. Similar to a tractor supplier, they won’t understand application or the type of cart you own, but they will have tire sizes you may be interested in. Quality at these places is usually solid because they won’t buy tires that aren’t resellable.

Golf Cart Salvage Yards

Golf cart salvages are great for used tires and rims. These places normally have large selection of brands and sizes, but the quality is typically lower. This is because they have tires available from junked golf carts and weren’t interested in only reselling the tires. This is a good option if you need one tire, but very difficult to find a matching set.

Online Used Tire Sellers

Getting them used online is easy. You can find them on sites like Craigslist, Ebay, On the Sell My Tires site and Craigslist you can identify local private sellers. Ebay will be worldwide sellers. There are also used tire sites that carry golf cart tires. Getting them online is usually a pretty good deal, but you need to also consider that paying for shipping can wipe out the savings from purchasing used. If you are getting rims as well, that adds more shipping weight.

How Much are Used Golf Cart Tires Near Me

Cost can vary based on brand, quality, tread depth, age, etc. Over all I have seen used tires for golf carts go for around $30-$60. If you are buying multiple sets you can often get larger discounts. For example I recently got Set Of 4 18×8.5-8 Golf Cart Tires which are your standard size for $190. These were taken off 2019 Golf Carts by a company who customizes carts. The shipping was about $65 and the tax was $18.

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What Kind of Golf Cart Tires Can You Find

Businesses that sell used golf cart tires near me sell a variety of brands and sizes. It really depends on what your options are. I have seen 18×8.5-8’s, 20×10.00-10’s, 18×9.5-8’s, 22×11-10’s, etc. Also various brands like Kenda, STX, Advance, Tyre Guider, etc…

Here are some of the Golf Cart brands you can find tires for:

  • Polaris
  • E-Z-Go
  • Club Car
  • Yamaha
  • Garia

The Challenge With Used Tires for Golf Carts

If you buy used tires for golf carts often, you know that sizes like 10X8.5-8 go really fast. Everyone is competing for the same sizes. Thats why it’s best to know all your options for who sells “used golf cart tires near me”. Also it makes ordering them online a little bit less of a hassle. Some online secondhand tire stores have alert systems that email you when they have a tire that meets your needs.

Selecting Used Golf Cart Tires for Safety and Value

Before you purchase used tires, you need to consider more then just the cost as a factor, but safety as well…

Tips for Buying…

  1. Only buy from a place you trust (read reviews)
  2. If you don’t know how to inspect a tire, ask someone for help
  3. If the deal seems like is to good to be true, chances are it is
  4. Research what used golf cart tires sell for before you shop
  5. Know your measurements and load capacity requirements for your golf cart
  6. Never buy a tire that is cracking, bulging, or has uneven tread wear
  7. Be weary of tires with repair work

Golf Cart Tire Inspection

Here is some guidance to follow on how to inspect the tires before you buy them.

1. Check the Tread Depth

‍Tread depth sometimes the only thing people consider. It is a value used to determine how much mileage is left in the tire. The deeper the tread remaining the longer it will last.

2. Excessive Road Wear

N‍ot every golf cart sees a lot of road time, but some do. The more these tires are driven on roads, the more wear and tear they experience. A key sign of excessive road wear are uneven tread wear. When the manufacturer built this tire they set their estimates on limited road time, so excessive driving on roadways or asphalted paths causes the tire to wear faster.

3. Weathering

Many carts bask out in the sun for most of their life and the result is that the tires can have excessive exposure of sunlight. This can result in weathering, which shows up as small or large cracks in the sidewall. It may even expose the internal metal chords. Some brands are built to weather better then others, however all tires will weather when exposed for long enough.

5. Repairs

Golf Cart tires don’t just drive over beautiful fairways they run over tees, sticks, sharp rocks, racks, sprinklers, etc. Any of these things can cause a puncture in the tire. If the tire has a repair on the tread it is acceptable if the repair is vulcanized. Anything else you should throw the tire back, especially if the repair is on the sidewall.

6. Major Structure Issues and Blemishes

Bead damage, blistering, cuts, bulging, and casing cracks are blemishes that need to be inspected. All of these issues decrease lifespan of the tire. Sometimes these are just cosmetic blemishes, but you need to look closely to make sure there isn’t major damage.

Used Golf Cart Tires Near Me Conclusion

You can find used golf cart tires at variety of places including used lawn mower and tractor suppliers. No matter who buy from, you should only buy used tires of any kind from a reputable source. It’s important to read reviews about these places, because there is little government regulation on the second hand market for what constitutes safe. If you don’t know how to inspect a tire for safety ask for help and never choose a good deal over safety. This is what I have learned from the places that sell used golf cart tires near me.

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