Vermont Fall Foliage Reports (2022)

Vermont Fall Foliage Reports

Vermont Fall Foliage Reports

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2022 Foliage Season: Variety of Colors Across the State

October 6, 2022

With a recent stretch of weather including sunny days and crisp nights, Vermont's fall foliage colors have escalated beautifully. All areas of the state are revealing gorgeous color with some localized bursts of peak or near-peak conditions, and the upcoming holiday weekend will continue to bring more colorful foliage across Vermont.

Keep checking back here as we continue to gather foliage reports from our "Leaf Squad" for foliage conditions throughout Vermont. This Foliage Reports page is updated once a week, on Thursdays, during the Foliage Season.

If you can't make it to Vermont during this year's Fall Foliage Season, you can find some gorgeous Vermont Fall scenery in our Autumn Photo Gallery, thanks to local photographers and visitors to Vermont. But truly, you've got to be here to fully enjoy the leaves. And remember, it's never too early to plan a fall vacation in Vermont!


The "Current Conditions" map is approximate, based on the reports we receive.

Foliage color generally starts to change in the higher, cooler areas, spreading down into the valleys, and moving from north to south across the state.

'Peak' colors can be found at many different times & places as the season progresses, and the timing varies from year to year, based on the weather.

Current Conditions:

Vermont Fall Foliage Reports (1)

Beyond leaf peeping, there are plenty of ways to enjoy Vermont’s mountains, meadows and villages during the other seasons. You can find fun things to do in Vermont with our Calendar of Events. Don't see your event? Feel free to suggest an event so we can add it to our Calendar.


The Foliage Reports are provided thanks to the Vermont Department of Tourism, and by volunteer members of our "Leaf Squad" from around the state. To submit a report for your area, please send it to, along with a photo of the location you are reporting from, and the date when the photo was taken.

To view past Foliage Reports, visit the Blog.

(Video) Fall Foliage 2022 - Reaching Peak! October 2022


October 4, 2022 in Burke, VT

"Colors have come along over the last week in and around Burke. Peak colors will probably arrive this weekend or next week. Attached are photos from Sentinel Rock State Park in Westmore. It's a nice short, flat hike with beautiful views of Lake Willoughby."

-- Laura Malieswski, Burke Area Chamber of Commerce

October 1, 2022 in Stowe, VT

Vermont Fall Foliage Reports (6)

"When you're foliage hunting in late September, elevation matters! Getting into the mountains or down near the rivers and lakes gives you the best chance to see some good color. Stowe is progressing a touch late this year with lots of yellows and greens visible. We're turning the corner though - the oranges and reds are starting to pop! Should be peak this week.

The frosts have returned and most nights lately have been in the 30's. That's great news for the color progression, as it should help flip the switch and get us to peak foliage. Dress warm if you're out leaf peeping in the mornings though - it gets chilly out there!"

-- Michael Wood, Michael Wood Photography

September 30, 2022 in Jay, VT

Vermont Fall Foliage Reports (7)

"Foliage at Jay Peak is gorgeous right about now. The trees that are going off provide quite the sight, yet those still in the green reassure us we’re in for a banger of a foliage season yet. We’re hoping anyone getting married this weekend will be able to focus on vows instead of getting lost in the wows, but ultimately, that one falls on them. Head up Vermont’s only Aerial Tram for the easiest access to the best views around.

(Video) 2 Oct fall foliage Report for New England

Golfers still have time to soak in the colors on the course until October 10th. Play a round for just $69, or slide in for the afternoon after 1pm for just $49 with a cart. Or, make it a golden getaway and book a Camp Jay package with a 'highlight' event like our Waterpark or championship Golf Course. Waterpark Vacations start at $299/night for a family of 4, and Golf Vacations begin at just $229/night for 2 people."

-- Mike Chait, Jay Peak Resort


No Current Reports for Central Vermont


October 5, 2022 in Bondville, VT

Vermont Fall Foliage Reports (8)

"Take one look around Stratton Mountain and you’ll see that we’re embedded in Fall foliage at its finest. The mountain is glowing with our favorite autumn hues, most notably oranges and yellows this season. The views are the only way to soak in the southern Vermont’s beauty this season, and lucky for you, there is a full weekend of activities and opportunities to view the foliage coming up at Stratton.

The Stratton Gondola is open for Scenic Lift Rides Thursday through Monday this week. October 10, 2022 will be the final day of lift access until the snow starts falling. If a lift ride through foliage is on your bucket list, then this is the weekend to check it off! Pair that with our annual Brewfest, Chili Cook-Off and an outdoor concert as part of HarvestFest Weekend, and you’re in for a true Vermont Fall experience. The leaves will provide a stunning backdrop for these family friendly events, and also our last concert of the season, Almost Queen with Philadelphia Freedom; A tribute to Elton John, on Sunday evening. We’ll see you among the leaves!"

-- Andrew Kimiecik, Stratton Mountain Resort

October 1, 2022 in Manchester, VT

Vermont Fall Foliage Reports (9)

"Leaf-peeping is in full swing with radiant reds, outstanding oranges, pretty purples, and indescribable yellows. Colorful trees are evident along Routes 7A, 7, 11/30 and all along side roads in southern Vermont. Everyday more and more leaves change, and the scenery becomes more spectacular. A fall chill in the air has brought some sweater weather to the early mornings and nights. Many of the Manchester View’s guests are warming up by their wood-burning or gas fireplaces (in most rooms/suites).

Only another week to peruse the outdoor farmers’ market in Manchester. The Dorset farmers’ market moves indoors at JK Adams soon, currently it’s still outside at HN Williams. Check out the Southern Vermont Arts Center exhibit at the Wilson Museum called ‘Many Americas: Art Meets History’. While there, enjoy the CurAte restaurant and walk the botanical trail and other trails on the beautiful property where leaf-peeping is glorious."

-- Robin Green, The Manchester View

October 6, 2021 in Dorset, VT

"A recent family outing was rewarded with a stunning sunset over the Dorset Field Club. We started at Cutler Forest Trails and meandered our way across the picturesque bridges and streams, before making our way to the Dorset Pinnacle. A quick walk up to the tower revealed gorgeous mountain vistas and cotton candy skies. Probably several days short of peak foliage, we were still blown away by the jaw-dropping sunset as we left to go home. If this is representative of 'pre-peak' conditions, then this weekend should be nothing short of epic."

-- Adam Koffman,

(Video) LEAF PEEPING...Fall Foliage 1


October 3, 2022

"With the first frosts of the year showing up across Vermont over the last week and recent stretches of bright sun and modest rain, foliage displays have gone to another level and colors are bursting. All stages of color development are now present across the Vermont landscape and there’s something for everyone, though not all in one place. Travelers exploring across the state will find areas that are still predominantly green, regions developing more autumn hues by the day, and places at peak color—and perhaps even a few pockets past peak.

The foliage display is unfolding in almost textbook order with all regions right where we would expect them to be: The Northeast Kingdom and higher elevations along the east slopes of the Green Mountains are experiencing maximum saturation, while colors have come on strong and are increasing by the day in central regions. Foliage is still developing across much of Southern Vermont with bright color in the Champlain Valley. With cooperative weather (cool and sunny days and crisp nights, with no snow, no strong winds, and no heavy rain) we are expecting more brilliant color throughout the state in the days and weeks ahead.

Peak foliage is considered the most extensive and intense color dispersed across the widest extent of the landscape, but part of the magic of the season is seeing the full spectrum of fall color for yourself. Share what you’re observing with #FallForVT22 on social media and see what others are experiencing on their fall adventures, too."

-- Mike Snyder, Commissioner of Forests, Parks & Recreation,
Vermont Department of Tourism

"Commissioner Michael Synder of Forest, Parks, and Recreation, along with his team of foresters throughout the state of Vermont writes this report on a weekly basis to update visitors on the progression of foliage throughout the season. This report is based on scientific data and is provided as a resource as you plan your Vermont vacation. Peak foliage can vary depending on weather conditions."

To view past Foliage Reports, visit the Blog.

2021 Reports:

September 9, 2021
September 16, 2021
September 23, 2021
September 30, 2021

(Video) Fall foliage report to be released Wednesday

October 7, 2021
October 14, 2021
October 21, 2021


Vermont Fall Foliage Reports (12) Best Bets: During the earliest part of foliage season, viewing is more about elevation than location. Your best chances for spotting color are to 'get high' or 'get low.' Higher elevations with panoramic views will allow you to spot smatterings of color in the valleys below. Alternatively, you can 'get low' - marshy areas near bodies of water typically offer the first areas of foliage change and also offer a wide variety of tree species which enlarges the palette of early season colors.

Helpful Tip: Plan Ahead!
Foliage season is a very popular time to visit Vermont, so if you want to stay in a particular place on a particular weekend, call in advance to make sure rooms are available. Having your lodging plans made in advance will avoid unnecessary stress and allow you to enjoy your foliage season odyssey. Also too, it is a good idea to make dining reservations as early as possible in the day or even the night before.

When To Come For 'Peak' Foliage:
There is no one 'perfect' time to visit Vermont to see peak foliage. Color change begins in mid-September and runs through the first two to three weeks in October and varies by elevation, progressing from north to south and higher to lower elevations during the course of the season. As such, there are many 'peaks' so that you can make your plans based on the timing and location that works for you.

Science Behind the Leaves Changing Colors:
During the short summer months, broad-leafed trees such as maples, oaks and birches produce food to nourish themselves for growth. They do this through a process known as photosynthesis, using the energy of the sun to produce food. As the days grow shorter in early fall, the increasing periods of darkness trigger leafy plants to slow down photosynthesis and stop growing. A pigment in the leaves called chlorophyll (which gives leaves their green color) is used in photosynthesis, so the slowing of this process means there is less green pigment. But leaves contain pigments other than green, called carotenoids and anthocyanins. Once the greens fade, carotenoids are revealed (yellow, orange, and brown colors), anthocyanins and are produced (red and purple colors).

Certain colors are characteristic of particular plant species. Red maples live up to their name by turning scarlet, while most sugar maples glow a warm orange. Aspen and birches display sunny yellows, while oak and beech leaves turn bronze and gold. Most of Vermont's fall foliage color is provided by red and sugar maples, two resilient tree species that constitute more than 50 percent of our forest's trees. You can find even more details on leaves and their changing colors, courtesy of the US Forest Service: Why Leaves Change Colors

Find more info about Fall Foliage in New England,
from photographer Jeff "Foliage" Folger.

Vermont Fall Foliage Season
from the Vermont Department of Tourism


Please note: This is only an approximation of typical foliage color progression. The exact timing of the color change varies year to year.

To use this map:

  • Click the << icon to view the season stages color key.
  • You can scroll through the weekly dates at the bottom of the map.

There are



What is the best time to see fall foliage in Vermont? ›

Typically, the fullest color can be found from late-September in the north, through mid-October in the south. Many experienced foliage viewers actually consider late October to be the most beautiful time in Vermont. Once the most brilliant colors have passed, the hills take on a subtler and richer range of hues.

Where is the best fall foliage in Vermont? ›

Route 100. Stretching 200 miles from Massachusetts to Lake Memphremagog at the Canadian border, Vermont's Route 100 has been called the best foliage drive in the state — and even the most scenic foliage drive in all of New England.

Where is the best New England foliage right now? ›

Peak fall foliage conditions have now been reached in the far North Country: the Great North Woods of New Hampshire, the northern Green Mountains of Vermont, and higher elevations in far northern Maine.

How long does peak foliage last? ›

When do Fall Leaves Change Color. Leaves can change their color from as early as mid-September all the way through early November. Typically, the second and third week of October are the peak times, but it shifts depending on where you live and your local weather conditions.

Are leaves changing yet in Vermont? ›

The Vermont landscape is primed for a spectacular show of color this fall foliage season, despite some minor impacts from weather and bugs. The pops of color that have been slowly coming on for a few weeks are now fully engulfing some Vermont trees — that means fall foliage season has officially begun.

What is the best time to see fall colors in New England? ›

Foliage conditions vary each year due to that year's weather and other factors. However, in general, you can expect to see fall foliage in New England from early/mid-September through the end of October. Peak foliage, when the leaves are at their best and brightest of the season, typically hits in early to mid October.

Is October a good time to visit Vermont? ›

October is the best time to visit Vermont for fall colors because this is the time that all the leaves start to change and fall off the trees. While it does get a bit busier in Vermont during the fall because all the leaf peepers visit the state, it's truthfully not as busy as you'd think it is.

When should I go to Vermont? ›

Although this state is never out of season, the best time to visit Vermont (and find the best weather) is in May/June or September/October. Late spring and early summer bring you maple syrup, moderate crowds, and the Vermont City Marathon.

Is Vermont or New Hampshire better for fall foliage? ›

While foliage drives in NH usually involve dense tree-laden routes with occasional glimpses of lakes and rugged mountains, drives in VT offer more consistent vistas over sweeping farmland and rolling hills.

Why does New England have the best fall foliage? ›

In New England, a large percentage of trees produce a pigment known as an Anthocyanin, which results in brilliant reds and purples commonly seen around this time; a change that is particularly pronounced in the region's sugar maple trees.

What colors are in this fall 2022? ›

Last week, the color institute revealed its fall 2022 color report that named a wide range of hues as the season's reigning color trends. The report ranged from neutrals, like ivory and a peachy beige to bold colors like a neon orange, emerald green and golden yellow.

Why are the leaves changing color so early 2022? ›

The timing comes down to several weather factors

Dry conditions are another factor. In areas where rainfall has been scarce, leaves could start changing color early this year, and their effect might be less vibrant.

Why are the leaves changing color so early 2021? ›

This could be related to moisture stress (too much OR too little water), root damage, or the presence of insects/disease. When autumn foliage appears early, it is important to determine and address the underlying cause, especially before the onset of harsh winter weather.

What is the best month to visit Vermont? ›

Although this state is never out of season, the best time to visit Vermont (and find the best weather) is in May/June or September/October. Late spring and early summer bring you maple syrup, moderate crowds, and the Vermont City Marathon.

What is the best time to see fall colors in New Hampshire? ›

Exactly when fall colors "peak" (aka are at their most colorful) changes a bit each year, but the approximate time frame for New Hampshire is almost always early to mid October. Be sure to keep checking Visit New Hampshire's Foliage Tracker and Foliage Reports to estimate when the colors will be at their best!

What is peak leaf season in New England? ›

Typically, peak foliage season runs from late September to early November from north to south, and so far, things are looking to be on schedule…at least in the north. Stay informed about local news and weather.

Where do you fly into for Vermont? ›

Burlington International Airport is a convenient point of access to northern and central Vermont, servicing major air carriers including JetBlue, United, American Airlines, and Delta. Flights from New York to Burlington, Vermont's largest city and home to its international airport, are just an hour from New York City.


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