Wedding in Ireland - Packages for Irish intimate destination weddings (2023)


The perfect package for intimate weddings with up to 60 guests!

Dedicated wedding planner

Your dedicated wedding planner in Ireland will be your personal guide from the time you first enquire about our services to being your coordinator on the big day. She is your single point of contact for all your wedding needs.

Ceremony location search

Let us know how you envisage your ceremony and we will find the perfect location to fit. Get married with the majestic Irish landscape the background, inside a real Medieval castle, within the grounds of a rustic country cottage or at one of Ireland’s most luxurious hotels. Whatever your idea of the perfect ceremony location for your wedding in Ireland, we will help make it a reality.

Reception venue search

There are several options of where to continue the celebrations after your ceremony. Join your guests at the local pub for an informal meal and plenty of Guinness, become a Lord and Lady for the night and dine in your very own private castle or choose a stunning function room within one of Ireland’s numerous manor houses and stately country homes. Tell us your wish and we will find the right reception venue to suit.

Reception planning

You never have to worry about the logistics of planning your reception. Our local planner will calculate every single detail and make sure that nothing is forgotten about in planning the evening portion of your destination wedding in Ireland.

Coordination on-the-day

Your wedding planner or a dedicated wedding coordinator will be present on-site for 8 hours to make sure all the details are smoothly executed on the day. She will manage the vendors, oversee setup and keep everything running according to the timeline.

Celebrant / Officiant

We will chose the right Officiant for your type of ceremony, be that a Registrar for a Civil wedding, a Humanist, Spiritual or Secular Officiant for a legally-binding ceremony, a Celebrant for a Symbolic blessing or a Priest for a traditional Religious celebration.


We don’t want you to miss a single moment of your big day so the Orchard package comes with full day photography coverage of 8 hours. You will receive a complete set of edited pictures within about 8 weeks of the wedding day via an online gallery where you can easily access, share and download your photos. Should you want to purchase prints or an album, you can do so directly with the photographer upon receiving your photos.

Bouquet & boutonniere

Tell us your colour and floral preferences and we’ll make your bouquet and your groom’s boutonniere exactly as you envisioned. Our florists and stylists are the finest in Ireland so expect them to work around your requests no matter how unique they may be!

Additional flowers

In addition to the Bridal Bouquet and a matching Groom’s Boutonniere we will also provide:3 x Bridesmaids’ bouquets5 x Extra boutonnières1 x Arch for the Ceremony10 x Pew ends / Chair ties5 x Table centrepiecesAll will be customized to complement your venue and chosen theme, making sure your intimate wedding in Ireland looks the way you imagined.

Hair & makeup for bride

All you have to do is to close your eyes, dab your lips, turn to the left or to the right, look up or down, and follow all the other instructions of our hair and makeup artists as they turn you into a queen on your wedding day!

Hair & makeup for bridal party

Include Bridesmaids and family members in your wedding pampering session so they too can look their best for your big day. Our beauty team will get you prepped and ready from the comfort of your accommodation.

*Price based on a bridal party of 3 Bridesmaids and 2 Mums

Live music for ceremony

We’ll set the mood of your ceremony by filling the room with a romantic melody performed by a professional solo musician. Tell us your requests or pick from the musician’s recommended repertoire.

DJ for evening party

After a hearty Irish meal it’s time to party! Our specialist DJ’s will have you dancing the night away to your favorite tracks and of course throw in a few must-have Irish jigs to complete your destination wedding in Ireland.

... customize this package!

Personalise your wedding package by removing or replacing services you don’t need, add elements from our list of extra services or simply tell is what you have in mind by sending an enquiry or directly scheduling a call with one of our wedding planners.

Get a Quote

Customize your Irish Wedding Package

We never want to restrict you to a fixed package for your small wedding in Ireland, hence we welcome you to personalize it to your own needs by adding extra services and removing or exchanging ones you don’t need.

Add extra services

Is the Orchard package missing a key element that you want included for your wedding? No problem! Check out our list on optional add-on services by trying our online quote form and let you planner know what extra services you want to have for your overseas wedding in Ireland.

Replace or remove

Feel free to simply exchange one service for another. Perhaps you have your own photographer? You can swap photography for videography instead! Or want to do your own hair & makeup? Exchange it for more flowers or a delicious cake. Talk to your wedding planer for options on how to customize.

Tell us your preferences

Confused by all the options? We make it easy for you to built a personalized package. From your initial enquiry, our local wedding planner in Ireland will be there to walk through everything so you have make an informed decision. So just tell her what you’re dreaming of for your wedding in Ireland!

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Types of marriage ceremonies in Ireland

So what’s the difference between a symbolic, legally binding, religious, and civil wedding? That’s exactly what we’re going to answer for you here. We believe that every couple has individuality in terms of perspective about the ceremony. This uniqueness is best expressed in the type of ceremony you will choose. Get more details about our legal and symbolic wedding packages for Ireland, by sending us an enquiry.


In the Republic of Ireland: This is a straightforward, legally-binding type of ceremony where your marriage is registered in Ireland and which complies with the Irish laws. Civil weddings can only be held indoors at a licensed venue and performed by a Registrar only on working days, which are Monday – Friday.

In Northern Ireland: A civil marriage is legally-binding and may only be conducted by the registrar or deputy registrar for the district in which it is to take place, in the Registrar’s Office or at an approved venue. You can also apply for temporary approval for a civil ceremony at a place of your own choice. Civil ceremonies can take place any day of the week, including national holidays.


In the Republic of Ireland: Catholic weddings are the second most common legally-binding ceremonies in Ireland. Having a Catholic ceremony in Ireland requires following the rules of marriage outlined by the Church, which includes undergoing a pre-marital course. This type of ceremony can only take place in a consecrated church or chapel.

In Northern Ireland: If your chosen spot for the ceremony isn’t licensed to hold weddings or you were denied temporary approval, you can opt for for the ceremony to be performed by a Minister of any recognized Religious body or organisation. In Northern Ireland, Religious wedding ceremonies can take place anywhere, including outdoors, if the Minister agrees to the location.


These are non-religious and non-denominational weddings that have recently been recognized as legally-binding in the Republic of Ireland. It’s a more relaxed and free-flowing ceremony that requires only two officiant elements and it can take place in any location (including outdoor) as long as it’s open to the public.


This is not too different from a Humanist ceremony as it’s also non-denominational and does not conform to mainstream religious beliefs. Spiritual ceremonies are performed by a member of the Spiritualist Union of Ireland. Being a more liberal ceremony, it can take place on any day of the week, either indoors or outside.


Symbolic ceremonies are perfect for couples who want a totally hassle-free marriage abroad, without having to deal with any legal paperwork or following the requirements. Couples who are already married at home and those free-spirited ones who go for a symbolic wedding just for the chance to marry in a dramatic outdoor location.

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Where to get married in Ireland

Forget about frantically searching for a venue for your intimate wedding in Ireland from across the pond – because we have already done the hard work for you! Over the years we have been compiling a long list of the best venues in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland for a small wedding, filtering out anything that’s less than perfect and constantly in the know with what exciting new venues have recently opened their doors.

From majestic outdoor locations like the ruins of medieval castles, churches and abbeys to the halls of gorgeous country houses and romantic function rooms of luxurious manor houses. You might even find yourself saying “I do” in a Game of Thrones film location in Northern Ireland with towering trees that overwhelm. Whatever location you are after for your small destination wedding in Ireland, we’ve found it.

Have a look at a selection of our wedding venues online or get in touch and let us find something special just for you:

Wedding Venues in Ireland

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About our Wedding Packages

With our years of experience in planning and arranging bespoke destination weddings, we’ve learned how to craft the most efficient and best value wedding packages for Ireland.

Predictable costs

No bad surprises along the way: what we’ll quote you at the beginning is what you’ll pay in the end, not a cent more. Our aim is to provide you with the best services at the best available prices.

Experienced suppliers

We pride ourselves in only working with trusted wedding vendors in Ireland who have many years of experience in the industry and are able to accommodate all of your wishes and desires.

Customize it

Wedding packages for Ireland make planning your destination wedding lovely and effortless – we’ll do it by following your personal requests and preferences, making your day 100% yours!

Frequently Asked Questions

For information about our services, payment terms and more - check our FAQ page


Weather… best time for a destination wedding in Ireland

“I’m looking forward to summer… the rain gets warmer”. This is what they say in Ireland, so you can clearly see the risks there! Irish weather is so unpredictable that recently some of our couples who got married there in April or October had a good weather, while for others who chose July or August their wedding day was not only cloudy, but rainy too!

What we suggest for your outdoor wedding in Ireland however, is to avoid the months from November to February, as they tend to be colder, wetter and windier. The peak period for weddings in Ireland is from June to the beginning of September, as these are the warmer months of the year. But let’s not underestimate May, which statistically has the longest sunshine hours and the lowest amount of rain throughout the whole year.

But in general, whichever month you opt for your special day, just don’t try to predict the weather and go for the date which speaks the most to you! In the end, you would either have an indoors backup plan (which almost always comes at an additional cost, however) or probably it would be enough to just postpone the ceremony by half an hour until the rain stops.

As a last resort, booking for your first night as husband and wife in a romantic hotel which has an internal room available for ceremonies, can turn to be the perfect plan B!

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Couples’ reviews

Wedding in Ireland - Packages for Irish intimate destination weddings (5)

Peach Prefect Weddings made our destination wedding a dream come true. With all the concerns and the short amount of time, 5 months, I came to them for our wedding in Ireland I could not have asked for a better experience. Being that we were traveling from the US Aine brought it all to life for us understanding and working hard to provide us with all we needed. My almost 100 email to her came with timely and positive responses. I also had a very productive phone conversation with her. All the vendors she found for us and the choices we had to chose from, wonderful. The day of the wedding come with no issues and flowed naturally like it was meant to be. We highly recommend them for anyone wishing to have their wedding in Europe.

Wedding in Ireland - Packages for Irish intimate destination weddings (6)

My wife and i didn't want to have a standard civil wedding in our home country, so we decided to get married in our beloved Ireland. During our research regarding the legal formalities, we came across Peach Perfect Weddings. Already after our first call with Aíne our Wedding Planner we felt very comfortable and started with the organisation.Aíne helped and supported us in every single step and made the planning so much easier than doing it all on our own. For example finding the right celebrant, picking up the flowers and especially the coordination on our great day, to make sure everything runs smooth and stress-free! Thank you so much for making that beautiful day possible!

Wedding in Ireland - Packages for Irish intimate destination weddings (7)

Peach Perfect Weddings went beyond anything my wife and I would have imagined. Our destination wedding in Northern Ireland was incredible. Lorraine was extremely helpful through the whole process by giving the best recommendations of venders, letting us know step by step what needs to be done. She really took all the stress out of the whole process. Thank you to Lorraine we highly recommend anybody considering a destination wedding to go for it and to choose Peach Perfect to help them through the process.

How to plan a destination wedding in Ireland

Planning your destination wedding from afar can seem daunting, but you can rest assured that our local wedding planner will help you every step of the way. After your initial contact with us we will guide you through the steps one by one. From your initial enquiry we will find out how many guests you are expecting, if you’re having a bridal party and what sort of services you are interested in. Choose the package that suits you best or create a bespoke set of services – we guarantee you will love our local and talented vendors that are handpicked by us.

A booking agreement will be sent out to you and once signed and returned, an invoice will be issued for the deposit. The agreement will contain the breakdown of the payments and the dates they will need to be paid – don’t worry, we’ll send you friendly reminders before each payment is due.

We will begin by discussing dates and venues you might already have in mind for your small wedding abroad, but if you’re starting on a blank page that’s OK too – let our local wedding planner suggest various venues and locations that are picture-perfect.

We will liaise with you at your convenience by whichever method you prefer, typically phone or email. Once the booking is confirmed the fun of the planning can start! If you already have photos ideas of flowers you would like on the day, just send them through. Also, if you have a piece of music that is special to you both, we can arrange for the musician to play it on the day. A helping hand along the way, we will guide you through all the steps.

On-the-day coordination is included in both the Blossom and Orchard packages, which we recommend for small weddings in Ireland – we will prepare a timeline arranged prior to the big day that is circulated to the couple and vendors to ensure everything runs to time. Plus, your coordinator will ensure that everything runs smoothly on the day and more importantly that you simply get to enjoy your destination wedding in Ireland.

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