Used Manufactured Homes Available (2023)

    1993 "Liberty" Single Wide Super Good Sense Manufactured Home Needs Moved To Prepared Site ! Wow ! So Sweet ! 14x66 3bd 2bath....Hard Size To Come By ..Quality like New ! Price $16000 plus Cost to Transport ... Went Fast !!!

    Roseburg.... Call Charli 1-730-6191


    This Home Is AKEEPER... 96 Palm Harbor 2bd 2bath 27x44 its PERFECT ! Ready to Either Move Into or Move Out of Park to Prepared Site. $30k Gets YouThis Home In Jefferson .. Lot for Sale or Rent Space rent is $355 .. SOLD !!.. Charli Girl 541-730-6191

    Mover ( needs Moved)!! Nice 3bd 2 bath 20x54 Marlette1970 ! In great shape ! Price $6k

    Delivery Available !! Silverton 541-730-6191

    SOLD !!!

      1982 Fleetwood 27x66 3bd 2 bath Needs Moved. Has Original Roof

      Priced To Sell quick at $8000 Home Only ! This is a Smokin Deal ... This home will sell fast ! Remodeled some by previous owners. Call for Apt. To See and Buy This Home ... Charli girl 541-730-6191 ( Transport not included in Price) SOLD !! SOLD !!


      Curious What Kind of Homes We Sell?

      Check Out Our Recently Sold !...Scroll Down

      We Literally Have Something For Everyone !

      Remember Most Of Our Homes Don't Even Make It To Our Website Before They Sell... Contact Us Today To Get On OurList Of Eager And Repeat Buyers !!!

          NICE MOVER ! 1997 Palm Harbor 56x27 Jefferson Home Only Price $ 31500NICE !!And The Lot It Sets On Can Be Purchased For $34k Or You Can Pay Space Rent @ $325 Which Includes Nothing. This Home Can Be Moved After Purchase Or Stay In Park....Happy To Answer Any Questions About This Home

          Sales Consultants:

          Charli "girl" 541-730-6191 "SOLD"IN ADAY !!

          1981 2bd 1 bath 14x 52 Fixer upper for $6k or delivered and set for $10k ... "She aint too Purty" but She could be Home ! Just shows we Have Homes of all Kinds and Prices ! Charli 541-730-6191

          She Sold Quick !

                  Sales Consultant:Charli


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                  Used Manufactured Homes Available (1)

                  For Sale

                  Used Manufactured Homes Available (2)

                  1994 Fleetwood 28x56 DoubleWide w/pod Mover​ $29900Scio Oregon Sold FAST!

                  Charli Girl 541-730-6191

                  1999 Marlette 27x40 Used But Not Abused ...This 3 bd 1 bath with Den/office is Just the Size for that hard to fit Lot .. Skylights and Heat Pump ..This home Is ready To go and Priced at $12,500 HOME ONLY>>> Transport available... Dont wait THIS HOME WILL SELL QUICKLY ! Located Old Safehaven Albany Oregon

                  CALL: Charli girl 541-730-6191 SORRY SOLD FAST !

                  * The Older the ViolinThe Sweeter The Music *

                  Needs Some TLC But Not Much ! Price for ONLY Home $4900

                  1981 Single wide 14x66 Kit Manufactured

                  ​ 2bd 1 bath lots of space and storage

                  Hurry Cuz This Will Sell Fast !

                  Charli : SOLD !!

                  With Over 24 yrs of Moving Experience !!

                  Owner Operator :

                  Doug Walton

                  Doug's Mobile Home Service Inc.

                  Aurora, Oregon 97002

                  We offer No Financing....

                  Additional Costs Apply To Place Home On Your Property.

                  The Cost to Tear Down Transport and Reset within 60 miles is $12k In The State Of Oregon. Reset not Available in Washington though We Can Refer Set up Crew.

                    1999 Moduline Champion Double Wide

                    3bd 2 bath 28x50 1400 Sq. ft $39900

                    Mover Or Park Setting Eugene, Oregon

           SOLD !!

                    MSD# 652 CCB# 102565

                    1999 28x56 3bd 2bath Hardy Plank Siding. This Fleetwood Manufactured Home was Used as a hardship and is in Great Shape. Comes with Appliances including washer /dryer. Needs Moved Hurry !

                    Home Only $25000 call Charli 541-730-6191 ` SOLD!!

                    Used Manufactured Homes Available (3)

                    1998 Fleetwood 48x28 3BD. 2 Bath ( Bank Repo)

                    Morning Room In Dining Area With WONDERFUL Rear Decking and A GreatView For Enjoying that Morning Coffee! Open Field To Rear OF Home With Much Privacy ! This Home Is Located In A Great Park In Albany And Is A Bank Repo. Open To Bids Please Let Me Know IfYou Are Interested In This Home And We Can Take The Next Step To Secure This Home For You. Handicap Access Throughout Home And Exterior ! This Is A Fantastic Home !!!!! Even has a Heatpump !!

                    Dougs Sales Consultant:

                    Charli girl 541-730-6191

                    TO LATE FOLKS !SOLD !!

                    2008 Palm Harbor 28x62 1674 Sq.Ft

                    ​3Bd 2Bath Family/Living Room

                    Medford, OregonPark Setting Or Mover

                    ​ OOPS !SOLD !YOU HAVE TO HURRY !!


                    For Sale

                    For Sale

                        1998 Palm Harbor3bd 2bath Dblwide 27x66.If you want to see this Home Dont wait it wont last !! Charli 541-730-6191 $46000 Mover

                        New Roof .. Real Wood floor.. Gas Fireplace.. Living Room and Family Room.. Glamour Tub Much More 1782 sq ft

                        SOLD ! SOLD ! SOLD !! Charli girl 541`-730-6191 Prineville Oregon

                        Double Wide (Bank Repo)

                        1996 Fleetwood Dblwide 27x56 3bd 2Bath

                        Home needs cleaned out is why no pics of interior but is a nice home for more information or viewing... SOLD !!

                        $ 18000 Home Only Charli "Girl" 541-730-6191

                        "Live Laugh Love

                        In Your

                        Manufactured Home" Charli : 541-730-6191


                        Used Manufactured Homes Available (4)


                        1995 Fleetwood 27X66, 3 Bd. 2 Bath . Heat pump Furnace. walk in shower in Master Bath designed for handicapped wheel chair accessibility. Home has nice sized laundry room. walk in closet in Master Bedroom. Ready to roll to your prepared site. Transportation provided at additional cost. For more information contact Charli 541-730-6191 ... Price is $60000 which includes price of tear down, cash no financing available. Call Charli 541-730-6191 " Estacada"

                        Adorable 1982 14x66 3bd 2bath Single Wide with Appliances ..Pergo Flooring ....Torn Down and Ready for Your prepared Site!!

                        Delivered within 60 Miles of Woodburn for only $15000 !! Call today or Miss out on A Great Deal ! Guerdon Sold QUICK !

               Charli "Girl" 541-730-6191

                          Coming SOON!

                          Adorable 2007 1bd with Loft Park Model 13x38 with porch off front and lots of windows in this Knotty Pine interior home. Cathedral ceiling, Metal Roof with 50lb snow load ! propane cook stove and wter heater. No washer and dryer hookups appliances include only cook stove no dishwasher or fridge. This home is ready to roll to your prepared spot whether it be on private property or park it is ADORABLE!!! Price $51k and we can transport for you also ... Give me a call to see this home 541-730-6191 ... we offer no financing or payment plan Cash Deal.

                          Used Manufactured Homes Available (5)

                          Used Manufactured Homes Available (6)

                          Used Manufactured Homes Available (7)

                          Used Manufactured Homes Available (8)

                          Unique Size 27x42x46 sections ... 1992 Guerdon Dblwide 3bd 2bath Unable To Show Splendor Because This Home is Torn Apart .. Floor plan is simple.. Kitchen at One End withMaster Bedroom and Master Bath at opposite End of Home. Great Shape .. Dishwasher Fridge and Range Included in Price of Home ! Wow ! Ready To Roll !! 1992 !! In Woodburn WONT LAST !! $ 22000 SOLD !!

                                For Sale

                                  For Sale

                                  Run Don't Walk ..This 75 Homette is Hud Code with Upgrades..Nice 2bd 2bath ..Vinyl Windows..Sliding Glass Door.. 24x56 .. Roomy and NICE ! Want To See it Let Me Know !! Get This..!! Home And Delivered Within 60 miles 15k ! This Home Won't Be Available Long So Dont Dilly Dally !! Torn Down And Ready To Roll To Your Prepared Site ! Such a Great Large Dbl Wide.... Ready Now! Charli Girl 541-730-6191 SHE'S SOLD !!

                                    2002 Marlette 30 Lb Roof !! This home is a Steal ! $28000

                                    Marlette built in Hermiston ORis Top Of The Line !Real wood Cabinets and Pergo Flooring I tell you You Wont Find Another Like It.. 1728 sq ft of luxury Dont wait this house is drawing a bunch of Attention !!Charligirl95@gmail.com541-730-6191

                                    Wow.. That wasFast !!!!!SOLD !!

                                      Doug's Mobile Home Service Inc.

                                      Owner /Operator:Doug Walton

                                      SpecializingIn Manufactured Homes

                                      Aurora Oregon 97002

                                      License# MSD 462 CCB# 102565

                                      Sales Consultant: Charli


                                      " Our Prices

                                      Are Sizzling Hot!"

                                        Used Manufactured Homes Available (9)

                                        Used Manufactured Homes Available (10)

                                        Adorable 1981 Timberline Used Manufactured Home ... 24x40 Rare and Hard to Find Size ! This Doll house was used as a Hardship and Well Maintained... pics show belongings stored But this House is Adorable !! Price Home only is $15k Call Cuz this will go Fast ! Charli 541-730-6191 SOLD

                                        Used Manufactured Homes Available (11)

                                        Doug's Quality Used Manufactured Homes

                                        WE Buy.. Sell.. & .. Transport Manufactured Homes

                                        Marketing And Sales Consultant:


                                        !!! OUR INVENTORY CHANGES DAILY... CALL CHARLI TODAY !!!

                                        EVERYTHING WE SELL HAS T O BE MOVED >>> WE DO THAT TOO!!!

                                        Home Price Includes tear down !

                                          Wonderfully Remodeled 1976 Sequoia Champion 4bd 2bath Manufactured Home ! Incredible ! 24x56 ..Has Lived Its life in Dry Climate so There are no Mold or Mildew Issues .. TiledFloors .. It is a Steal at $15000 ... Dont Wait ...This Will Sell So Darn Fast ! Watch ! Sales Consultants :


                                          SOLD ! SOLD ! SOLD !!

                                              Sales Consultant:Charli


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