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E. of Jacksonville, FL Verified Reviewer

Original review: Jan. 17, 2019

After many years of using we have given up on them. Have been burned twice in the past year. They take your money and give it to owners. Owners backed out at last moment due to them selling the property. Couldn’t get money back and VRBO will only give you a couple of choices for rentals that THEY think is similar. That was a joke. Their fees have gotten outrageous. Example. $1056.00 for 7 nights plus fees it becomes $1623.00. We now use Airbnb or bed & breakfast which if you’re staying for 2-4 days usually works out to be much cheaper and you don’t have to spend time cleaning a home on the morning you leave.

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Patsy of Williamsburg, VA Verified Reviewer

Original review: Jan. 17, 2019

Understood wrongfully that my fee of 160.00 meant VRBO took care of booking the reservation to the cottage I chose and handled the payments to the property. All they did was show available properties and after I chose I had to contact the realty company that was representing that property and do all the lease signing and payment plan through the realtor. VRBO basically took my money and showed me a picture of a cottage. That’s it. Big rip off.

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Angel of New York, NY Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer

Original review: Jan. 16, 2019

Our accommodation at Santosha Barbados - through VRBO - CanadaStays canceled our booking (previously confirmed in writing and fully charged for). This was done at the last minute when we had already flown to our destination. They suggested we contact the property manager directly yet the property manager never answers the phone and has a message saying they are unavailable. They advised that a full refund will be given within 24 hours and 3 days later after several emails advising it's unreasonable they refund part of the money and kept a booking fee. Our trip was planned based on this accommodation and we are now left with no suitable options of accommodation as all places are fully booked. The response from CanadaStays is that the Property Manager canceled on us.

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CAROL of Canada Verified Reviewer

Original review: Jan. 16, 2019

Booked a property. Paid deposit and full amount plus insurance only to have the owner say they made a mistake and were actually negotiating with another party. VRBO only coordinated a complaint however after refunds we lost almost $400 CAD in exchanges and of course you can't follow-up with VRBO as they have a very lame customer service support system. In our world this represents theft.

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Kim of Frisco, TX Verified Reviewer

Original review: Jan. 12, 2019

Rented a home “Adobe Hacienda Compound” through VRBO and Premier Properties Mgmt Co. in Taos, NM, for a ski trip. The “caretaker” of this property #636055 through VRBO made this an awful vacation experience. She was rude and charged a cleaning fee of $525 after we checked out even though we did all the dishes, put away cots and pull out beds except for one. There was no check in/check out procedure book and there were multiple septic tank issues and bug problems. Our main complaint is the disrespect that this property caretaker showed to us as customers and VRBO continued to charge us an extra $525 for “excessive cleaning”.

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Brittany of Dallas, TX Verified Reviewer

Original review: Jan. 11, 2019

Please do yourself a favor and use Airbnb instead! VRBO is an awful home rental service with some of the worst customer service I have ever received. I booked a home in Croatia for my family of 9 to stay in May. After booking, I started noticing oddities on the homeowner's profile and it was impossible to get in contact with them. Considering we were flying across the world from the US to Croatia, I figured it wasn't worth it to get stranded overseas. I cancelled the VRBO well within the 48 hour cancellation period but never received my money back because the homeowner didn't 'approve' my cancellation.

I contacted VRBO who launched a full on investigation and found out that the property I rented was a scam! Someone had gone and taken pictures of a real house but posted it as a fake rental property! Had we arrived in Croatia, we would have been completely stranded abroad. VRBO informed us that they were deactivating the profile of this scammer, but there was nothing else they could do... I paid over $2300 for this home and VRBO refused to do anything in refunding my money although I cancelled within their 'Cancellation Policy Guarantee' time-frame! Now I am having to go through my credit card company to file a claim against this fraudulent property. VRBO is no help and has provided NO customer service! They are just as much of a scam as the homeowners who use their site. Steer clear for your own sake!!

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jane of Califon, NJ Verified Reviewer

Original review: Jan. 11, 2019

Rented a studio for 1 week to visit over Christmas to visit our Grandchildren. Basically just slept in the studio! Owner gave us a bad review for not “following rules“ because we left the air conditioner on upon leaving! She told us to leave as we found it? Air was on when we arrived? Bottom line, giving us a 1 for “following rules“ could give the impression that we partied & left the place a mess! Owner gave us a 5 for cleanliness because we left the place immaculate! ISABELLE, make up your mind! If we left the place in great condition how did we not follow the rules? Bottom line when You rent with these sites You leave yourself vulnerable to crazy people who can say whatever they want! Oh & by the way she refunded our security deposit! Again, guess we were pretty good renters!!!?

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Michael of Mountain Center, CA Verified Reviewer

Original review: Jan. 11, 2019

My wife and I have experienced terrible customer service from VRBO the past 12 months. I spoke with customer service representative, Menissa, told me our VRBO account was "hidden" for a month because when I responded to a potential client the home was not available for the dates they requested BUT didn't check the DECLINED button that our account was hidden. We were never notified. I highly recommend NOT doing business with VRBO... They are not homeowner friendly. We are canceling our account at renewal April 1, 2019.

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Richard of Canada Verified Reviewer

Original review: Jan. 11, 2019

Rented a place on Vancouver Island for a week in July, 2019. Paid a deposit of 957.62 which was debited twice from my credit card. Called VRBO today and the lady on the other end of the phone was less than helpful - hung up on me actually! The problem didn't seem that difficult to correct to my way of thinking so I remain in limbo! Wonderful way to run a company!

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Ferdinand of Edgewater, MD Verified Reviewer

Original review: Jan. 8, 2019

Second time we booked and paid then they come back and say not available after I got the kids excited and then had to break bad news. We have to cancel the insurance. We have to wait 7 days for a refund. Do not use. Horrible. Horrible system. Will never use again.

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J. of Mexico Verified Reviewer

Original review: Jan. 5, 2019

I’ve booked this house on October 21st. I received a confirmation email and also bought the insurance. When I went online to my profile I had always my booking there. Then on, I chatted several times with HomeAway customer support, and they confirmed that everything was ok and I even have the screenshots. On December 25th I called and someone at customer support told me that my reservation wasn’t confirmed!!! What??? That the home managers never confirmed the property even though HomeAway or VRBO charged me for the insurance!!! 500 usd!!! My vacation thanks to you, went to the toilet. I’m going to start a legal process against HomeAway and its subsidiaries. Never assume anything. VRBO never takes responsibility about the properties they advertise. They suck at customer support and they don’t follow up. I’m still trying to get my 500 refunded!

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Marcie of Bloomfield Hills, MI Verified Reviewer

Original review: Jan. 5, 2019

Stayed at a VRBO rental in Puerto Vallarta Mexico and had bed bugs! 3 of 5 travelers got them and then needed medication and medical attention to alleviate it. They did not believe us even though we had pictures of the bites and a physician diagnosing them as bed bug bites. Disgusting. They did not even want to refund our money. We were then forced to find another hotel while on vacation to accommodate 5 of us at holiday time and pay again. Horrible experience. BEWARE! YUCK!!!

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Nicole of Greenville, NC Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer

Original review: Jan. 4, 2019

I booked a condo on the beach for the weekend of my wedding through Expedia. It states pay deposit and pay later, with booking through Expedia previously I know a deposit is only one night which was $150. They took $461.10 out. I went back to where it says cancel on website and it says I have to contact property manager which is Home Away. At which time was told they have to contact property manager and gave me a bogus number that does not ring and goes straight to voicemail, which is not set up. I called Home Away back and told them they are listed as property manager on my bank statement and on website. They gave me this crazy story about not being able to go into account and give me money back without contacting property manager. Had to file fraud with credit union.

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Robert of Other Verified Reviewer

Original review: Jan. 4, 2019

After listing our property with Airbnb for several years we decided to try VRBO for greater exposure. Big mistake. First off was the clunky hard to navigate website. Wasted hours setting up our first property then discovered that I could not import any of that entry work for our second, similar property. Then discovered that it took weeks to "verify our payment and security information." Then discovered that verifying our first property did not verify our second. Really? We got a good booking, a work crew for 44 days in shoulder season. However, VRBO is holding the money for 30 days. No reason or explanation, just "It's our policy." Our property is tied up with this booking. No cash flow. It's tax time. Airbnb pays 24 hours after check in. Airbnb has a slick interface. Airbnb has excellent customer service. List with Airbnb and avoid these jerks.

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Deborah of Westfield, NJ Verified Reviewer

Original review: Jan. 3, 2019

Are any of VRBOs listing real? I have spent three months making requests for rentals on the south shore of Long Island. I have heard every excuse in the book from owners who do not revise their listings to reflect: the owner is no longer renting, the owner has decided to only rent for week long stays, the home will be under construction for the next 9 months, the owner is using the home for a particular week. Is there any policing of owners by VRBO? What does VRBO take its money for? IMO, it is certainly not for validating information on its website to remove or update inaccurate listings.

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Ronald of Clifton, VA Verified Reviewer

Original review: Jan. 1, 2019

In November of 2018, I booked a one bedroom "Ski In Ski Out" condo at Snowshoe Mountain Ski Resort in Snowshoe West, VA through VRBO; who allows "Mountain Valley Realty" to list rental properties on their VRBO website (VRBO should revoke their ability to list any more properties on their VRBO website.) (For the past 17-18 years I have booked all of my lodging stays at Snowshoe directly with the Snowshoe Mountain Resort and have NEVER EVER had any issues, problems, or disrespect).

This year I tried booking through VRBO (my very first time ever using VRBO) and it was beyond a nightmare for a variety of reasons to include financial losses and emotional letdowns for my family and children who were not able to have their ski vacation that we planned well in advance. However the worst as any loving parent can tell you is when I had to share with my daughter after 12:00 AM midnight (New Year's Day) that our family ski vacation was cancelled because VRBO and Mountain Valley Realty said that that the owner sold their condo and they had to cancel my stay with just one day before our travel day to the ski resort. We were scheduled to check in on Wednesday, January 2, 2019.

On Monday, December 31, 2018, at approximately 4:30 PM, I called Mountain Valley Realty simply to ask when, where and how I could pick up the access cards/keys to the unit. It was during this call, after being transferred to two other individuals; that I was told by the Mountain Valley Realty Broker (Debbie **) that they had cancelled my reservation as the owner of the condo had sold the condo.

Keep in mind that neither Mountain Valley Realty nor VRBO called me to inform me of my cancellation just one day before I was due to start my travel, it was I, through a stroke of luck, that called them (Mountain Valley Realty). Ms. ** proceeded to make nothing more than what amounted to lame excuses as to why they had not contacted me (i.e., there were several units that they manage that had pipes that burst and they were backed up with calling people back to advise them of cancellations. Pipes bursting and an owner selling a property making it unavailable to a family who booked the property 2-3 months prior are two extremely different events which reflects that Mountain Valley Realty and Ms. ** are not adverse to making frivolous excuses to cover up there unprofessional and potentially shady business practices.

I spent more than four plus straight hours on the phone with Mountain Valley Realty (three different representatives) and VRBO (seven different representatives; from three different departments) on Monday, December 31, 2018 and two hours on Tuesday morning, January 1, 2019 trying resolve this nightmare. The bottom line was that both Mountain Valley Realty and VRBO representatives were rude and lacked compassion, provided false information and did not follow through with the numerous things that said they were going to do to help resolve the matter to include: calling me back, making notes they said they would make in their computer data bases, taking care of any additional up charges beyond what I paid and contracted for, and/or providing comparable lodging accommodations.

Mountain Valley Realty tried to say that they had found a unit for my family stay in yet that unit was NOT Ski In - Ski Out, it did NOT have a underground parking garage, was NOT located in the central ski village where you could immediately walk to the restaurants, shops, and children's activities, it did NOT have a gym facility, it did NOT have a balcony, it did NOT have a hot tub very close to the unit, it was NOT listed as being newly renovated, etc, etc. Online reviews for the place that they wanted me to stay at (which I had never willfully chose to book or stay at in 17 years of going to Snowshoe Ski Resort), stated: "Rooms need to be improved." "Vibe is not good." It is less expensive than other places." "If amenities are important to you I would pass on the Top of the World (the place they wanted my family to stay at)."

After reading the reviews today for VRBO on this website, I clearly see that I made a huge mistake for trusting that VRBO and Mountain Valley Realty are even close to being professionally run businesses as they do not care, they have no problem leaving with you financial losses that they will not cover like other rental fees and reservations that you have made.

Aside from ruining and not making possible for my family to go on a ski vacation that we planned WELL in advance, aside from taking the financial loss of ski rentals, lift tickets, a snowmobile tour, the worst (as any parent who loves their children can relate to), is having to see your young daughter cry repeatedly over not being able to go on a ski trip that she was thinking about and hoping to go on for months just because the business practices and insensitivities of money making companies like Mountain Valley Realty and VRBO are set up to ALLOW these types of practices to happen BECAUSE in the end THEY DO NOT CARE about us/you.

READ their policies before you sign any agreements and you will CLEARLY see that they set themselves up to be able to cancel your reservations at the VERY LAST MINUTE and leave you with no recourse but to accept accommodations that are CLEARLY sub-standard and do not come close to what you booked and paid for or to accept just cancelling your vacation and lodging accommodations. Amazing that in our honorable country we allow shady business company's to practice like this which CLEARLY take advantage of hard working families in our country. Shameful, shameful, shameful, at the very least (This is a very accurate account of what happened).

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Andrew of Cleveland, TN Verified Reviewer

Original review: Dec. 29, 2018

So I had never heard of this site and was looking for a rental cabin for our honeymoon. We found one, we had liked, so we had booked it. I noticed afterwards that they charge a $65 fee that was non refundable. I later found out the owner does not charge the fee. I found out, that if you get the owner to call and cancel the entire reservation through VRBO, you can get all your money back including the $65 fee. And their customer service is like all Indians who can barely speak English. Honestly, in my opinion, if you find something you like, just book it through the owner instead of these people.

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Katie of Spring Valley, IL Verified Reviewer

Original review: Dec. 28, 2018

I booked a condo with MaryBeth ** through the VRBO website. This was my first time ever booking a rental property and using VRBO. I selected my dates of travel, purchases my plane tickets and secured her property with the total being just under $700 for a week's stay. She contacts me after the instant booking (at this point I’ve already paid her and secured the stay) and she tells me her rates had not been updated for the season and requested an additional monies for the stay making the new total just shy of $2000. She said my options were to pay or cancel.

After weeks of contacting VRBO and MaryBeth **, I was informed I had no other choice besides pay or cancel! I had a budget for the trip and could afford the $700 stay. I’ve had to book elsewhere now and no matter where I booked I had to pay $500+ for the week. I will NEVER book again through VRBO with their lack of assistance and allowing this property owner to get away with false advertising and I definitely will NEVER make any contractual agreements with Marybeth ** again since she broke the contract and was able to get away with it. Do not mess with the headache of using VRBO especially since they do not back their travelers or provide any assistance for false advertisement.

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karen of Dana Point, CA Verified Reviewer

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Original review: Dec. 26, 2018

We are frequent VRBO renters so are not new to how the process works. Long story short, VRBO refuses to refund a reservation fee they charged us ($409) even though we canceled according to all policies a few days after making the reservation. The owner/management company followed policy but for whatever reason VRBO has not and I have spent countless hours trying to do so. I'm in an endless loop with them. I have a pending reservation with them coming up, but will use any other service but them in the future. BEWARE OF DECEITFUL PRACTICES with VRBO.

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Shawna of Pueblo, CO Verified Reviewer

Original review: Dec. 22, 2018

I booked a property in February 2018 through their mobile app. We plan on visiting my daughter in Paris for the holidays - one week before our trip, the owner tried to switch properties on me to a smaller property. The only reason they contacted me was because I reached out to them to see if we could get in early. When I called for assistance, VRBO said they would help - sent me 2 links to alternate locations. Never followed up and I get a different person every time I call and have to go through all the detail over again.

Now, 2 days before I'm scheduled to fly across the world, I found another property that indicated it was available, booked and paid in full on the app. That owner then canceled and said they are double booked. I am now on hold waiting for another re-booking team to find something for me. There is nothing available in Paris, nor do any of the property owners answer the inquiries. They say they are going to make it right, but I am not holding my breath and will be looking at a hotel instead and fighting to get all my money refunded.

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Linda of Seminole, FL Verified Reviewer

Original review: Dec. 22, 2018

We rented a cabin in October for a Christmas vacation paid in full. The owners decided 4 days prior to our arrival that they didn't want to rent anymore. We was refunded our money, however, it took 5 days to be refunded. We scrambled to find another cabin, finally found one. We had to go from 2 bedrooms down to 1 bedroom. It made our vacation not so exciting.

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Pete of Houston, TX Verified Reviewer

Original review: Dec. 20, 2018

VRBO sucks. Do not use them. I had an owner cancel on me last minute and VRBO did not follow through on their booking guarantee. They are a nightmare to work with. I Tried Airbnb and they came through.

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VRBO.com Reviews (Updated May 2022) | ConsumerAffairs (36)

Robert of Elkton, VA Verified Reviewer

Original review: Dec. 14, 2018

This is our 3rd booking through VRBO. We had had the impression that VRBO's "Book With Confidence Guarantee" would protect us in the event that something would go wrong with our booking or the property. Well, the ultimate situation occurred -- we booked a ski in/out condo in Big Sky, Montana for this coming March, paid our $826 deposit and have been looking forward to taking our family on a ski vacation.

When I wanted to take another look at the property to re-familiarize myself with the amenities, I could not find it on the VRBO website. I then contacted VRBO and was told that the owner had removed their listing from the website -- but not to worry, our reservation was still secure and there was no problem. My gut feeling was that there was still something out of place, so I asked VRBO for a contact number so I could speak with the owner. When I contacted the owner I was told that she had sold the property! So much for our secure reservation. When I contacted VRBO and told them about the situation, I was told that a claims specialist would get in touch with us in less than 48 hours.

The next day we received an email which basically outlined VRBO's "Book With Confidence Guarantee:" 1. Work it out with the owner. 2. Work it out with your payment provider. 3. If the first two steps fail, then provide VRBO with documentation. VRBO will possibly apply your deposit to another property rental. Nowhere is a VRBO return of rental deposit mentioned. What a duck-and-run organization VRBO has turned out to be! The owner has told me 3 times so far that "the check is in the mail," but I'm not holding my breath. This has been our last experience with VRBO. I am employed by a major airline and am often asked travel-related questions, especially recommendations regarding property rentals, I will share this eye-opening experience.

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John of Reno, NV Verified Reviewer

Original review: Dec. 13, 2018

Serious the worst experience ever with a rental company. If you rent from this company then you asked for it. They take your money, then if you have serious problems with the property then they are advised to tell you that they can do nothing for you, you have to reach the property owner. I wanted to visit their company to meet with their executive manager and they are not allowed to tell you where they are located. Really, you are not allowed to tell the customer where you are located for security reasons. That sounds like a legal lawsuit just waiting to happen. Lost my money to this company and will never do business with them again.

Actually when you call VRBO they don't speak that good English and personally each time I reached their customer service line I think I was greeted with someone from another country and the call was from outside the United States NOT in a US Call Center. So imagine having major issues with a company that is not allowed to tell you where their company is and not allowed to tell you which call center you reached and then try to get your money back. Good luck with that, you have better odds dealing with a drug dealer in a dark alley. I think you get my point.

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Khanh of San Jose, CA Verified Reviewer

Original review: Dec. 5, 2018

Their website is flawed, your credit card is charged first before your account is verified. I entered the wrong email address for the reservation request and they charged my card right away before even my account was even verified! I called VRBO immediately to ask them to fix my mistake, they said they can't, and deferring to the owner of the listing stating that "VRBO is only an advertisement site and take no responsibility in resolving issue." I contacted the owner to ask them to change the email that tied to the reservation, they stated that only VRBO can change that...

At the end of the day, I am caught in between VRBO and the owner and could not figure out a solution. They charged me and refused to refund my reservation even though I never stayed there stating that the cancellation is outside of the policy. THEY DIDN'T EVEN POST THE CANCELLATION POLICY. I am losing almost $2.5k of my hard earned money... DON'T USE VRBO BECAUSE IF YOU HAVE AN ISSUE, THEY WON'T HELP REMEDIATE.

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VRBO.com Reviews (Updated May 2022) | ConsumerAffairs (41)

Ann of Golden, CO Verified Reviewer

Original review: Dec. 5, 2018

I contacted an owner of VRBO #**, who also lists VRBO **. The owner then contacts you and tells you how to go around VRBO and contract directly with her. So I did it to save myself some money. BIG MISTAKE! This owner lives above these 2 units and she has 2 dogs that bark incessantly. I have video to support it. IF this company wanted to know they missed out on their fees by this scammer owner. In addition to the dogs (and I am an animal lover, I had my dog with me), she had contractors doing work almost nonstop, even on the weekends!

This is why she goes around VRBO - to avoid more bad reviews, which she has now for the second unit above. You can see by the dates that only the most recent bad review is the last review posted for either unit because she gets the contract outside of VRBO so you can't post a bad review! So those considering renting outside of VRBO, directly with the owner, this could happen to you as well. At least being able to post a review would prevent others from this experience I just had, for an entire MONTH! And lastly, when I arrived at the unit, it wasn't cleaned: bed sheets from prior renter, dirty house/dishes/floors/bathroom! Owner apologized... But happily charged for cleaning!

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Leisha of Brooklyn, NY Verified Reviewer

Original review: Dec. 5, 2018

Have a single room renting to help with my monthly rent living here in NYC. Everyone knows how tough this state is and how expensive everything is. I don't have a luxury condo, apartment or hotel/motel, it's just a single room. I went online searching how to make extra money and I saw HomeAway in a listing of rentals smh. I cursed the day I found them...

First off when I had my listing to their scamming organization they quickly booked my rooms out. First I didn't even know it was booked, no emails, no text, no calls but now I am glad I never received those guest. Further on a guest contacted me saying they was supposed to stay at my house. I then called in to find out the situation. That's when I found out I had previous guest without any notification, then they fix the issue of me not getting an alert. I personally told them return these people money. I do hope they got it. Fast forward to now they booked three guest for my home, two came and stayed. That was in October. When I asked about my payment they said it will take 30 days for the funds to be released and 5 to 7 business days for it to be in my bank account. That's been almost 2 months and I am yet to see a single dime in my account.

I called in numerous times and each time they said I need some kind of documents for it to be released. After I provide all they said I need they give another timeframe (lies) when the money is to be in my account. I waited and waited and nothing, each time no money. I called a few days ago and I heard on their automated system they saying advanced pay. I ask what was that about, they said if you the host want to get their money quickly without the hassle there's a yearly subscription of $499. That's when I fully understand that this company HOMEAWAY/VRBO are scammers, they torture your payments, put you through stress, lie to you all the time, used your home to scam guest and hosts for their convenience and there is nothing that can be done.

Now for the third guest, luckily that was stopped, that guest stole someone card and made the reservation and the person whom the card had belonged to stop payment before that person was checked in, now did HomeAway get to the bottom of this and rectify the problem? No, they went behind my back dipped into my account and took money out without my permission and claimed I have to pay for that fraud when it was in no way my concerns or problem. After being on the phone hours about this they were heartless clearly saying I have to pay for something I have no control over. So I called my bank and explained and they blocked them and got my money returned to me.

Now you see the scam that am dealing with, they can send people to my home, they collect the money find every way under the sun for me not to get my payments, charge me for their mishandlings and has scammers talking to me on the phone as if am stupid, directly saying pay for yearly subscription of $499 if you do not want this problem again of not receiving your money. They are heartless, thieves, scammers and liars... Up to this day I haven't receive a dime after hosting those two guest almost two months now. So please share this with whom you can and stay away from these people. All of the representatives I have spoken with seems that they're in another country not from the USA and that's another red flag that these people are scammers, stay away!!!

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VRBO.com Reviews (Updated May 2022) | ConsumerAffairs (44)

Mary of Atlanta, GA Verified Reviewer

Original review: Dec. 1, 2018

I had never used VRBO before. A friend and I decided to use it for a short three night rental around the holiday. I liked having a whole 2 bedroom apartment for less than the price of a hotel room. I didn't like the rigmarole to get the key, the large security deposit, and the many fees added in by VRBO. Don't be taken in by the nightly fee that they advertise. By the time you add in the many fees plus the security deposit, it's not much cheaper than a hotel. Next time I'll use a hotel.

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VRBO.com Reviews (Updated May 2022) | ConsumerAffairs (45)

Jennifer of Lakeland, FL Verified Reviewer

Original review: Nov. 29, 2018

I booked a house thru VRBO and bought Travel Insurance recommended CSA, it was supposed to cover cancellation of trip due to loss of employment. I had to cancel the reservation due to cancellation of the job 7 days prior to the reservation date. They denied the claim, it was $2400, stating I did not meet criteria. When I initially called VRBO, they said they have nothing to do with, cannot refund, the insurance will not even hear us out. SUCKS!!!

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VRBO.com Reviews (Updated May 2022) | ConsumerAffairs (46)

VRBO.com Reviews (Updated May 2022) | ConsumerAffairs (47)

Daniel of Terlingua, TX Verified Reviewer

Original review: Nov. 29, 2018

A local property management company uses their own website to promote their VRBO rentals. I had half a dozen guests suddenly appear despite VRBO calendars showing no bookings. Each guest had the same story- they were notified while en route to a previously booked property and told that property was not available or had some problem with it. The managers offered an upgrade choice with my property. None of the bookings were recorded and none of the money deposited.

I notified VRBO/HomeAway about the irregularities. I requested a simple audit of cancellations and booking redirects. Instead, I was told they could not act upon such information. Subsequently, the VRBO managers delivered thirty notice to withdraw from managing the property (a 4.9-star rating). They continued listing my property with up to date photographs and descriptions returned by internet searches. When a searcher proceeded to book they were redirected to the VRBO managers' separate page which said my property was not available for rental. (False). Alternative properties via VRBO were offered. VRBO declines to audit the property manager I reported. This surprised me as the car's occurring would also impact negatively on VRBO's revenue.

No dialog, much less remedy, has occurred. This kind of situation is considered civil and not criminal. In other words, without funding one's own forensic accounting little legal recourse exists. Such forensic accounting would require reconciliation of the VRBO property management books and VRBO's own accounts. Obtaining these records is instructed by VRBO/HomeAway. Short version: Stay away from VRBO and all VRBO property management companies. I personally consider their acts to be fraudulent and criminal and not anywhere near poor or unresponsive service.

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