What You Need to Know Before Cruising on Virgin Voyages (2022)

It’s official (finally)! The brand new cruise line, Virgin Voyages, has made a splash here in the United States. The first ship in its fleet, Scarlet Lady, is now sailing from Miami, Florida. If you are planning to book a voyage on this vessel, we detail what you need to know before cruising on Virgin Voyages.

Adults Only

While some cruise line’s are more family-friendly than others,Virgin Voyagesis strictly adults-only. With a design aimed to appeal to the 18+ crowd, Virgin Voyages is aiming to create an “environment for reflection, transformation, and exploration without life’s everyday stressors”.

Thus, bookings are open to only sailors who are 18 years of age or older.

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The cruise line is especially looking to appeal to those who might not ordinarily consider a cruise for their next vacation.

The vibe on the ship is also more casual. So, there is no need to pack your formal attire.

Vaccine Requirement in 2021

In addition to your passport, all sailors will need proof of vaccination for all sailings embarking through December 31, 2021.

As part of the line’s Voyage Well health and safety measures, all guests will need to provide proof of full vaccination at least two weeks prior to sailing.

In addition, current health protocols include completion of a health questionnaire 24 hours before embarkation and a pre-cruise COVID test conducted at the terminal.

As of right now, masks are required for the test site, terminal, and shuttle services, while they are “recommended” indoors on Scarlet Lady. While all crew are wearing masks, most passengers are not.

Keep in mind that these protocols are subject to change based on current global health trends.

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All-Inclusive Pricing

Virgin Voyages’ cruise fares offer one of the most inclusive options in the premium category.

The base fares have even dropped considerably in pricing since bookings opened. Thus, a cruise on Scarlet Lady is now even a better value.

All cruise fares on Virgin Voyages include basic beverages, gratuities, WiFi, specialty dining, and more.

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Complimentary basic beverages include still and sparkling water, non-pressed juices, soda, tea, and drip coffee.

You might want to bring a refillable thermos, as there is no bottled water available on the ship. Instead, there are water refill stations throughout the ship.

Cruise fares also include all gratuities, even on services such as spa treatments. This means that there will be NO additional service charges or crew tips added to your onboard account.

There will also be no 18% gratuity added to alcoholic beverages purchased.

Other inclusions that are normally an up-charge on a cruise are basic WiFi for all passengers, as well as group fitness classes. Dining in all venues is also part of the cruise fare.

However, there is a charge to up-grade to streaming WiFi or for certain premium menu items at the onboard restaurants.

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A Variety of Dining Options

Speaking of restaurants, Virgin Voyages has upped the ante when it comes to cruise ship dining. There is no main dining room, no true buffet, and no set dinner times.

Instead, there are 20+ dining options that are all included in your cruise fare.

The Galley is the food hall serving made to order burgers, tacos, noodles, sushi, sweet treats, and more. Then, there are several specialty restaurants serving up international flavors.

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Among the dining venues, one that tops our list is the Wake. Located at the aft of the ship, this glamorous restaurant features high-end steak and seafood options for a delicious dinner with a view.

Other restaurants include Extra Virgin, an Italian trattoria serving handmade pasta and Pink Agave, an upscale Mexican restaurant.There is also the lively Korean BBQ restaurant, Gunbae, Razzle Dazzle, and the Test Kitchen.

Since there is no set dinner times, guests can make reservations in the Sailor App starting 45 days before departure (or 60 days for sailors booked in Mega RockStar and RockStar Quarters). Though, only one reservation per restaurant can be made.

The food and dining is certainly where Virgin Voyages shines! The food quality and intimate spaces make you feel like you are dining at a restaurant on land instead of on a cruise ship.

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Cabin Options

Scarlet Lady’s cabins definitely get you closer to the sea. Ninety-three percent of all cabins on the ship have an ocean view. While, 86% of the cabins have a balcony, complete with a hammock of course.

The cabins certainly have a unique style, including technological enhancements, trendy décor, and a configurable seabed.

All rooms include rainfall showers, mood lighting, a 43+ inch TV, bathroom toiletries, several power and USB outlets, and a safe big enough for your laptop.

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Unfortunately, sailors cannot pick their exact room location. Much like a hotel, the cruise line auto assigns a room from the selected cabin category at the time of booking.

Cabin categories are the Insider, Sea View, Sea Terrace, and RockStar Quarters including the most lavish Massive Suite.

While we questioned the functionality of the cabins, we were pleasantly surprised. The closet has plenty of storage for a 5-day cruise. The size of the cabin is also on par with other standard balcony cabins; though, the bathroom does feel smaller.

In terms of the bed, it will be left in the nighttime configuration unless you request for it to be changed to the sofa setup (daytime configuration).

We really enjoyed the hammock on the balcony, the rainfall shower, and the abundance of outlets.

No Beverage Packages

Unlike most contemporary cruise lines, Virgin Voyages does not offer cruise ship beverage packages.

Basic beverages like still and sparkling water, non-pressed juices, soda, tea, and drip coffee are included. Though, premium coffee, fresh squeezed juice, and alcoholic beverages will cost extra.

Sailors can purchase a Bar Tab before setting sail. This is a dedicated allowance for premium beverages that can be used onboard the ship and at the Beach Club at Bimini.


Although, not all sailors in a cabin need to purchase a Bar Tab. Currently, Virgin Voyages is giving guests $50 for every $300 pre-purchased.

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Sailors are also welcome to bring two 750mL bottles of wine per cabin in carry-on bags (no liquor or beer). Of note, there is a corkage fee of $25 at restaurants.

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The costs of drinks are on par with other cruise lines, minus the additional gratuity charge. So, you can rack up quite the hefty bill.

We do hope Virgin Voyages re-considers this choice. As mainstream cruisers, we like the convenience of drink packages and even coffee cards offered by other cruise lines.

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The Band Acts as Your Key Card

Much like Princess Cruises’ Ocean Medallion, The Band is your wearable all in one device. The Band acts as your room key card allowing you to enter your cabin, make onboard purchases, and more.

The band also acts as a geo-locator for Sailor App features like Shake for Champagne and Ship Eats. Essentially, it allows the crew to find you onboard the ship to deliver food and beverages ordered through the app.

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The Band should be shipped to your home prior to your sailing. It is sailing specific, so you will not be able to use it for future voyages. Don’t worry if you don’t receive one, as the crew can also issue you one at check-in.

All Caribbean Cruises Visit the Beach Club at Bimini

TheCaribbean itineraries on Virgin Voyages provide a few different 4 and 5 day options. These shorter cruises are the perfect length for sailors to test out this new cruise line. Though, they may not be long enough to experience everything on the ship!

Luckily, all Caribbean itineraries visit the Beach Club at Bimini with extended time in port well into the evening. This exclusive 4.5 acre resort in the Bahamas overlooks the ocean and offers an expansive lagoon-style pools.

There are plenty of complimentary hammocks, beach loungers, and comfy furniture to relax, as well as private poolside and beach-side cabanas to rent.

Like most cruise ship private islands, the Beach Club offers complimentary food options, three bars, watersport rentals, and excursions for purchase.

The energy also transforms throughout the day from relaxing and rejuvenating, to high-energy DJ-led pool parties, to beach bonfires to close out the evening.

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Unique Entertainment

Much like dining, Virgin Voyages has re-envisioned cruise ship entertainment. Scarlet Lady offers unique entertainment options unlike your typical main theater and Broadway-esque shows.

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The Red Room is the transformational theater that offers four different configurations. This allows for completely different experiences throughout the cruise.

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With modern and immersive entertainment options, you will certainly want to check out the shows, including Duel Reality and UNTITLED DANCEPARTYSHOWTHING.

If that’s not enough, there’s also the Instagram-worthy The Manor nightclub. The Manor also hosts the risqué Never Sleep Alone cabaret-style show.

Finally, there’s the Scarlet Night party, so be sure to pack some red attire, and several other lively parties that occur poolside.

Reservations currently can only be made once onboard the ship. Actually, if you log onto the ship WiFi while waiting in the terminal to get your test results, you can start reserving entertainment and fitness classes then.

Late Embarkation and Disembarkation

In keeping with the party vibe, Virgin Voyages is offering later checkout times than most contemporary cruise lines. Sailors can sign up for disembarkation times as late at 10:45 am. So, do plan your flights home accordingly.

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With that being said, embarkation begins later as well, generally 2 pm. So, if you are flying into Miami the morning of your cruise, you will have plenty of time to get to the terminal. Further, the ship does not depart Miami until 7 pm.

We do recommend completing your check-in as soon as possible so you can reserve one of the earlier boarding groups. With the current testing at the pier, the embarkation process can be quite lengthy.

While most report about 2 hours, it actually took us 3+ hours from time of arrival until we were able to board the ship.

Download the Sailor App

Finally, before you set sail with Virgin Voyages, be sure to download the Sailor App. This app will be your digital resource once onboard the ship.

You can make dining reservations or reserve shore excursions via the app (either pre-cruise or once onboard). You can also make reservations for shows and fitness classes (which are complimentary).

The Sailor App, in conjunction with The Band, also allows for onboard food and drink delivery services, including Shake for Champagne.

Much like other cruise line apps, you can view your onboard account and all the daily activities as well. You can even chat with Sailor Services via the app instead of visiting in person.

Further, the app will send push notifications with reminders for reservations, to alert you when the ship is cleared to go ashore at a port of call, and more.

There is also a tablet located in each cabin from which you can request services like water, towels, room cleaning, and more. This tablet also controls the lights and curtains in the room.

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Now that you know everything there is to know before cruising on Virgin Voyages, the only thing left to do is have a good time!


Is there anything else you would like to know before cruising on Virgin Voyages? Do you have an upcoming sailing on Scarlet Lady or Valiant Lady? Drop us an anchor below with your questions about this new cruise line.


What should a first time cruiser know? ›

10 Things Every First-Time Cruiser Should Know
  • Prebook activities before you leave home. ...
  • Plan to arrive at your departure city a day or more before the cruise. ...
  • Pack a carry-on bag. ...
  • Switch your cellphone to airplane mode. ...
  • Don't assume the cruise is all-inclusive. ...
  • Pace yourself. ...
  • Understand automatic gratuities. ...
  • Watch the clock.
1 Feb 2019

What should you prepare prior to travel in cruise reservation? ›

  1. Make Sure Your Travel Documents Are In Order. ...
  2. Contact Banks & Get Local Currency. ...
  3. Create Your Packing List. ...
  4. Start Planning Your Excursions & Adventures. ...
  5. Get To Know Your Ship. ...
  6. Make Specialty Restaurant Reservations. ...
  7. Pencil In Your Spa Appointment. ...
  8. Stock Up On Medication.

What is the dress code on Virgin Voyages? ›

There is no dress code on Virgin Voyages ships, but given expect lots of chic "rent a runway"-style threads in the evening.

What is the average age on Virgin Voyages? ›

The average age is about 40 to 45, which is Virgin Voyages' sweet spot: Gen Xers who have grown-up kids and can afford the fares (which are higher than you might expect, but include dining on board, tips and wi-fi).

How much extra money should I take on a cruise? ›

As a general rule, plan to have $50 to $100 each day in the local currency. Also, you may want to bring an extra $20 a day for tipping crew members. Make sure to include smaller bills for tips. Fifty to a hundred dollars a day should be enough to cover small purchases, tips and snacks at each port.

How do I prepare for a cruise 2022? ›

  1. 8 Tips For Preparing to Cruise in 2022. By Orlando Martinez. ...
  2. Know the cancellation policies before you book. ...
  3. Buy travel insurance. ...
  4. Plan to get a COVID-19 test before your cruise. ...
  5. Begin the check-in process for your cruise ASAP. ...
  6. Stay informed. ...
  7. Boost your family's health. ...
  8. Bring whatever you need to feel safe and healthy.

What are the 5 most important things you should do before traveling? ›

Let's hear it!
  • Research the Destination. Before travelling, do a little research about the places you'll be visiting. ...
  • Plan Ahead. Don't leave your travel plans up to chance. ...
  • Don't Leave Home Without Your Identification Card. ...
  • Research more about your Destination. ...
  • Learn The Lingo. ...
  • Summing Up.

What do I need to know about cruising in 2022? ›

For those booked on a summer 2022 cruise -- or those just thinking of setting sail this year -- here are some things to consider.
  • New Ships May Be Delayed.
  • Crew Shortages Could Lead to Changes or Canceled Sailings.
  • Not Everything You Want Might Be Onboard.
  • Requirements Might Change Overnight.
17 May 2022

What should you not pack on a cruise? ›

What Not to Pack for a Cruise: Forbidden Items
  • Alcohol. You can't bring your own alcohol on board the ship with the exception of: ...
  • Corkscrew. ...
  • Weapons. ...
  • Powerstrips with surge protectors. ...
  • Irons / Clothes Steamers. ...
  • Candles. ...
  • Drones. ...
  • Wheeled shoes / hoverboards / rollerblades.

Can you wear jeans to dinner on a cruise? ›

On formal nights, proper attire includes tuxedos, suits or slacks (jackets required) for men and evening gowns, cocktail dresses or dressy pantsuits for women. Jeans are welcome in all dining venues during the day, but they're not appropriate in any public venues for dinner or cocktail hour.

Can you wear jeans to formal night on a cruise? ›

You can get away with wearing jeans to the Main Dining Room on formal night. However, it's a good idea to make sure the jeans are fairly nice and do not have any holes or rips in them. A dark-washed jean will look more formal, although you will likely not be turned away with any type of jean.

How many outfits should I bring on a 5 day cruise? ›

Women: One or two dressy outfits – dressy pants and blouse, cocktail dress. Some women still wear long formal dresses but not as often. Men: One sport coat or dark jacket, 2 ties, 1 or 2 collared shirts.

What is not included in Virgin Voyages? ›

Your cruise fare includes all dining (more on that below) and fitness classes, as well as a few amenities that often cost extra on cruises, namely wifi, gratuities, and nonalcoholic beverages. The last three items can cost hundreds of extra dollars per person on other lines, so we're excited about this extra value.

Can you be too old to cruise? ›

Clients 70 years of age and older will have to present the completed form prior to embarkation; those who do not will be denied boarding and will be issued a future cruise certificate for the value of their cruise.

What time do you disembark Virgin Voyages? ›

On the other end, disembarkation was also so super easy and convenient. Virgin Voyages allows their sailors to have a relaxing morning on-board and leave the ship at their leisure any time before 10:30 am.

How do you get free stuff on a cruise? ›

How to Get Free Stuff on a Cruise: 8 Tips to Know
  1. Be Brave and Get Onstage for Free Prizes. ...
  2. A Spa Tour Just Might Come With Free Perks. ...
  3. Proving Your Cruise Line Loyalty for Free Stuff. ...
  4. Score Freebies Shopping on Your Cruise. ...
  5. Win Prizes at Onboard Trivia and Other Games. ...
  6. Attend an Art Auction for Free Bubbles.

How many outfits should I take on cruise? ›

Bottom Line: As a rough guide, for a 7-night cruise you will need to bring enough clothing for at least 4 formal or semi-formal nights, a couple of casual evenings, pool and loungewear, and practical clothing for excursions on dry land.

Do you carry a purse on a cruise? ›

Bring a small purse to hold your cruise card and camera when walking around the ship. I always like to have my camera with me so carrying a small purse means I don't have to always have it in hand.

Is 2022 a good time to go on a cruise? ›

With the fate of the 2021 cruise season still unknown, now is the perfect time to book your cruise for 2022! If you are like many, you can't wait to start cruising again. Yes, we are eager to get back onboard a ship as soon as cruising resumes, but we are also realistic.

How long should your first cruise be? ›

The ideal cruise length for a first-timer

A week or so is the sweet spot for most first-time cruisers, which will offer two or three ports. Three-day sampler itineraries won't allow you to explore more than one destination, and you can't decompress as thoroughly, either.

Are cruise ships sailing at full capacity? ›

“The cruise lines have all their ships sailing with no capacity restrictions.

What should you not forget before a trip? ›

Most Commonly Forgotten Things to Pack
  1. Don't Forget Travel Documents. ...
  2. One of the Most Commonly Forgotten Things to Pack Are Snacks. ...
  3. Keep a Hand Sanitizer Close By. ...
  4. Remember to Bring Your Medicine and First Aid Kit. ...
  5. Fill a Small Bag With Toiletries. ...
  6. Don't Forget Glasses and Sunglasses. ...
  7. Pack Chargers and Headphones.
8 May 2020

Is it safe to cruise in summer 2022? ›

Is It Safe To Go On A Cruise In 2022 - YouTube

Is it safe to book a cruise for 2022? ›

There is nothing wrong with booking a cruise for 2022 or 2023, but be sure to book refundable cruise fare. It has never been so important to have flexible cancellation terms, so skip non-refundable cruise fare and go for refundable.

Do cruise prices go down closer to the date? ›

Cruise prices do not get cheaper closer to the sailing date in all cases. Cruise prices are usually the cheapest furthest from the sailing date when first launched or 60-90 days before the cruise sets sail. The prices of some cruises will decrease last minute but this doesn't always happen.

Do you have to dress up every night on a cruise? ›

Your cruise is your own. If you don't want to dress up for the evening, then you certainly don't have to do so. Many people choose to keep it casual. If you decide that shorts and a t-shirt are as formal as you want to get, you won't be alone.

What should I wear on a cruise ship during the day? ›

What do you wear on cruises during the day? During the day, you can wear casual attire such as t-shirts, tank tops, shorts, sundresses, and skirts. If you're spending the day at the pool, you can also have lunch or dine in casual pool clothes at the snack bar located next to the pool deck.

Can I bring full size shampoo on a cruise? ›

Yes you can bring full sized toiletries on a cruise such as shampoo and conditioner. Cruise lines don't have limits on the sizes of liquid/gel toiletries like the airlines do for carry on. Keep in mind though that if you are flying to board your cruise ship, you will have to follow the stricter airline rules.

› Advice ›

Wondering what to pack for a cruise (and what you shouldn't bring at all)? This cruise packing list ensures you'll have everything you need at sea in 20...
25 helpful cruise packing tips you need for your cruise. This cruise packing list covers it all and is full of amazing tips for new cruisers!
Booked a cruise and wondering what to pack for a cruise? Don't forget to add these cruise essentials to your cruise packing list.

What is the average age of cruisers? ›

The average age of a cruise passenger is now under 48, says the CLIA 2022 State of the Cruise Industry Outlook report, with millennials being the most enthusiastic cruisers of the future. Nearly all the ocean ships of member lines will be back in service by August – more than 75 per cent are already operating.

What is the first thing to do on a cruise ship? ›

Here are nine things to make sure you've taken care of before your cruise is fully underway:
  1. Make Dining, Spa, and Entertainment Reservations. ...
  2. Change out of Your Travel Clothes. ...
  3. Get an Umbrella Drink. ...
  4. Tour the Ship. ...
  5. Put Your Phone on Airplane Mode. ...
  6. Eat Lunch. ...
  7. Check Your Cabin. ...
  8. Attend the Muster Drill.

What are the things you should know before boarding a ship? ›

12 Things a Smart Mariner Would Do Before Joining a Ship
  • Exchange Contact details with your Family. ...
  • Give Bank Account Details to Your Family. ...
  • Photocopy Your Documents. ...
  • Keep a Small Pocket Diary. ...
  • Carry an International Credit/ Debit Card. ...
  • Keep a Pair of Clothes and Boiler Suit with You While Boarding the Plane.
8 Jan 2021

What are the top 10 cruise questions first time cruisers are shy to ask? ›

Top 10 cruise questions first time cruisers are too shy to ask
  • How much food can I order at the main dining room? ...
  • Can I change tables if I don't like the people sitting with us at dinner? ...
  • Should I pack beach towels for the cruise? ...
  • How do I get a chair by the pool? ...
  • Do I have to tip everyone?
4 Aug 2020

Can you be too old to cruise? ›

Clients 70 years of age and older will have to present the completed form prior to embarkation; those who do not will be denied boarding and will be issued a future cruise certificate for the value of their cruise.

What age group goes on cruises the most? ›

In very general terms, cruising attracts adults ranging in age from their 30s through to their 80s, and you will not find a ship full, exclusively, of 20 year olds.

Why do elderly prefer to have tours by cruisers? ›

The sights that are seen whilst on board, and the towns and cities that can be visited, are simply amazing. For the elderly, cruises are much more relaxing and stress-free compared to regular holidays. Everything you need is in one place and you can visit loads of countries on one trip.

What should I wear on my first night cruise? ›

Hopefully you've packed spare clothes in your carry-on bag. If not, rest assured that dinner the first night onboard is fairly casual. You should be fine in whatever you're already wearing.

What clothes should you bring on a cruise? ›

Women can wear casual dresses, skirts and blouses, nice slacks and tops; men wear polo or button-down shirts with slacks. Some cruise lines do allow jeans in the evening; pair them with cute tops and nice shoes. Elegant or formal nights bring out the cocktail dresses, suits, ties and jackets.

Are slot machines tighter on cruise ships? ›

The slot machines on cruise ships are tighter than you will find in the casinos in Las Vegas or Atlantic City. While no one except the cruise lines knows the exact payout percentages, do not expect them to be as loose as the slot machines that you are used to playing.

What do you wear on cruises during the day? ›

What do you wear on cruises during the day? During the day, you can wear casual attire such as t-shirts, tank tops, shorts, sundresses, and skirts. If you're spending the day at the pool, you can also have lunch or dine in casual pool clothes at the snack bar located next to the pool deck.

What are you going to do on your first day onboard the vessel? ›

There will be a safety familiarization for new crew like you. Once you get onboard, you will be instructed what time that safety familiarization will start. It is important to have a pocket notebook and ballpen with you. List down all words that are unfamiliar.

What do you say when boarding a ship? ›

Upon reaching the Quarterdeck, salute, and say "request permission to come aboard, sir." In some cases, the person manning the watch may be junior to you or in some cases, may not even be an officer. Nevertheless, call him or her "sir" as they represent the authority of the ship's commanding officer.

What is the roughest part of a cruise ship? ›

Number one most dangerous place on the cruise ship are defiantly the watertight doors. These Doors are mounted on board a cruise vessel in the crew corridor. Many Crew members have lost their lives trying to pass this doors while they were closing from the bridge.

How do I pass a cruise interview? ›

10 Tips to Help You Prepare for a Cruise Ship Interview
  1. Be ready for a virtual interview. ...
  2. Read through your CV. ...
  3. Brush up on your knowledge. ...
  4. Do some self-reflection. ...
  5. Research the cruise line. ...
  6. Dress appropriately. ...
  7. Demonstrate your enthusiasm and energy. ...
  8. Prepare for common questions.
18 Mar 2021

Is it better to be high or low on a cruise ship? ›

The higher the deck, the better and, often, more panoramic the view. Cabins on top decks aren't always the best on the ship, but many suites and specialty cabin categories are typically located on upper decks.


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